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Chapter 1810: Slander Behind Other Peoples Back

Facing his friendly greeting, the girls were nice to him.

“My names Song Miaoge.

I major in physics.”

“Im Baili Zongxue.

I major in history.”

“Hi, Im Gu Ning.

My major is economics.”

They introduced themselves.

However, once Du Jialei heard Gu Nings self-introduction, he was shocked.

“A-Are you the Gu Ning majoring in economics The top scorer of this year” He became excited.

Since he asked that question, he must have heard about Gu Ning but failed to recognize her.

To Du Jialeis surprise, he just struck up a conversation with a random beautiful girl and the girl turned to be Gu Ning.

Hearing Du Jialeis exclamation, his two friends were amazed too.

They were Du Jialeis friends, so they had heard about Gu Ning as well.

They were also surprised to meet Gu Ning here.

“Yeah, its me.” Gu Ning smiled.

With her affirmative answer, Du Jialei got nervous all of a sudden and stammered, “Well, I-Ive read all the news about you.

Youre unbelievable! Youre my idol! Sorry, I failed to recognize you just now although Ive seen your photos.”

“Its fine,” said Gu Ning.

Du Jialeis two friends walked to Gu Ning afterwards.

They greeted the girls politely, and the girls said hello to them as well.

They were quite excited to meet Gu Ning, but they stood in awe of her background.

Therefore, after a brief chat, they said good-bye to each other.

“Jesus, I just struck up a conversation with a random beautiful girl.

I didnt expect her to be Gu Ning! I was so nervous just now.”

After they walked away, Du Jialeis friend discussed their meeting with Gu Ning.

“Right, I was nervous too.

Were peers, but I somehow feel shes senior to us.

I couldnt help but stand in awe of her,” said Du Jialeis friend.

“Although were peers, shes already a very successful businesswoman while were ordinary college students, so we naturally feel stressed in front of her,” said Du Jialei.

When Gu Ning and the girls arrived at the sports ground, it was only 7 am, which was still an hour away from the military training.

Therefore, they decided to have a walk on the sports ground.

After a while, more and more students came.

At 7:30 am, the school radio sounded and the broadcaster instructed each freshman to line up in the order of each department and class.

A class was divided into two rows, one for boys and the other for girls.

Because they were all freshmen, their head teachers also came in case they couldnt find their teams.

They all knew their head teachers, so they could easily find their teams by a glance.

Hearing the broadcast, all the present students began to stand in lines.

Gu Ning separated from Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue, because they were in different departments.

Once Gu Ning reached the team of the economics department, she attracted a lot of attention.

Some students recognized her and greeted her.

Gu Ning also gave them a kind smile.

Gu Ning joined their class team, and her classmates kept talking with her.

Their head teacher told them to be quiet afterwards, so they had to close their mouths.

Gu Ning was willing to talk with them, but she also preferred to be quiet for a while.

Their head teacher arranged for Gu Ning to stand at the front of the students right behind him so that no one dared to talk with her again.

Students from other classes were talking about Gu Ning as well.

Some of them were envious of her, some took her as their idol, and some admired her.

There were some students who were jealous of her too.

“She owns so many companies at such a young age.

Its hard to tell whether theyre all hers.

Perhaps the companies belong to other people, while shes only the boss to outsiders.

It happens.”

“Right, I think she must be a kept mistress for a businessman.

Those companies under her name must belong to the businessman.

She simply shows off with them.”

“I think so.

I read news about her on the Internet.

It says that she has unbelievable connections.

Do you think its possible Shes so young.

I bet those important figures make friends with her for the sake of her sugar-daddy.”


Given Gu Nings age, it was unavoidable for other people to doubt her ability, but she couldnt accept it when other students humiliated her like that in public.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning walked to the team of Class C to argue with those girls who slandered her behind her back.

Because Gu Nings classmates and head teacher failed to hear those girls discussion, they were confused when she walked away all of a sudden.

Although their head teacher didnt know why, he didnt stop her.

It wasnt the time for military training after all.

Seeing Gu Ning walking over, those girls were scared in an instant and avoided her eyes.

They dared to talk about Gu Ning behind her back, but didnt dare to do it in front of her face.

Those girls thought that Gu Ning might have seen a familiar face so she walked over, but other students who heard their discussion believed that Gu Ning came for them.

They actually couldnt believe it, because their voices were quite low, while Gu Ning stood far from them.

How did she manage to hear their talk

Gu Ning put on a serious expression and said, “You must be excellent students in your high schools since youre able to be accepted by the Capital University, but how can you slander other people behind their backs It shows that you havent learned how to behave yourself yet.

Not everyone is the same as you, and others can achieve what you cant do.

You cant attack other people just because theyve made great achievements.

No matter who wants to build a profitable company, he or she undoubtedly needs connections and support.

Luck is also an important factor.

You can go ask teachers of the Capital University.

There actually are many students who already have achieved a lot in college.”

Gu Nings voice wasnt loud, so only the people around her could hear it.

Although she sounded a little arrogant when she criticized those girls, her words made sense.

There were different kinds of people in this world.

Everyone had his or her own abilities and chances.

Some people could become successful businessmen or senior officials with great achievements.

While some people might become thieves or beggars living a meaningless life.


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