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Chapter 1859: Dont You Want to Have Some Fun

The conflict didnt affect their mood, so they continued to enjoy themselves.

After Ke Yongqiangs family left the hotel, they said good-bye to the couple, who was a close friend, and drove away too.

After getting in the car, Ke Yongqiang asked Ke Lili, “Do you know the girls family background”

“No idea, but shes from City F, a third-tier city.

Even though she has some connections in City F, this is the capital and her family cant compete against our family,” said Ke Lili.

Even though Chu Peihan wasnt afraid of the Ke family and wasnt afraid of being expelled, she still didnt take Chu Peihan seriously.

In her eyes, Chu Peihan knew too little to behave herself.

Hearing that, Ke Yongqiang squinted showing danger and calculation.

“Great, Ill call the dean of your school tomorrow to talk about her behavior.

Shell learn a lesson.”

“Sure.” Ke Lili smiled at hearing Ke Yongqiangs words and felt much better.


Kes anger also went away a little.

Her father had a good relationship with the dean of their school, so Ke Lili was confident that the dean would help them once her father asked for a favor.

That night, Gu Ning and her friends went to an amusement arcade and won a lot of money back.

However, this time, it wasnt easy for them to leave.

Right after leaving the amusement arcade, Gu Ning found that some people were following them.

As they were about to walk into the elevator, Gu Ning told Chu Peihan and her other friends to be mentally prepared.

“What I didnt expect that some people would dare to do that in the capital,” said Mu Ke looking annoyed.

“The capital seems to be well-managed on the surface, but there are crimes happening every day.

Not every crime can be dealt with.

Its hard for ordinary people to seek justice,” said Gu Ning.

“Well beat their sh*t out later!” said Chu Peihan feeling mad.

She was quite displeased and would feel uncomfortable till she beat them heavily.

When they arrived at the parking lot, they were stopped and surrounded by seven men.

“Who are you What do you want to do” Seeing them, Gu Ning crossed her arms on her chest, lazily asking them.

She asked that question on purpose, and her expression showed that she clearly knew who they were.

She was just making fun of them.

Gu Ning and her friends attitude showed the same disdain.

They didnt look afraid at all, which puzzled those men.

Those men didnt understand why they werent scared.

Even though they didnt seem afraid, those men didnt take it seriously.

After all, this area was controlled by their boss.

“Give us all the money you just won, or well use violence,” said a man with an evil expression, trying to scare them.

Gu Ning and her friends, however, stayed calm.

“Get the money by yourself if you can!” said Gu Ning in a provocative tone.

Being provoked, the seven men were annoyed and felt humiliated.

One man said, “Hey, these girls are pretty.

Why dont we f*ck them to have some fun.”

Hearing that, the seven men leered at them.

They focused on asking them for money just now and ignored the fact that the girls were quite beautiful.

They should own them.

Gu Ning and her friends were angry.

“Great, we can let you have some fun,” said Chu Peihan.

The next second, she attacked those men, followed by Gu Ning and their other friends.

Yu Mixi wasnt bad at fighting now, so it wasnt difficult for her to beat two men.

However, because Gu Ning and her other friends were present, she only needed to beat one man.

The seven men thought that they were just joking, so they werent prepared to fight back at all.

They were heavily beaten from the beginning to the end.

Gu Ning and her friends could finish the fight within seconds, but they didnt.

Instead, they enjoyed torturing them.

They said they wanted to have some fun after all.

“Please, please let us go!” the seven men begged them at once.

To their astonishment, this group of young teenagers were much stronger than they thought.

“Do you want to go Didnt you say that you want to have some fun Now enjoy it!” Chu Peihan sneered.

It was impossible for her to let them go right now.

“Are you surprised” asked Mu Ke, beating them with great strength.

“Stop, stop.” The man who was being beaten by Mu Ke was completely frightened.

After a long time, they finally stopped.

“If it werent illegal to kill, I would definitely kill you,” said Chu Peihan.

After that, Gu Ning and her friends left.

After Gu Ning and her friends drove away, those men immediately went back to report it to their boss.

When the manager of the amusement arcade learned that they failed to beat four young teenagers, he was furious.

He was unwilling to let them leave with hundreds of thousands of yuan.

After leaving the amusement arcade, Gu Ning sent Chu Peihan and her other friends to their schools.

Because they had classes tomorrow, they went back to their universities early today.

Therefore, before 10 pm, they were all back at their own schools.

Gu Ning however, didnt go back to her school after sending her friends back to their universities.

Instead, she went to another place.

Her car drove towards the suburb of Haicheng District.

In 20 minutes, it stopped across from a villa.

Gu Ning wasnt in a hurry to get out of the car, but took out a black long-sleeved jacket and put it on, then a black cap and a black mask before getting out of the car.

Afterwards, she walked to the villa.

She asked K to pay attention to those suspects she met today, and she had already gotten the result.

Without surprise, the police took those people away and directly let them go later.

Those people then returned to this villa and never came out.

However, at 3 pm, a young man came to the villa, and that man was named Qu Yifei.

He was Qu Hanjiaos older brother.

In that case, Gu Ning was sure that they had a relationship with Qu Hanjiao.

Qu Yifei hired a group of strong, skilled men after collecting information about Gu Ning, but unexpectedly they still lost.

Originally, Qu Yifei was reluctant to take action, because he learned that Gu Ning wasnt easy to deal with from the Internet.

Although she wasnt comparable to the Qu family right now, he was worried that it might become big trouble and affect the Qu family.

Nevertheless, Qu Yifei liked Yuan Shuyan, so Qu Hanjiao told him that Yuan Shuyan had also been bullied by Gu Ning, which was the reason why Qu Yifei decided to do something.

Even though he was aware that Yuan Shuyan disliked him, he couldnt help but stand out to defend her.


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