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Chapter 1804: Wily Old Fox

Gu Nings smile stunned the young girl, because she was so attractive once she smiled.

Not just the opposite sex would be attracted to each other, the same sexes would do the same thing.

Yuan Shuyan was displeased once she saw the young girls behavior, but she had to admit that Gu Ning looked stunning with a smile.

She was jealous of Gu Nings outstanding appearance.

“Tao Jiayi, get back here!” Yuan Shuyan called her with dissatisfaction.

“Cousin Shuyan, just wait for me for a while!” Tao Jiayi turned around and said to Yuan Shuyan, then ignored her and continued to talk with Gu Ning.

“Goddess Gu, its really you! What a coincidence! I didnt expect to see you here.

Im a fan of yours.

My name is Tao Jiayi.

Ive read a lot of news about you.

Youre my idol and I love you!”

Hearing that, Yuan Shuyan was angrier.

It was annoying to hear her younger cousin complimenting her enemy right in front of her!

“Its my honor to win your like,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

Although Tao Jiayi was Yuan Shuyans cousin, Tao Jiayi wasnt hateful at all.

She wouldnt hate people that Yuan Shuyan disliked, just because they had grudges against each other.

At the same time, it was impossible for her to have a close relationship with members of the Yuan family.

She would only be nice to those who were kind to her.

“If you dont come back right now, Ill leave alone,” said Yuan Shuyan.

The next second, she turned and walked to the elevator leaving Tao Jiayi behind.

Tao Jiayi didnt understand why her cousin was so mad all of a sudden, but she didnt dare to linger after seeing Yuan Shuyan walking away.

“Bye-bye, Goddess Gu.”


After saying good-bye to Gu Ning, Tao Jiayi hurriedly chased Yuan Shuyan up.

Gu Ning actually needed to take the elevator as well, but she decided to wait for a while since Yuan Shuyan was walking there.

Tao Jiayi caught up to Yuan Shuyan and asked with confusion, “Cousin Shuyan, werent you in a good mood just now Why are you mad all of a sudden Its not easy to see Goddess Gu in real life.

Why couldnt I talk with her for a longer while”

“I have a grudge against her.

I dont want to see her,” said Yuan Shuyan with unhappiness.

“What You have a grudge against Goddess Gu Why Is there any misunderstanding I dont think Goddess Gu would cause you trouble of her own accord.” Tao Jiayi rounded her eyes in shock, but it didnt change her good impression of Gu Ning.

Instead, she defended Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Yuan Shuyan was mad again.

“Do you mean Ive deliberately caused her trouble You just read some news about her on the Internet.

Do you know what kind of person she really is”

In fact, she indeed had deliberately caused Gu Ning trouble, but she wouldnt admit it.

Tao Jiayi said nothing, but she still refused to believe that Gu Ning was the one who caused Yuan Shuyan trouble first.

Quite the opposite, she thought it must be Yuan Shuyan who had made things difficult for Gu Ning first.

After all, she was Yuan Shuyans cousin and they had known and gotten along with each other for over a dozen years.

She was clearly aware of Yuan Shuyans character.

Seeing Tao Jiayi remaining silent, Yuan Shuyan knew what she was thinking.

Yuan Shuyan was angry, but couldnt say anything right now, because she was afraid it might make her look like a worse person.

As Gu Ning waited outside, she saw Jiang Ruiqin coming.

“Hi, Gu Ning, what a coincidence!” Jiang Ruiqin greeted Gu Ning.

“Hi, Ruiqin!” Gu Ning called him.

“I saw you standing here without walking over.

Did you know Im coming, so you waited here for me” Jiang Ruiqin joked.

“Yeah, I had a feeling that you would come at this time.” Gu Ning also joked.

“Lets go now!” Jiang Ruiqin didnt take Gu Nings words seriously, but they went inside together since they met each other.

“Oh, I heard from my grandfather that Xiangyun Antique-store got many good antiques again.

Manager Chen called my grandfather and my grandfather left home in a hurry.

He almost stumbled because of that!” said Jiang Ruiqin.

He was slightly making fun of Jiang Zhongyu.

Knowing that, Gu Ning smiled and said in a resigned tone, “Was he afraid that other people might arrive there before him Hes always the first one whos informed every time.”

“Exactly, because Manager Chen called Curator Cai before my grandfather.

Curator Cai also hurriedly went there once he learned there were new good antiques.

Its impossible for my grandfather to stay calm in such a situation.

He even grabbed an antique away from Curator Cai by threatening,” said Jiang Ruiqin.

“Fine!” Gu Ning was amused.

They really had a deep love for antiques.

As they chatted with each other, they reached the private room.

It was 10 minutes away from 6 pm, but everyone came earlier.

Gu Ning and Jiang Ruiqin were the last ones.

Although Gu Ning showed up with Jiang Ruiqin, they all knew that Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings girlfriend, so they didnt dare to joke about their relationship.

As Tang Qingyangs bodyguard, Ba Tianyang was present too.

He called Gu Ning boss with great respect once he saw her.

Even though Ba Tianyang was a bodyguard, everyone took him as a friend, so they shared a meal together.

After everyone was present, they began to order food.

No one hesitated to order his or her favorites.

After ordering, when the waiter was out, they began to chat.

“I have a feeling of surprise every time I see Gu Ning,” said Gu Anna all of a sudden.

“What do you mean” The others were curious.

“Shes still a student!” Gu Anna put on a shocked expression.

“Ha-ha, I have the same feeling! I many times feel that Gu Ning is a wily old fox in the society.” Xu Qinyin agreed with Gu Anna.

It was not only Gu Anna and Xu Qinyin, other people by the table had the same feeling.

They sometimes ignored the fact that Gu Ning was still a student.

There was no other student who could be so mature and stable as Gu Ning.

Other than Gu Ning, no student could become a billionaire at such a young age.

At least, Gu Ning was the only one who was able to do it in their lifetimes.

“Im a girl.

How can you describe me as a wily old fox Its not suitable.” Gu Ning argued with dissatisfaction.

“Well, how about sly old fox” Xu Qinyin changed the nickname, but it wasnt pleasant either.

Actually, Xu Qinyin purposely teased Gu Ning.

Gu Ning gave her a glance of disgust, but didnt bother to argue with her.

“By the way, Gu Ning, do you live on campus or in your own home” Jiang Ruiqin asked Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was a businesswoman after all.

Although she wasnt managing her companies right now, she needed to deal with important things whenever it was necessary.


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