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Chapter 1858: Oh, Im Scared!

Even though Chu Peihan said that Ke Lili had caused her trouble first, Mrs.

Ke didnt care about it at all, because she didnt think there was anything wrong with it.

In her eyes, her daughter was superior to other people.

Only her daughter could bully others and she would never allow other people to bully her daughter.

Gu Ning and her other friends stood still, because they knew that Mrs.

Ke couldnt hurt Chu Peihan.

Ke Yongqiang didnt stop his wife from doing that, because he agreed that Chu Peihan needed to learn a lesson after bullying his daughter.

However, he was a grown-up man after all, so he let his wife do the job.

Ke Lili smiled with satisfaction.

She waited to see Chu Peihan being humiliated by her family.

Unfortunately, right as Mrs.

Kes hand fell, Chu Peihan raised her hand and caught her wrist.

“You…” Mrs.

Ke rounded her eyes in shock.

To her surprise, Chu Peihan caught her wrist so fast.


Ke was too arrogant to believe that it really happened.

After being caught, Mrs.

Ke struggled, trying to get rid of Chu Peihan, but only found that Chu Peihan was much stronger than her.

She wasnt able to move at all and felt great pain once Chu Peihan used greater strength.

“Chu Peihan, let my mom go!” Ke Lili criticized Chu Peihan at once.

Because she had been caught by Chu Peihan like that before, she wasnt surprised to see her mother caught, but she was angry.

“Let her go!” Ke Yongqiang was also quite displeased.

“Sure!” said Chu Peihan with an evil smile on her lips.

She let Mrs.

Ke go, but she actually threw her away with a lot of strength without hitting the people behind her.

As a result, Mrs.

Ke heavily fell to the ground.



Seeing that, Ke Lili, Ke Yongqiang, and the couple with them were all scared.

They tried to support Mrs.

Ke, but it was too late.

Therefore, they could only watch her fall.

With a loud sound, Mrs.

Ke felt the pain all over her body.



They immediately rushed to help Mrs.

Ke get back to her feet and checked whether she was injured.

The noises soon attracted the hotel manager over.

“May I know whats going on here” asked the hotel manager.

“Whats going on here This girl just attacked my wife in public!” Ke Yongqiang roared pointing at Chu Peihan.

“I didnt expect to see such a violent student like you in the film academy.

Im going to tell your dean.

If you cant learn a lesson from your behavior, you wont behave yourself in the future!”

In fact, Ke Yongqiang wanted to beat Chu Peihan, but felt too embarrassed to do so.

He was a grown-up man after all and cared about his image.

However, Ke Yongqiang totally forgot that his wife had tried to slap Chu Peihan first, so he was merely a selfish person too.

“Oh, Mr.

Ke, I bet you must have forgotten that its your wife who tried to slap me first.

Should I stand still waiting to be slapped By the way, Ke Lili also tried to attack me first.

If I hadnt learned some fighting skills, I would have been injured by her.

I was just defending myself, but you believe its violence.

Dont you think its unfair that you indulge your wife and daughter to attack other people One may steal a horse while another may not look over a hedge, right Well, I dont think you have such great authority to do so,” said Chu Peihan mockingly, showing no fear of Ke Yongqiang.

“You…” Ke Yongqiang didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

Although he was reluctant to admit it, Chu Peihan indeed told the truth.

Both his wife and daughter had tried to attack Chu Peihan first, so they were injured afterwards.

Anyway, his wife and daughter were injured in the end, so it was impossible for him not to be angry.

“No matter what, we were injured in the end, so its your fault!” Ke Lili blamed Chu Peihan for everything.

She didnt care about whose fault it was right now, because they were the ones who were injured.

“Dad, you must do something for mom and I!”

“Youre so shameless,” said Chu Peihan with disdain.

“Right, no matter what, my wife and daughter are injured in the end, so you must apologize to them.

I can forgive you then,” said Ke Yongqiang.

Because his wife and daughter hadnt done the right thing and they were in Shengshi Hotel with many important figures around, they were unwilling to be watched by other people.

“Apologize Ridiculous.

It isnt my fault.

Why should I apologize” said Chu Peihan.

“You…” Ke Yongqiang was mad.

To his surprise, this girl was so determined.

He squinted and said in a threatening tone, “If you dont apologize, Ill tell your dean to expel you.”

“Oh, really Im scared.” Chu Peihan suddenly acted scared, but she actually wasnt scared at all.

“Do it now! Tell the dean to expel me!”

It wasnt her fault anyway, so she wouldnt be afraid.

Even if the dean really agreed with Ke Yongqiang on that, he might not be able to expel her.

“You…” Ke Yongqiang was furious.

He didnt expect that Chu Peihan wasnt afraid of being expelled at all, which made him think that she might come from a powerful family.

Thinking of that, Ke Yongqiang stopped arguing.

He had to figure out Chu Peihans family background first.

“Great, very well, lets wait and see! Lets go!” Ke Yongqiang threatened Chu Peihan in the end to save his face.

“Dad…” Ke Lili was unwilling to leave like that, but she shut her mouth once her father gave her a warning glance.

“Yongqiang…” Mrs.

Ke was also reluctant to accept this result.

She was heavily thrown to the ground today and was utterly humiliated, which was totally unacceptable in her eyes.

“Lets go home now,” said Ke Yongqiang in annoyance.


Ke didnt want to go, but she could only give Chu Peihan a glare before walking away with Ke Yongqiang.

After the Ke family was gone, Chu Peihan turned to stare at Gu Ning looking pitiful.

“Boss, if Im really going to be expelled, you must help me.”

At this moment, she didnt look as aggressive as earlier at all.

Chu Peihan could handle it on her own, but she was unwilling to drag the Qing Gang into this trouble.

Gu Ning was amused.

“Dont worry, you wont be expelled.”

Hearing that, Chu Peihan smiled relaxedly, holding Gu Nings arm.

“Youre the best!”


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