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“She also has many famous companies under her name.

Shes a talented businesswoman!”




As people learned more about Gu Ning, they began to admire her.


Because Yuan Shuyan didnt walk far away and people talked about Gu Ning loudly, she heard their discussion and realized who Gu Ning was.


It turned out that Gu Ning was the top scorer.

No wonder she felt her name sounded so familiar and Rong Zechen was so excited.


However, Yuan Shuyan wasnt envious of Gu Ning at all, because she was born in a dominant family.

She wouldnt admire Gu Ning just because Gu Ning was outstanding.


Even though Gu Ning was a successful businesswoman, she couldnt be comparable to the Yuan family.


Yuan Shuyan didnt know everything about Gu Ning, but her attitude wouldnt change even if she did.


In fact, upon thinking of Rong Zechens attitude towards Gu Ning, she got very jealous.



The girl with short hair introduced herself.

“Hi, Goddess Gu, my name is Song Miaoge.

I live in the capital.

Its very nice to see you today.

I hope I didnt cause you trouble.”


Song Miaoge felt a little embarrassed for interrupting them.


“Of course you didnt.

I should thank you for defending us just now,” said Gu Ning.


“Its not a big deal.

I didnt do anything important.

I just felt displeased when that girl deliberately picked on you,” said Song Miaoge with slight embarrassment.


“Oh, Goddess Gu, may I know your major Im studying physics,” asked Song Miaoge.


“Economics, and you can just call me by name,” Gu Ning said.


“Sure, then Ill call you Gu Ning.” Song Miaoge wasnt hypocritical.

Since Gu Ning said so, she called her that way.


“They are all your friends.

I heard you say that you brought them to visit our school.

They dont study in the Capital University, right” Song Miaoge said.


“Yeah,” said Gu Ning, then she introduced her friends to Song Miaoge.


After that, they greeted each other and began to chat.


Although they didnt mention their family backgrounds in the chat, Gu Ning could still see that Song Miaoge wasnt from an ordinary family.

In addition, given Song Miaoges behavior, Gu Ning knew she was a kung fu lover too.


After a while, they went to the place for enrollment.

Because their majors were different, Song Miaoge separated from Gu Ning and they separately enrolled.


Gu Ning and her friends attracted a lot of attention again.


When Gu Ning went to enroll, a senior male student couldnt help but keep glancing at her.

He thought she looked very familiar and he might have seen her somewhere before, but he couldnt remember it at this moment.


The moment he accepted Gu Nings admission notice and opened it to see Gu Nings name, he was shocked.

He abruptly looked at Gu Ning and exclaimed, “You are Gu Ning”


Gu Ning


Many other people who had heard of Gu Ning were astonished too and they all turned to look at her with excitement.

Those who didnt know Gu Ning, however, were confused.


Gu Ning Is she famous


“Yeah, I am.” Gu Ning smiled.


“Nice to meet you, Gu Ning.” The senior male student greeted Gu Ning politely and with respect, because he not only knew that Gu Ning was the top scorer of this year, but also knew about her other deeds.


Gu Ning was a person worthy of admiration and respect.


“Whos Gu Ning Why is he so excited” asked someone who didnt know Gu Ning.


Someone answered his question and it caused another sensation.


“Jesus, shes the top scorer of this year!”


“Shes achieved a lot more than just that.

She started up a company at a very young age, and now shes a billionaire.”


“What Its unbelievable!”


“If you want to know more about her, search for it on the Internet.”




Hearing that, many people took out their phones and searched for information about Gu Ning on the Internet.


After knowing Gu Nings achievements, they began to talk about her louder and louder.

Gu Ning soon became the focus of peoples attention and was surrounded by many people at once.


They kept complimenting Gu Ning, but it was too noisy, so Gu Ning felt a little uncomfortable.


The senior male student understood that Gu Ning was slightly displeased once he saw her frown, so he immediately finished the formalities for her.

Afterwards, Gu Ning left and didnt wait for Song Miaoge.


They were going to go to their dorm rooms after enrollment anyway.


Although Gu Ning and her friends left, other freshmen were still talking about them.


“Boss, how do you feel being everyones focus” Chu Peihan gloated.

She could see that Gu Ning felt uncomfortable amid the loud discussions just now.


“Youll know it once you get famous in the future,” said Gu Ning.

It wasnt pleasant when people paid too much attention to her.


Hearing that, the smile froze on Chu Peihans face.

She loved acting and was going to join the entertainment industry, but she was unwilling to be surrounded by people everywhere as if she was a monkey in the zoo.


Besides, she must remain kind, or other people might think she was an arrogant celebrity.


All of a sudden, Chu Peihan felt less interested.


“Well, Im suddenly not that interested in becoming a star now,” said Chu Peihan, feeling upset.


“Why did you lose interest so easily If so, Im going to disdain you,” said Gu Ning, but she knew Chu Peihan was just saying that.


“Dont worry, I wont give you that chance.

If there are more and more people to surround me and pay special attention to me, it means Im increasingly popular.

Its not a bad thing!” Chu Peihan had ambition again the moment she heard that Gu Ning would disdain her.


As the information about Gu Nings achievements was spread abroad, those who were amazed admired her, while those who werent began to bad-mouth her.


Some said that she might have played immoral tricks to become successful even though she was a straight-A student and stunning.


Within a short time, there were rumors about Gu Ning.


When Gu Ning walked into her dorm room, there was nobody inside.

However two of her roommates already came, and they occupied the two bottom beds.


Gu Ning disliked bottom beds, so she was happy to sleep on the upper bed.


After putting her stuff down, she simply organized it, then left too.

However, she ran into Song Miaoge at the landing.


“Hi, Gu Ning, which dorm room do you live in” Song Miaoge asked Gu Ning the second she saw her.


“Room 508, how about you” asked Gu Ning.


“No way!” Song Miaoge rounded her eyes in shock.

“Me too! I cant believe that we live in the same dorm room! Were destined to be friends.

I thought I might not be able to see you again, but unexpectedly were roommates.”


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