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Chapter 1857: Let Me Teach You How to Behave Yourself!

For convenience, Gu Ning booked a private room at Shengshi Hotel in Haicheng District.

She originally planned to dine at the Huangdeng Hotel, but she had been to the Huangdeng Hotel many times, so she thought that she should change the place this time.

Therefore, she chose the Shengshi Hotel.

Leng Shaoting had given Gu Ning the Black Card of Shengshi Hotel a long time ago, so she could have free service.

There was no need for her to spend money outside for a meal.

The food in Shengshi Hotel was expensive, but was very delicious.

Haicheng District was very large.

After all, it was the biggest district in the capital, so they had to spend nearly 20 minutes on the road to get from their three universities by car without being caught by traffic jam.

Gu Ning didnt need to pick Chu Peihan and her other friends up from their universities today, but she would drive them back after their gathering.

Because Gu Ning came from the city center, there was a lot of traffic on the road.

Gu Ning knew it earlier on, so she came back at an earlier time.

It was almost 6 pm when she arrived at Shengshi Hotel.

The appointed time was right around 6 pm.

Although Chu Peihan and her other friends were already there at 5:30 pm, they didnt mind waiting for Gu Ning for a while.

They were quite patient because they knew that Gu Ning was very busy.

Normally, they seldom bothered her.

If Gu Ning was only a normal college student and there wasnt such a long distance between their universities, they would certainly see each other often.

Gu Ning had already booked a private room for them, so Chu Peihan and her other friends could directly go to have a seat and order first.

As the dishes were placed on the table, Gu Ning showed up.

Once Gu Ning came, she smiled seeing Chu Peihan and her other friends.

“Very good, none of you are tanned.”

It actually wasnt surprising, because Mu Ke, Yu Mixi, and Chu Peihan had all used Kouzi sunscreen.

So they didnt get tanned after the military training.

Even though Mu Ke was a boy, he disliked having dark skin.

“The credit goes to the unbelievable Kouzi sunscreen.

After using it, my skin didnt get darker at all.

Instead, it becomes whiter.

Now all the products of Kouzi are quite popular.

I think itll replace those international brands in the near future,” said Chu Peihan with pride.

She had witnessed the enormous popularity of Kouzi, so she felt proud of Gu Ning.

“Right, many of the Kouzi products are often out of stock now,” said Mu Ke.

“I bet that many businessmen are trying to be business partners with Ningning right now,” said Yu Mixi.

“Yeah, but I have no intention of doing that,” said Gu Ning.

If she had any business partners, she wouldnt be able to keep her magical power a secret any longer.

Even without the magical power, Gu Ning had no intention of having business partners.

It was easy to have conflicts and she disliked other people sharing her success.

Therefore, she would rather make Kouzi develop slower than have business partners.

“I think its a good idea not to have business partners.

Itll cause you trouble if you encounter bad people,” said Mu Ke.

As they chatted with each other, they talked about their college life.

Knowing that Mu Ke and Yu Mixi got along with their schoolmates very well, Gu Ning was relieved.

After all, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were different from Gu Ning.

If anyone deliberately made things difficult for them, they might not be able to fight back, especially Yu Mixi.

Even though Gu Ning could help them pay their opponents back, it wasnt a good thing to have grudges against schoolmates.

Therefore, it was the best that they could enjoy a peaceful college life.

As for Chu Peihan, she had conflict with her roommates right after her college life began, so it wouldnt be easy to get back to normal.

Chu Peihan told them that she had a lot of arguments with the girl named Ke Lili.

The last time happened a few days ago.

It became serious later and Ke Lili tried to beat Chu Peihan, but Chu Peihan fought back right away.

Ke Lili was scared and remained quiet for the following days.

Gu Ning had gone through the same thing, but Gao Shiyan had hired a bunch of people, trying to teach Gu Ning a lesson.

Gu Ning beat them and Gao Shiyan immediately moved into another dorm room from fear.

Hearing Gu Nings story, her friends were annoyed, but they knew that Gu Ning wasnt weak at all, so they werent worried about her.

“Why do those bullies always try to bully those who they cant mess with” said Mu Ke.

“They deserve a lesson,” said Chu Peihan.

It wasnt easy for them to gather together, so they naturally wouldnt leave so early.

After having the meal, they planned to enjoy themselves in an amusement arcade.

Chu Peihan proposed to go to a bar, but they had classes tomorrow.

It would be upsetting if they couldnt indulge themselves with alcohol, so they chose an amusement arcade.

They could drink on weekends when they didnt have classes the next day.

The moment Gu Ning and her friends walked out to the hall, they heard a loud female voice.

“Dad, its her! The girl in white! Shes always behaving against me and she has attacked me too.”

Hearing the familiar voice, Chu Peihan turned to look at the person.

Once she saw a familiar person angrily pointing at her, she smiled with disdain.

“Well, well, enemies always cross each others road.

Shes Ke Lili.”

Gu Ning and her other friends also looked at the girl and saw Ke Lili pointing at them.

Therefore, they figured out what was happening before Chu Peihan told them the girls name.

There were four adults, two men and two women, with Ke Lili.

The two by Ke Lilis sides were her parents.

Hearing Ke Lilis voice, they turned to look at Gu Ning and her friends too.

Because Ke Lili had told her parents about her grudges against her roommate, her parents were furious.

However, they had been very busy these days, so they didnt have time to pay Chu Peihan back yet.

Knowing that Chu Peihan was right there now, they were unwilling to miss this great chance.

Without delay, they walked to Gu Ning and her friends at once.

Gu Ning and her friends had no intention of avoiding them and chose to face them.

Two groups of people stood opposite each other in the middle of the hall.

“Are you the student who attacked my daughter” Ke Yongqiang glared at Chu Peihan.

He questioned her in a serious tone trying to pressure her.

Unfortunately, Chu Peihan wasnt affected at all, because she had seen too many important figures before, and Ke Yongqiang was merely nobody in her eyes.

“Right, its me, but your daughter caused the trouble first.” Chu Peihan admitted it with alacrity.

Anyway, it wasnt her fault, so she wouldnt allow other people to blame her for it.

“You little bitch! How dare you attack my daughter Let me teach you how to behave yourself!” Seeing that Chu Peihan admitted it, Mrs.

Ke directly stepped forward to slap Chu Peihan.


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