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Chapter 1840: Very Jealous

Gu Ning also said that she sold it to different people at different prices.

The more expensive it was, the richer the buyer was.

Master Songs old friends surgery and treatment had already cost millions of yuan, because they used the best medical treatment, but they didnt see a good result.

Even if Gu Ning asked a million yuan for a pill, he still thought it was worth the money as long as it was effective.

Surprisingly, Gu Ning didnt ask for money.

Gu Ning also told him that it was free for her relatives, friends, and those who had no money or who she was willing to help, which showed that she was really kind-hearted.

She didnt want his money because Song Miaoge was her friend, which proved that Gu Ning was a person who valued friendship.

Master Song would be an idiot if he missed this great chance to form a good relationship with such an outstanding kind girl.

“Well, if so, Ill accept it.

If you need any help from the Song family in the future, free feel to tell us,” Master Song said.

“Sure,” Gu Ning replied.

Afterwards, Gu Ning and Song Miaoge were taken to dinner by Song Miaoges uncle and aunt.

Although it was a little late now, Gu Ning and the others hadnt eaten yet, so they needed to have a meal.

The Song family also had the intention of buying Gu Ning a meal to thank her, so Song Miaoges uncle and aunt arranged to go to a five-star hotel near the hospital.

Gu Ning declined at the beginning, saying that she and Song Miaoge could just go out to grab a bite, but the Song family insisted on it, so she agreed in the end.

After having a meal, Gu Ning and Song Miaoge returned to school.

Once Gu Ning and the others left, Master Song called his old friends son and told him about the pills.

Although his old friend was hospitalized in this military hospital, Master Song couldnt see him easily because he was in the intensive care unit, and even his family couldnt take care of him in the hospital.

As a result, they could only visit him once a day without staying in the hospital for long.

The son of Master Songs old friend was called Zhao Zhongkai.

Master Song first told Zhao Zhongkai what Jiang Jiarong had been through.

Once Zhao Zhongkai learned about Jiang Jiarongs condition now, he got excited.

“Uncle Song, is that medicine really so effective Will it be useful for my fathers illness”

“That girl said it can be helpful,” said Master Song.

“Uncle Song, can I see that girl” Zhao Zhongkai asked with anticipation.

“I have already asked her for two pills for you.

Im calling you right now to share this good news with you.

If you trust me, come to the hospital now and we will go to see your father together,” Master Song said.

“No problem, Ill be there in a few minutes,” Zhao Zhongkai said.

Although he thought this medicine was too unbelievable to be true, it was from the mouth of Master Song.

In addition, Jiang Jiarong had already taken it and proved that it was effective.

Therefore, he thought he should believe it.

Anyway, his father didnt have a better choice now.

Perhaps the pill could really make a change!

Without delay, Zhao Zhongkai hurried to the hospital.

The reality proved that he had made the right decision.

Shortly after taking a power crystal, Master Zhaos condition improved, which shocked the doctor.

However, because Master Zhao was sick for a long time, it took time for him to recover.

In the afternoon of the next day, Master Zhao woke up, but his body was still very weak.

Anyway, he was finally out of danger, so he could be moved out of the intensive care unit.

Those doctors who thought that Master Zhao might not be able to survive were all surprised by the dramatic change.

It wasnt their fault that they thought Master Zhao couldnt survive.

After all, Mr.

Zhao was in a really bad condition.

Besides, he was old, so it was even harder for him to recover.

If he was young, it would be more likely for him to recover sooner.

“Uncle Song, thank you for your help.

I should thank that girl as well.

Can I have a meal with her My family also wants to thank her face to face,” said Zhao Zhongkai to Master Song.

He was greatly grateful to Gu Ning, so he wanted to thank her in person.

“Well, shes a friend of Miaoge.

I dont have her phone number.

Let me ask Miaoge first,” said Master Song.

After that, Master Song called Song Miaoge when she was resting and asked her to tell Gu Ning that Zhao Zhongkai wanted to invite her to share a meal and thank her in person.

However, on this day, the 10th day of military training, and the 7th day after Leng Shaoting and the others left the capital, they returned.

Once Leng Shaoting gave Gu Ning a call, Gu Ning asked for leave from their instructor.

After the military training in the morning was over, she wouldnt come that afternoon and evening.

When Gu Ning asked for leave from their instructor, she didnt give a specific reason.

She simply said that she needed to deal with her business in the company, and the instructor agreed right away.

Gu Ning was a special student and she had the best performance in the military training, so there was no reason for the instructor to say no.

Because of Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning turned down the invitation from the Zhao family.

She told Song Miaoge to tell Master Song that it wasnt necessary.

So when the military training was over in the morning, Gu Ning went back to the dormitory, changed clothes, and left the school.

Now the senior students were mostly back and the new semester would begin tomorrow, so Gu Ning happened to meet Yuan Shuyan, who had a conflict with her, on her way out of school.

With Yuan Shuyan, there were two other girls.

They were both Yuan Shuyans best friends at school.

Gu Ning and Yuan Shuyan didnt have any deep hatred towards each other, but Yuan Shuyan regarded Gu Ning as a rival in love.

Besides, Gu Ning had embarrassed her in public, so she was quite displeased to see Gu Ning again.

However, Gu Ning didnt bother to give her a glance, as if she had never had any grudges with her, and directly walked by her.

Although Yuan Shuyan said nothing, she looked annoyed, which was discovered by the two girls who were with her.

“Shuyan, whats wrong” They asked with concern at the same time.

“Nothing,” Yuan Shuyan said.

Since Yuan Shuyan was unwilling to tell them, the two girls stopped asking further about it.

Because they also saw Gu Ning and thought that Gu Ning looked beautiful, they couldnt help but compliment her.

“That girl is stunning, Why didnt I see her before.”

“Yeah! Perhaps she keeps a low profile.”

“Shes so beautiful.

If she participates in the competition for the most beautiful girl in our school, shell definitely win!”

“I agree!”

“Enough,” scolded Yuan Shuyan.

She couldnt stand it anymore when she heard them praise Gu Ning like that.

Although Yuan Shuyan was jealous of those girls who were prettier than her, she could accept it, especially because Gu Ning was indeed more attractive than her.


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