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Chapter 1861: It Is Qu Linan

“Its, its…” the man stammered.

Thinking of the businessmans position, he didnt dare to say it aloud, because he still hoped that the businessman could help them out if they were arrested.

“Why do you still protect that person right now Do you expect him to rescue you If you dont tell me, I can directly kill you.

There will be no chance for anyone to save your life!” said Gu Ning mockingly.

At the same time, the dagger in her hand cut the mans neck, making the man feel pain as warm blood flowed down.

“Please, please, Ill tell you.

Ill tell you.” The man opened his mouth at once to stop her.

“Its Qu Linan.”

Qu Linan was Qu Hanjiao and Qu Yifeis father.

“Do you have any evidence” asked Gu Ning.

“I have call and transfer records,” said the man.

“Great, tell me his phone number and bank card number,” said Gu Ning.

The man then read the phone number Qu Linan used to contact him and his bank card number.

Gu Ning remembered them after hearing it once.

After that, Gu Ning took out her phone and sent them to K.

She told him to find out that numbers records from half a year ago.

“What else did he tell you to do” asked Gu Ning.

“He ordered us to do several other things for him.” The man said, “T-Three months ago, Qu Linan liked a B-list actress named Ni Aijing.

He told us to catch her so that he could rape her, but she strongly refused, s-so Qu Linan killed her by accident.

Her body was thrown into the wilderness.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning squinted.

Although she knew that unfair things were happening every day and she didnt have too much sympathy, she still felt uncomfortable when she heard that.

“Tell me the exact date and place,” said Gu Ning.

“July 2nd, right in this villa,” said the man.

This villa wasnt theirs, but Qu Linans.

Because they did bad deeds for Qu Linan, Qu Linan let them stay here.

With the answer, Gu Ning sent K another message to tell him to investigate the crime which had happened on July 2nd around this villa.

After asking the questions she needed to ask, Gu Ning turned around walking out of the living room.

When they couldnt see her, she took out ropes to tie them up.

After that, she walked aside and took out a laptop from the telepathic eye space.

She moved the recorded video into the laptop then copied it into a USB flash disk.

She then put the laptop back into the telepathic eye space before walking back to the living room and placing the USB flash disk on the coffee table.

Afterwards, Gu Ning used their phone to call the police.

Gu Ning wasnt sure whether the police would go to catch Qu Linan.

After all, Qu Linan was a man of influence in the capital.

Anyway, she needed to see what the police would do.

After calling the police, Gu Ning took out her power crystals and helped each of them take one.

They were still useful to them, so they must be fine.

They thought that it was poison at the beginning, but their stiff limbs soon relaxed.

However, even though their muscles relaxed, they still couldnt move because Gu Ning tied them up with ropes.

Gu Ning also warned them.

“Dont try to deny everything you told me just now after arriving at the police station.

Ill pay attention to you the entire time.

Once you deny it, youll only be killed even if youre released.”

“S-sure.” Those men agreed at once.

Although they did have that idea, they didnt dare to do it after hearing Gu Nings words.

Gu Ning could freeze their limbs and relax them later, which proved that she was a scary woman.

After that, Gu Ning left.

However, she had only walked out of the villa for about 10 meters when she felt two cultivators not far from them.

Besides, they were quickly approaching her.

Gu Ning didnt have time to see who they were, and she was afraid that they might get into the villa, which could ruin her plan.

Therefore, she ran towards another direction releasing magical power to attract them.

Without surprise, Gu Ning felt that the two cultivators chased after her right away.

Gu Ning ran to a dark place, then took off her coat, hat, and mask before throwing them into the telepathic eye space.

After a while, she stopped releasing magical power and ran to the side of the road outside the block.

After that, she ran back to the direction she just came from, pretending to be running in the night.

In a couple of seconds, Gu Ning ran into the two cultivators on the road.

They seemed to be a couple about 40 years old.

Given their air, Gu Ning judged that their level wasnt high.

Because there wasnt magical power on Gu Nings body at this time and there were many more people running in the night, the two cultivators didnt think there was anything wrong with her.

“We lost it.

I wonder what magical creature it is.

It owns such pure magical power!” said the man unhappily.

It wasnt easy for them to find such pure magical power, but it disappeared all of a sudden.

Five minutes later after Gu Ning called the police, the police arrived at the villa.

Tonight, a police officer from the 5th team of the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau, Captain Zhou Renyu, led six policemen to take away the six suspects who had been tied up by Gu Ning, as well as the USB flash drive on the coffee table.

When Gu Ning called the police, she said that she had put the USB flash drive with the suspects confession on the coffee table, so they knew what it was.

After returning to the police station, Zhou Renyu played the video stored in the USB flash drive.

They all wondered who this woman was, but they only heard her voice and couldnt see her.

In addition, they were confused about how she found out that these men were the murderers of Fu Yongliangs family.

Actually, the six suspects already admitted it, so it must be the truth.

However, when Zhou Renyu heard that Qu Linan was behind the scenes, they were all surprised and had mixed emotions.

Unfortunately for Gu Ning, Zhou Renyu, who came this time, was Qu Linans relative.

“Dont tell anyone about it for the time being.

Do you understand” Zhou Renyu immediately warned the police officers of his team.

Zhou Renyu never thought that Qu Linan would do such a cruel thing, but they were relatives after all.

Most importantly, he was able to reach his position today relying on Qu Linan, so he had to talk with Qu Linan about it to see what they should do next.

“Captain, if any other people find out, we wont be able to keep it secret.

Itll cause trouble for us as well,” a policeman said.

He knew that Zhou Renyu and Qu Linan were related, so Zhou Renyu wanted to protect Qu Linan, but he felt that it wasnt a good idea.

“Right, captain.

Since that woman recorded this video, she must still have it in her hands.

If you keep it secret, shell definitely expose it.

Then…” another policeman said with great worry.


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