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Chapter 1847: Need Practice

Baili Zongxue didnt know Gao Shiyan, but she knew Gao Shiyan wasnt a kind girl because Gao Shiyan had offended Gu Ning of her own accord.

Gao Shiyan was the kind of person who tended to be self-interested, self-centered, and never thought she was wrong when she attacked other people.

However, if anyone dared to criticize her, she would think the other people were guilty and evil.

Baili Zongxue had encountered too many people of that kind.

“Scheme Did Gao Shiyan forget the lesson and think of trying to pay us back” Song Miaoge was a little surprised when she heard that.

She thought Gao Shiyan had learned to behave herself during this peaceful period.

“If she really tries to pay us back, she wont do it in person,” Gu Ning said.

She never believed that Gao Shiyan would give up on getting revenge.

Song Miaoge frowned and asked worriedly, “What should we do now”

She knew that Gu Ning wasnt weak at all.

It wasnt easy for anyone to hurt Gu Ning, but they didnt know what Gao Shiyan would do to pay them back.

They were inevitably a little worried about unknown danger.

“Dont worry, its not a big deal,” Gu Ning said without any worries.

Since Gu Ning said that, Song Miaoge didnt worry so much.

After having a meal, they left the canteen and walked to the small woods where they practiced martial arts.

However, the second they left the canteen, some people followed them.

Song Miaoge didnt have acute senses like Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue, so she failed to notice.

Once Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue realized that some people were following them, they exchanged a meaningful glance.

In fact, they hoped that someone would come to cause them trouble so that Song Miaoge could have a chance to practice her skills.

Song Miaoge didnt know what her friends were thinking about without telling her, but they actually had that idea for her good.

Those people followed Gu Ning and her friends along the way.

They didnt jump out to stop them from leaving nor were they worried that they might go back to the dormitory.

During these days, Gao Shiyan didnt see them go back to the dormitory for a nap at noon.

Instead, they always went to the small woods.

Gao Shiyan didnt know what they were going to do in the small woods, because she dared not follow them over.

Not every student would have a nap at noon, and many students preferred to relax for a while in the small woods where it was much cooler.

Nevertheless there were a lot fewer people in the small woods, so the group of people planned to attack Gu Ning and her friends later.

After Gu Ning and her friends arrived at the small woods, they walked farther into it because most people stayed at its periphery.

They didnt want to be watched while they were training.

Some people might see them once in a while.

There were five men who were about 24, following them.

They looked the same as other college students, so they didnt attract much attention.

Seeing Gu Ning and her friends walking farther into the small woods, they were satisfied because it was exactly what they wanted to see.

In a while, Gu Ning and her friends stopped.

With an evil smile, Gu Ning asked Song Miaoge, “Miaoge, do you want to practice your new skills with others”

“What” Song Miaoge was confused.

“Who will do that with me”

“Theyre behind us,” said Gu Ning.

Song Miaoge was surprised and turned around, followed by Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue.

Once they turned around, they saw five men walking to them.

“Do you mean them” Song Miaoge asked with uncertainty.

“Yeah,” said Gu Ning.

“Who are they” asked Song Miaoge.

“They were hired by Gao Shiyan to pay us back,” said Gu Ning.

Gao Shiyan planned to pay all of them back, instead of just Gu Ning.

Song Miaoge had a grudge with Gao Shiyan as well, so Gao Shiyan hated her too.

Song Miaoge wasnt surprised now.

She squinted, a dangerous look in her eyes.

“Very well, I need practice right now.”

“Theyve learned some fighting skills too.

You must be careful,” said Gu Ning.

It was true that the bunch of men werent weak at all.

They were no match for Gu Ning, but Song Miaoge was only an ordinary girl with not outstanding skills.

Song Miaoge was merely better than other weak girls.

“I will,” said Song Miaoge with a serious expression.

She wouldnt take her enemies lightly.

The five men immediately realized that Gu Ning and her friends had already found out that they were following them when they turned around looking at them.

“They should know that were following them,” said a man.

“So what Its useless,” said another man.

Although Gao Shiyan had told them the two girls named Gu Ning and Song Miaoge were good at kung fu, they didnt take them seriously.

In their eyes, they were only girls who couldnt be stronger than them.

Therefore, when the girls didnt seem scared at all as they walked to them, they only thought that they were stupid and arrogant.

The five men stopped in front of Gu Ning and her friends, looking at them with malice.

The leading man asked Gu Ning, “Are you Gu Ning”

He actually already had the answer.

“Yes, so” asked Gu Ning.

“Youve offended someone you shouldnt mess with, so were here to teach you a lesson,” said the man.

“Do you mean Gao Shiyan” Gu Ning smiled.

Hearing that, the five men looked surprised.

In order to not expose the secret, Gao Shiyans older brother, Gao Shijie, didnt show up, but unexpectedly Gu Ning was aware of it.

“No matter what, you cant escape today.” Even though Gu Ning guessed it correctly, the five men refused to admit it.

“Great, my friend also needs practice.

Miaoge, theyre yours now.

Do you have confidence” asked Gu Ning.

“Of course,” said Song Miaoge.

She couldnt wait for the fight.

The five men felt humiliated when Gu Ning told a girl to fight against them.

“Stupid idiot! Youll regret it! Beat her!” The leading man gave an order.

Even though they felt humiliated when Gu Ning asked a girl to fight against the five of them, they wouldnt hesitate to beat Song Miaoge.

Anyway, it was Gu Nings decision.

Since Gu Ning decided to do that, they were determined to make her regret it.

Without delay, the five men began to attack Song Miaoge and Song Miaoge fought back at once.

Although Song Miaoge had only been trained by Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue for several days, she had taken a power crystal.

Her physical health had been greatly improved, so she was much stronger than before.

In the past, Song Miaoge was able to beat 10 ordinary people by herself, and now she could defeat over a dozen.

Ordinary people were no match for her, but she might not be able to defeat many people who had learned kung fu.

How many she could beat depended on the persons level.


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