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Chapter 1866: The Final Result of the Family Slaughter

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Because she only thought of Leng Shaotings great achievements which made her feel honored, she didnt realize that Gu Ning asked her that question because Gu Ning had a certain relationship with Leng Shaoting.

“Hes my fiancé,” said Gu Ning.


Hearing that, Song Miaoge rounded her eyes in shock and exclaimed out loud, which attracted a lot of attention from people around them.

Song Miaoge realized that she forgot her manners, so she covered her mouth at once.

However, it was too late for her to retract her words.

Luckily, other people withdrew their sight after seeing no special situation.

Baili Zongxue was also surprised.

She didnt know the Leng family, nor Leng Shaoting, but she was aware of the high rank of major general.

Since the man was Gu Nings fiancé, he couldnt be old.

It was quite unbelievable that he became a major general at such a young age.

When nobody paid attention to her anymore, Song Miaoge asked Gu Ning with great excitement, “Gu Ning, d-did I hear it right Youre Leng Shaotings fiancée”

It was so exciting to find out that the girl who was her idol actually was her other idols fiancée.

Although Song Miaoge had never seen Leng Shaoting before, she had heard a lot about his achievements, so she admired Leng Shaoting very much.

“You heard it right.

We planned to get engaged this year, but an old friend of my grandfathers stopped us.

He knows some about xuanxue and helped us check our date of birth and eight characters of a horoscope.

Its not suitable for us to hold a grand event this year, so we need to wait for the next year,” said Gu Ning.

“Jesus! I cant believe that youre Leng Shaotings fiancée! Its so unbelievable.

Well, I think you and Leng Shaoting are a great match because youre both so outstanding,” said Song Miaoge excitedly, feeling that it was quite unbelievable.

In Song Miaoges eyes, as long as there was love, the gap between two families social status wouldnt be a problem.

She didnt think that Gu Ning didnt deserve Leng Shaoting right now.

Instead, she believed that they were a perfect couple.

If other people knew, they might have a different idea.

In most peoples eyes, Gu Ning didnt deserve Leng Shaoting given her current social status.

No matter how rich or how successful she was in business, she was merely a businesswoman.

From the ancient time to today, officials were always superior to businessmen.

As a result, no matter how rich Gu Ning was, she was inferior to those people of power.

Actually, if others learned that Gu Ning was also the granddaughter of the Tang family in City B, they would change their opinion, because the Tang family held an important position in both business and politics.

Song Miaoges reaction amused Gu Ning, but she stopped her at once.

“Alright, we should drop this topic.

I dont want other people to hear.”

“Oh, right, I should close my mouth.” Song Miaoge immediately closed her mouth.

There were many people around them after all, so they could hear their conversation if they continued.

After two days, Chu Peihan was still not punished because of Ke Lili.

The Ke family was slightly afraid of being dragged into trouble.

Ke Lili was unwilling to accept this result and felt quite aggrieved, but her father told her not to mess with Chu Peihan, so she had to tolerate it.

A piece of news saying that the case of Fu Yongliangs family slaughter was settled was released on the official Weibo of the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau, and the murderers would be sentenced to death.

Once the news came out, it caused a sensation on the Internet.

Everyone cheered for that and swore at the murderers.

However, the post on Weibo didnt mention Qu Linan at all.

Obviously, the police chose to protect him.

As for the six murderers motivation, the police of Haicheng District explained that they wanted money.

If Gu Ning didnt have the evidence, it wouldnt be a big deal.

However, since she already had the evidence, she thought that she had to do something.

After all, Fu Yongliang was innocent.

Shortly after the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau released the news on Weibo, another big Weibo influencer called Truth Only, with five hundred thousand followers sent out two posts.

This Weibo account was built by K under Gu Nings order.

It was new, so it didnt have a lot of followers.

Truth Only: As for the result of the case of Fu Yongliangs family slaughter, the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau is hiding the evidence of the mastermind behind the tragedy.

Why isnt the mastermind exposed Is it because the mastermind is a person of influence Shouldnt you settle cases according to the law with the sense of justice @The Haicheng District Public Security Bureau @The Capital Public Security Bureau @The Qu Organization.

It @(mentioned) many public institutions and media in the capital.

Below it was the post the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau just sent out.

The second post was sent out after a few minutes.

In fact, before the second one was sent out, the first one caught a lot of attention from Internet users.

Many people were cheering for the result that the murderers were caught, but they soon found out that it might not be the complete truth.

Although Truth Only relied on publicity stunts to gain fame, it dared to say the truth other people didnt have courage to talk about, so many Internet users chose to believe its post.

They started to believe that there was a mastermind behind the family slaughter.

After that, they kept asking Truth Only who the mastermind was.

At the same time, they also questioned the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau whether it intended to protect the real criminal behind the scenes.

Many Internet users @(mentioned) official Weibo accounts of the government and media as well.

The second Weibo post was soon sent out.

Truth Only: Regarding the result of the case of Fu Yongliangs family slaughter, lets listen to a recording.

This is the evidence given to @The Haicheng District Public Security Bureau.

However, it didnt release any information about the people behind the scenes.

@The Capital Public Security Bureau @The Capital Court @The Qu Organization.

It @(mentioned) all the official Weibo accounts of the legal system and media in the capital too.

The video of Gu Ning interrogating the six suspects was attached to the second post.

Once people learned that Qu Linan was the mastermind behind Fu Yongliangs family slaughter and that he had also caused Ni Aijings death, every Internet user began to criticize the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau about why it protected Qu Linan and asked whether it was bribed by him.

Many Internet users also began to attack the Qu Organization under its official Weibo account for Fu Yongliangs family slaughter and Ni Aijings tragic death.

All the major official Weibo accounts of the legal system and media also joined the investigation as soon as they learned the news.

In the chairmans office of the Qu Organization, Qu Linan was reading files.

His secretary shared the news on the Internet with him, which wasnt surprising, but Qu Linan was still displeased to know it.

He originally planned to find that woman and shut her mouth with money.

He hoped that the woman would not send out the video, but he could only see a woman in black with a cap and mask in the surveillance cameras..

He couldnt see her face at all, so he had no idea where to find her.


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