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Chapter 1809: The Dorm Room Next to the Next Dorm Room

The second Gu Ning sent that message out, her friends knew her roommates also had deliberately made things difficult for her.

Without hesitation, they asked her for more details.

Gu Ning told them the story and they all supported her.

Both Gu Ning and Chu Peihan were excellent at fighting among them, so they werent afraid that they might be bullied.

Su Anya: There are so many drama queens who always believe theyre the center of everyones attention.

Hao Ran: Right, girls jealousy towards each other is so strange.

Chu Peihan: @Hao Ran, come on, were girls too.

You cant criticize all the girls.

Hao Ran: Sorry, some girls.

Other people: Thats right.

Chu Peihan: Boss, the girl said shell shut me out of the entertainment industry.

You must help me.

I need a role to prove myself!

Chu Peihan sent a crying emoji to Gu Ning as if she was really helpless.

Gu Ning: Dont worry, Director Lu has a good impression of you.

Hes promised to let you play a supporting role in his next show.

I dont know whether youre willing to accept it, but you need to pass the audition first.

Chu Peihan actually didnt need Gu Nings help, but Lu Zhan indeed had a good impression of her.

He also had said that to Gu Ning.

Chu Peihan: Really Jesus, Im so lucky!

Chu Peihan was excited.

She didnt lack roles, but she needed approval.

There was nothing more exciting than that in her eyes.

Gao Shiyan took a long breath out after the lights were turned off.

She ran into the bathroom and came out in a long while.

No one knew what she was doing inside, but other people heard cries.

However, no one cared about that.

After lying back in her bed, Gao Shiyan told her older brother what she had been through by WeChat.

Gao Shiyans older brother was angry once he learned his younger sister had been bullied, even though it was his younger sisters fault.

He comforted his younger sister and promised to help her pay Gu Ning back.

Accordingly, Gao Shiyan felt much better, but she was still aggrieved and stayed up late.

Lu Xiaoxiao was greatly frightened, so she couldnt fall asleep either.

Gu Ning and Song Miaoge werent affected.

Anyway, they werent hurt.

The next day, Gu Ning and Song Miaoge woke up at the same time around 6 am.

They had a habit of getting up early, so they would naturally open their eyes at this time without an alarm.

Since they were awake, they got up afterwards.

Seeing Gu Ning leaving her bed, Song Miaoge got up too.

Because Gao Shiyan and Lu Xiaoxiao heard the sounds of their movements, they woke up too, but didnt dare say anything.

Even if they were awake, they had no intention of getting up right now.

They intended to avoid Gu Ning and wouldnt leave their beds until Gu Ning left.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Gu Ning put on the military uniform their school gave them.

It was a pair of green and brown long pants along with a short-sleeved top.

Song Miaoge was amazed when Gu Ning finished changing.

“Wow, Gu Ning, you look so cool in camouflage! Well, youre so beautiful, and youre quite attractive in any clothes.”

“Youre beautiful in it as well!” Gu Ning smiled.

It wasnt courtesy, she really meant it.

Song Miaoge grew up in a military camp, and she was trained along with other soldiers during every long vacation.

As a result, she had cultivated the air of a soldier.

Therefore, the military uniform suited her very well.

“Thanks!” Song Miaoge flushed a little.

After changing, they walked out.

Although it was still early, they didnt want to wait in the dorm room.

Shortly after Gu Ning walked out, the door of the dorm room next to the next dorm room suddenly opened and Baili Zongxue showed up.

Gu Ning was aware that Baili Zongxue lived in the dorm room next to the next dorm room, so she wasnt surprised to see her.

Baili Zongxue, however, was struck dumb for a second when she saw Gu Ning.

She actually knew which dorm room Gu Ning lived in so she chose to live close to her.

In order not to arouse Gu Nings suspicion, she didnt live in the same dorm room as her.

She was struck dumb simply because Gu Ning looked too attractive in the military uniform.

“Gu Ning, what a coincidence! Are you living in the dorm room not far from mine” Baili Zongxue acted surprised.

Gu Ning knew she was acting, but didnt care much about it, because it wasnt beyond her expectation.

“Yeah, what a coincidence!” Gu Ning smiled.

“You got up early today,” said Baili Zongxue.

“We woke up early.

Why dont we share breakfast” said Gu Ning.

“Sure!” Baili Zongxue agreed and walked ahead along with Gu Ning.

After that, Gu Ning introduced Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue to each other.

Song Miaoge had the same personality as Baili Zongxue, so they soon became familiar with one another.

Gu Ning and the girls walked out early, so there werent many students outside at this time.

Most of them were boys.

Some people had the habit of running in the morning, so they got up earlier than other people.

Gu Ning and the girls went to have breakfast in the canteen.

After they finished eating breakfast, more students came.

Once Gu Ning and the girls showed up, they attracted a lot of attention.

Although Gu Ning was the most beautiful one among the three girls, Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue were very pretty as well.

Accordingly, other students paid attention to all three of them.

Moreover, the three of them were different types of girls.

Different people had different preferences, so they were most beautiful in different peoples eyes.

Gu Ning seemed a little aloof, Song Miaoge was cute, while Baili Zongxue behaved like a lady.

However, no matter what style they seemed to be on the surface, they were actually tough girls with excellent fighting skills.

Because of their outstanding appearance, some boys came to strike up a conversation with them.

There were three boys standing next to Gu Ning and the girls.

They had observed them and talked about them for a long while.

All of them ached to have a conversation with the girls.

One boy told another boy who was more good-looking to strike up a conversation with them.

The boy felt a little shy, but he was directly pushed out by his friends.

The boy was pushed to the front of Gu Ning and the girls, so he had to greet them.

“Excuse me, sorry to bother you.

Im Du Jialei, a freshman majoring in Journalism.

Its very nice to meet you.”

Du Jialei flushed with embarrassment, and was afraid that the girls might ignore him.


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