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Chapter 1862: Threaten Them

“Well, I understand what you said.

Im just saying that we can keep it secret for the time being, and the confessions of those people may not be true.

I will investigate it first and try to figure it out before tomorrow,” Zhou Renyu said.

Because he said that, the others had to agree.

They hoped that Zhou Renyu could really handle it well so that they wouldnt be dragged into trouble because of it.

After that, Zhou Renyu called Qu Linan at once.

At this time, it was already 11 pm.

Qu Linan just had a shower and was about to go to bed, but his phone rang all of a sudden.

Qu Linan frowned seeing the callers name.

He didnt know why Zhou Renyu called him so late, but he still answered.

“Uncle Qu, I just received a report.

Six suspects were caught and they turned out to be the murderers of Fu Yongliangs family half a year ago.

They said that it was your order,” said Zhou Renyu.

“What” Qu Linan was in a panic once he heard that.

To his astonishment, someone could find out who the murderers of Fu Yongliangs family were.

“Did they confess everything” asked Qu Linan, which meant that he admitted that it was his order.

If it wasnt him, he wouldnt ask that question.

He would angrily deny it instead.

“I havent interrogated them yet, but the person who called us did.

She even recorded a video and left a USB flash disk for us,” said Zhou Renyu.

“Who has watched the video,” asked Qu Linan, feeling nervous.

“Members of my team, but Ive already warned them not to tell anyone else.

However, Im afraid the person who called us could have a copy of the video since she recorded it.

It cant be kept a secret for too long, so I must tell you right now,” said Zhou Renyu.

“Go interrogate them.

Threaten them not to tell that Im the mastermind.

If they dare to do that, their families will die along with them.

As for the video, you can make them say that they said that under the threat of that person,” said Qu Linan, looking evil.

“Sure,” said Zhou Renyu and did everything as Qu Linan ordered.

However, what they didnt know was that K was listening to and recording their conversation on the phone.

Because the six suspects were soon released after being taken to the police station, Gu Ning felt that the Qu family had connections in the police station.

As a result, when Gu Ning returned to the car, she called K and asked him whether he could eavesdrop on the content of Qu Linans calls.

Without surprise, K soon heard the important conversation.

Zhou Renyu threatened the six suspects.

Although they were afraid of Gu Ning, Qu Linan threatened to kill their families after all.

They had to compromise.

They said it was the woman who threatened them and made them say that Qu Linan was the one behind the scenes.

Gu Ning didnt know that, but she had already asked K to obtain the call records of Zhou Renyu and Qu Linan.

K also got the call records and transfer records of Qu Linan and the suspects.

This proof was sufficient to prove that Qu Linan was guilty, so Gu Ning wasnt worried at all even though those suspects denied their confession.

Although Gu Ning already had the evidence, she decided to wait to make the decision of her next step according to the future situation.

After Gu Ning left the villa, she didnt go back to school, because it was past 11 pm and the school gate was closed.

It would be troublesome to get in, so Gu Ning simply didnt go back and went directly to Shengshi Hotel for one night.

She would go back to school tomorrow morning.

That night, Qu Linan suffered from insomnia.

Although what he ordered Zhou Renyu to do was already done for now, he was still worried before this problem was completely solved.

Ke Lili came to the school the next day.

She wasnt only in the same dorm room with Chu Peihan, but also in the same class.

When she came to the classroom and saw Chu Peihan, she smiled provocatively at her.

Her father had promised her that he would talk to the dean of the Academic Affairs Office about Chu Peihans beating this morning.

Even if Chu Peihan wouldnt be expelled, she would definitely be punished and the whole school would know.

In that case, Chu Peihan would be publicly humiliated.

Facing Ke Lilis provocation, Chu Peihan gave her a smile of disdain.

She wasnt weak at all and Ke Lili couldnt bully her!

At about 9 am, Ke Yongqiang called the dean of the Academic Affairs Office of the film academy and talked about it.

He deliberately omitted the fact that Ke Lili and Mrs.

Ke had caused Chu Peihan trouble first, so the dean of the Academic Affairs Office was naturally angry after hearing this.

He then immediately notified Chu Peihans head teacher to take Chu Peihan to the Academic Affairs Office.

During the break between classes, the head teacher came to the classroom with a displeased face, and called out Chu Peihan and Ke Lili.

Ke Lili gave Chu Peihan a glance of pride, while Chu Peihan stood up calmly.

They walked out together afterwards.

Seeing that Chu Peihan wasnt afraid at all, Ke Lili was dissatisfied, but she said nothing because she believed that Chu Peihan would be punished later.

After they walked out, the rest of the students in the classroom began to discuss it.

They knew that something terrible was going to happen given their head teachers displeased face.

However, they didnt know the reason.

After Chu Peihan and Ke Lili walked out, the head teacher took them to the Academic Affairs Office.

He kept an annoyed silence along the way.

The head teacher brought Chu Peihan and Ke Lili to the office of the Academic Affairs Office.

Inside was a middle-aged, fat man with a pair of glasses, who looked like a treacherous mean person.

“Dean, Chu Peihan and Ke Lili are here,” said the head teacher.

The dean of the Academic Affairs Office knew Ke Lili, so the strange girl must be Chu Peihan.

The dean stared at Chu Peihan with a serious face and questioned her.

“Chu Peihan, did you attack Ke Lili in the dorm room and also push Ke Lilis mother to the ground in a hotel yesterday”

“Yes, but…” Chu Peihan admitted it with alacrity, but she wanted to explain it too.

Nevertheless, before she could do that, the dean interrupted her.

“Since you admit it, you should receive a punishment from the school.

Do you think the school is your family and you can indulge yourself with anything”

Chu Peihan was annoyed.

Although she knew that the dean was as bad as Ke Yongqiang, she was unhappy to face it right now.

Therefore, her tone became unkind as well.

“Dean, I did it for a reason.

Cant you let me explain it”

“No matter what, you cant beat people,” said the dean.

Hearing that, Ke Lili turned to look at Chu Peihan with a satisfied smile.

Chu Peihan, lets see what you can do this time Wait to be punished!

Chu Peihan was mad, arguing in a cold voice.

“Dean, will you stand there being beaten by other people without fighting back at all”


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