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Chu Peihan laughed and said, “No, because you didnt bet that our boss will win.

You bet on Du Hao because you hoped that he would win.

Do you know what our boss will be forced to do if Du Hao wins It doesnt mean youll be fine even if you dont know something.”

“What will she be forced to do” Hearing that, many people asked with curiosity.

They thought it was just a game about money, but it seemed that they were wrong and the loser could face a serious punishment.

“You will know later, and I believe theyll be out soon,” said Chu Peihan.

Since Chu Peihan refused to tell them, they stopped asking and the cars were coming out.

They turned to focus on the game.

About a minute later, Gu Nings car came out and it stopped steadily at the exit.

She spent seven minutes and twenty seconds on the road, which broke the record at the twisting mountain road at Fushan.

The previous record was seven minutes and forty-seven seconds, and it was done by a professional racing driver without any obstacles on the road.

If it was a race, it might take a longer time.

Normally, it took about nine minutes to finish this track, and wouldnt be longer than ten minutes.

Therefore, the host set the fee at ten thousand yuan for ten minutes, in case anyone deliberately wasted time on the road.

Once Gu Ning showed up, a group of people surrounded her, including Mu Ke, Yu Mixi, and Zhang Zikai.

Chu Peihan, instead, stayed at the betting table.

Mingzhe was in despair at this time.

He knew he lost the game.

If he had known it earlier on, he wouldnt have chosen to have a car race against Gu Ning, and would have made another choice.

He still didnt regret challenging Gu Ning, but regretted using the wrong way.

Gu Ning got out of the car and seemed to be at ease.

“Goddess Gu, youre so unbelievable! You just set a new record.”

“Yes! Its so amazing.

Youre my idol now.”


Everyone kept complimenting Gu Ning, and Du Haos car came out at this time.

He spent eight minutes and nine seconds on the road, which was nearly a minute longer than the time Gu Ning had spent.

Because he lost, everyone looked at him with disdain when he walked out.

Some also made fun of him.

“Isnt he a professional racing driver from an official team He lost the race to an ordinary girl.

Its so humiliating.”

“Right, if the news went abroad, how would he keep his position in the car racing industry.”


Hearing their discussion, Du Hao felt embarrassed and couldnt wait to disappear.

He really regretted helping Mingzhe have this race today, and felt quite humiliated after losing it to an ordinary girl.

If his peers learned about it, he would become a joke.

If he had known the result, he wouldnt have agreed to help no matter how much Mingzhe paid him.

Unfortunately, it was too late to regret it now, and he had also believed that he could win at the beginning.

After that, Du Hao didnt stay there any longer, but directly drove to Mingzhes car.

He said something to Mingzhe, then left right away.

Du Hao said, “Deal with the rest on your own.”

Although he lost the game on behalf of Mingzhe, he didnt feel guilty at all, because his reputation was damaged too.

His reputation was more valuable than what Mingzhe wanted to do.

“Mingzhe.” Du Haos cousin wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say right now.

Neither of them could expect that Du Hao would lose.

“Actually, that is the general level of professional racing drivers, Gu Ning is too unbelievable.” Seeing Du Haos car driving away, someone made a fair judgment.

Hearing that, other people stopped making fun of Du Hao, but they still continued to compliment Gu Ning.

Gu Ning thanked them, then walked towards Mingzhe.

Seeing Gu Ning walking over, Mingzhe didnt know what he should do, because he was going to kneel and kowtow to Gu Ning three times.

He also had to say that he was sorry three times right in front of everyone.

He planned to humiliate Gu Ning, but unexpectedly he was the one who would suffer the humiliation.

Mingzhe ached to escape, but he knew it was impossible, so he hid himself in the car.

When everyone saw Gu Ning walking to Mingzhe, they knew something was going to happen and they followed at once.

“Hey, take the money you won away,” Chu Peihan said to Cao Yang.

“No need, its all yours.

Dont forget your promise.

Invite us to have night snacks together,” said Cao Yang.

He didnt care much about the money, and simply wanted to bribe Chu Peihan.

All four of them bet five thousand yuan on the game.

At the odds of 2-1, each of them could have ten thousand yuan back.

Normally, if seven people shared good night snacks together, it would only cost about two thousand yuan, but they were willing to pay twenty thousand yuan.

They really didnt care about money.

“Fine, I know youre rich.” Chu Peihan rolled her eyes.

Since they didnt want it, Chu Peihan took all the money.

She wouldnt take all the money as her own, but shared it with Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.

Chu Peihan already gave the money Zhang Zikai won back to her, and she shared the rest with Mu Ke and Yu Mixi.

They were all rich heirs, so each of them bet several thousand yuan on the game.

There were about 30 people who joined the bet, so they had over two hundred thousand yuan in all.

The money for the night snacks would be deducted from it, and they would share the rest afterwards.

A group of people followed Gu Ning towards Mingzhes car.

“Are you injured and cant get out of the car right now Do you need my help” Gu Ning stared at Mingzhe who sat on the front passengers seat with a fake smile.

Mingzhe only had superficial injuries, and they werent serious.

Since he was able to show up here, it meant that he was fine.

At least he could walk.

Even though the injuries were painful, he wouldnt die.

Mingzhe hesitated, but didnt move at all, because he lacked courage.

Hearing what Gu Ning said, others realized that Mingzhe, instead of Du Hao, had a grudge against her.

However, they didnt know why.

They were curious, but no one asked, because they would soon know it.

“Mingzhe, be a man, and get out right now.

Since youve reached the agreement with Gu Ning, dont waste our time here,” said Zhang Zikai.

She had no sympathy for him, because he asked for it himself.

“If you dont come out, Ill directly pull you out,” said Mu Ke in a cold tone.

Mingzhe was reluctant to accept the result, but he was afraid of them, so he had to leave the car.


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