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Chapter 1835: Save Song Miaoges Mother

“Miaoge, are these two girls your schoolmates” Grandma Song asked.

Since they came with Song Miaoge, she should be polite and greet them.

“Oh, right.” Song Miaoge didnt realize that until now.

She wiped her eyes and introduced her friends to her family.

“Grandpa, grandma, uncle, aunt, let me introduce you, they are my friends, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue.”

Song Miaoges father wasnt here, because he was still in the army and couldnt rush back in time.

“Grandpa Song, Grandma Song, Uncle Song, Aunt Song, nice to meet you all.” Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue greeted them at the same time.

“Nice to meet you too,” the Song family said to them with a polite attitude, which showed their good manners.

They werent arrogant just because of their social status.

Just as Gu Ning was thinking about how to put it and ask them to let her go inside to give Song Miaoges mother the power crystal, the door of the operation room opened.

Upon seeing that, the Song family swarmed around and asked the doctor who came out, “Doctor, how is my daughter-in-law now”

“Master Song, shes in a relatively dangerous situation, and she is bleeding very fast, so now we need to give her a blood transfusion as soon as possible,” the doctor said, then paid no more attention to the Song family, because he needed to get blood.

Because of the social status of the Song family, the doctor didnt ask them to go through the procedures according to the rules before getting the blood.

Instead, the doctor did everything for them in person.

Hearing that, Grandma Song was heavily hit and almost fell, but fortunately her younger daughter-in-law who was standing next to her supported her right away.

“Grandpa Song, I can stop Miaoges mother from bleeding, but I dont know whether youre willing to trust me.

Can I go inside now” Gu Ning looked at Master Song with a serious expression.

There was confidence and determination in her eyes.


“Can you stop Miaoges mother from bleeding”


Hearing that, everyone rounded his or her eyes in shock.

It was quite unbelievable! Gu Ning was able to do that

Although Master Song also felt it was unbelievable, he, who had seen countless people, could tell from Gu Nings expression that she wasnt joking.

However, she was only a young girl.

What could she do to stop his older daughter-in-law from bleeding

Right when everyone was surprised with doubt, Song Miaoge suddenly figured it out and said at once, “Grandpa, please trust Gu Ning.

Give her a chance and let her go inside to see my mother.”


Hearing that, Master Song hesitated.

Although he also wanted to trust Gu Ning, he still felt it was risky.

After all, Gu Ning was very young.

It was hard for them not to doubt her ability.

Seeing Master Songs reaction, Song Miaoge became anxious.

“Grandpa, its true.

Gu Ning is very amazing.

She has a very effective medicine.

Someone in our school had an epileptic seizure the other day, but Gu Ning saved his life by helping him take a pill.

He went back to normal within a minute.”

Knowing that, the Song family was very surprised.

It was too unbelievable to be true.

Nevertheless, Master Song still didnt change his mind, because it was two totally different things.

Although Gu Ning needed Master Songs permission to save Song Miaoges mother, she couldnt just wait, because they were running out of time.

If they wasted one more minute, Song Miaoges mother would be in greater danger.

Therefore, Gu Ning said at once, “Grandpa Song, I know that because Im young, you have doubts about my ability.

Although I am willing to help Miaoges mother, I still need your permission.

I can help Song Miaoges mother stop bleeding and I can also help her have a safer operation.

Grandpa Song, please give me a chance to prove myself.

I see a scar on the back of your hand.

Actually my medicine can stop the bleeding and cure many illnesses and scars.

If youre willing to let me have a try, please allow me to apply my medicine on the back of your hand.

Within a minute, itll definitely fade a third.”

“What Itll fade a third in a minute”

Hearing that, everyone was surprised, but they also doubted whether Gu Ning was just bragging.

“Grandpa Song, time is life,” Gu Ning said in a serious tone.

Although she understood the distrust of the Song family, she was a bit displeased watching them hesitating, because they didnt have time to waste.

“Fine.” Master Song made up his mind and stretched out his hand.

Although they all had doubt, they wanted to know whether Gu Ning could really do that.

Gu Ning then immediately took out the magical power liquid from her backpack and quickly wiped it on the back of Master Songs hand.

Master Song felt coldness on the back of his hand.

In a while, they could clearly see the scar quickly fading.

Seeing that, they rounded their eyes in shock, then became excited.

Gu Ning wasnt bragging! She could really do it.

“Miss Gu, please help Miaoges mother stop bleeding right now!” Without hesitation, Master Song begged Gu Ning with a very sincere attitude.

He could no longer doubt Gu Nings ability now.

Even if she couldnt fully do what she promised to do, he didnt have a better choice.

Other people had the same idea, so no one refuted Mr Songs words.

“Sure.” Gu Ning replied.

Afterwards, Master Song broke into the operation room at once.

Because the doctor went to get blood and hadnt returned yet, the door of the operation room was closed but not locked.

It was easily opened.

In the operation room, only the surgeon was focusing on the operation, and a few assistant doctors were standing aside.

Hearing the sound of the opening door, they subconsciously raised their heads.

They thought it was a doctor, but only saw Master Song.

One doctor immediately said, “Master Song, why are you coming in all of a sudden This is the operation room.

You should go out now.”

The other doctors were shocked when they heard that it was Master Song who suddenly came in, but they had to focus on the operation, so they couldnt be distracted.

Anyway, other doctors could handle it.

“Doctor Cao, this girl named Gu Ning said she can help my older daughter-in-law stop bleeding.

Please let her try it!” said Master Song.

Hearing this, everyone was surprised, but refused to believe it.

Doctor Cao asked, “This girl looks very young.

She should still be a student.

Can you tell me how you will stop the wounded from bleeding”

“With a kind of medicine,” Gu Ning said.

“A kind of medicine”

Hearing that, Doctor Cao and other doctors thought it was ridiculous.

There was no medicine which could stop such a large amount of blood from bleeding in this world.

“What medicine is it” Doctor Cao asked.

Gu Ning lost her patience and looked displeased.

“Doctor Cao, I dont think we have time to discuss it right now.

The most important thing now is to stop the bleeding.”


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