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Chapter 1834: Song Miaoges mother Is Injured

As soon as the statement was released, there were fewer Internet users who kept on attacking Kouzi.

Only a few people who had nothing to do claimed that it was just a show directed and acted by Kouzi itself.

They believed it made so-called unqualified manufacturers the scapegoat.

Luckily, many Internet users disagreed on that, because most of them trusted Kouzi.

After all, the great effects of Kouzi products had been proved by time.

Moreover, the official Weibo of Kouzi also released solid evidence.

After the military training was over at 12, everyone walked toward the canteen.

Many students around were discussing the Kouzi sunscreen incident.

Coincidentally, Gao Shiyan and Lu Xiaoxiao were walking in front of Gu Ning.

“Many people kept saying that Kouzi sells fakes.

Now, the truth proves that theyre wrong! I wonder whether those people will feel ashamed,” Song Miaoge said in an unkind tone.

She said that to make fun of Gao Shiyan and Lu Xiaoxiao along with other people.

When Gao Shiyan and Lu Xiaoxiao heard Song Miaoges words, they knew that she was talking about them, so they were very angry.

However, Song Miaoge didnt mention their names.

So they wouldnt jump out to make a connection either.

After all, there were a lot of people who thought that the fake sunscreen was really produced by Kouzi.

Therefore, when other people heard Song Miaoges words, they all felt embarrassed.

After the meal, Gu Ning and her friends went to the small woods as usual to continue training, but Song Miaoge received a call at this moment.

Her younger brother called her and told her that their mother was injured when she tried to save an innocent person who was kidnapped.

In the process she was injured and stabbed in the chest.

She had already been sent to the military hospital.

Song Miaoges mother was a policewoman.

Although she wasnt a common policewoman, she had to do something when she encountered such a thing.

As soon as Song Miaoge heard the bad news, she was so frightened that she couldnt stand.

Fortunately, Gu Ning supported her right away, so she didnt fall.

“We should go to the hospital right now,” Gu Ning said first without waiting for Song Miaoge to say anything, because both she and Baili Zongxue heard their conversation on the phone.

“Gu Ning.” Song Miaoge burst into tears, feeling helpless.

“Dont worry, as long as your mother is still alive, I can promise that your mother will be fine,” Gu Ning said, looking at Song Miaoge with firm and confident eyes.

Song Miaoge calmed down a little, because she trusted Gu Ning.

However, the little comfort didnt make her feel much better, because she didnt know her mothers situation right now.

Without delay, they ran out of school.

Once they ran outside, Gu Ning met Rong Jue who was driving out of the parking lot when she was about to drive her car.

When Rong Jue saw that the three of them had the same anxious expression, especially Song Miaoge whose face was full of tears, he realized that something must be wrong, so he asked Gu Ning, “What happened Where are you going”

“Instructor Rong, Song Miaoges mother has been injured.

We are going to the military hospital now,” Gu Ning said.

Although they were in a hurry, they had time to reply.

“Get in, Ill drive you there,” Rong Jue said once he heard that.

At this time, he didnt care about what he originally needed to do.

Gu Ning didnt hesitate and pulled Song Miaoge to get into the car, because Gu Ning thought that it would take time to find her car in the parking lot.

Although it might not be long, they had to make full use of every minute.

“Thank you, Instructor Rong.

If its possible, please drive faster,” Gu Ning said.

Rong Jue didnt reply, but he sped up.

Fortunately, it wasnt rush hour, and there was only a little more traffic on some sections of the road.

They spent slightly more time waiting for a few traffic lights to become green.

Anyway, it wasnt a bad situation, because they didnt wait too long.

Because the Capital University and the military hospital were in different districts, it took them more than half an hour to arrive even though Rong Jue drove very quickly.

Once they arrived at the hospital, they got out of the car and thanked Rong Jue, then immediately ran towards the operating room.

While in the car, Gu Ning had already asked Rong Jue for leave.

In such a situation, Rong Jue instantly agreed.

Although Rong Jue sent them to the hospital, he didnt follow them, because the Song family was not part of the Rong familys faction, so he should not be involved in it.

Nevertheless, he still sent them to the hospital because of Gu Ning.

If he only ran into Song Miaoge and Baili Zongxue, he might not even bother to stop and ask them whether they needed help.

Without himself realizing it, Rong Jue paid more attention to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning and her friends directly went up to the operating room on the sixth floor.

There were a few people standing outside.

An old couple, a young couple, and two teenagers about 14 years old all looked at the operating room with anxiety.

The old couple were Song Miaoges grandfather and grandmother, and the young couple were her uncle and aunt.

One of the boys was Song Miaoges younger brother while the other was her cousin.

“Grandpa, grandma, how is my mother now” Song Miaoge ran to the crowd, couldnt help crying again, and asked anxiously.

Seeing Song Miaoge, they were surprised.

Grandma Song asked, “Miaoge, why are you here Arent you in military training”

The second she finished that, one of the 14-five-year-old boys said, “I gave my sister a call.”

He was Song Miaoges younger brother, Song Zishuo.

“You…” Hearing that, everyone turned to look at Song Zishuo.

Although they thought he shouldnt have done that, they didnt blame him.

Originally, they were unwilling to tell Song Miaoge because they didnt want her to be worried, but they also knew that she should be aware of it since her mother was in danger now.

Therefore, they didnt blame Song Zishuo for calling Song Miaoge.

Master Song sighed and said, “Your mother was stabbed at the edge of the heart in order to save the other peoples lives.

The doctor said the operation is dangerous.”

Song Miaoge cried harder after hearing that.

Because she was so concerned about her mothers injury, she forgot to introduce Gu Ning to her family.

Although Song Miaoge didnt do the introduction, the Song family knew that they were Song Miaoges schoolmates.

Seeing that these two girls were so beautiful, the Song family was also amazed.

Not only were they beautiful, but they also had an air of nobility.

They couldnt be ordinary girls!

Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue didnt mind it when Song Miaoge forgot to introduce them to her family.

Once they arrived, Gu Ning looked into the operation room with her Jade Eyes.

On the operation bed was Song Miaoges mother.

Doctors were busy performing the operation, but it seemed that things were not going well.


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