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Chapter 1902: Impolite Attitude

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After the heavy hit, the pain made Sun Xiangming almost faint, and he couldnt even moan aloud.

Although the chauffeur and secretary werent beaten, they didnt dare to save Sun Xiangming, because they knew it was useless.

What was worse, they could also be hurt.

After breaking Sun Xiangmings legs, those people stopped and immediately left, because their purpose was to break his legs.

Once those people left, Sun Xiangmings chauffeur quickly drove straight towards the hospital.

Although the car was seriously smashed, it could still drive.

After the task was completed, those people reported it to Tian.

Tian then told Qian Dongliang about it, and Qian Dongliang talked to Chen Cangyi afterwards.

The second Chen Cangyi got the news, he shared it with Gu Ning..

At this time, Gu Ning was already in Song Nans bar.

Most of the people at the table were familiar faces, including Tang Qingyang, Xu Qinyin, Gu Anna and two friends of Tang Qingyang.

Tang Qingyang met these two friends abroad, but they were both from the capital.

They had just returned a few days ago, and it was also today that Tang Qingyang had time to entertain them.

The situation Tang Qingyang was in was no longer dangerous, so Ba Tianyangs mission had been completed and he went back to the company a few days ago.

Song Nan was also here.

As the boss, Song Nan rarely came, because he owned more than one business.

However, he usually showed up when his good friends visited.

In addition, he had to be free.

All of a sudden, Gu Nings phone rang.

Because the bar was a bit noisy, she got up and went to the washroom to answer the call.

Knowing that Sun Xiangming had a broken leg, Gu Ning put on a smile of satisfaction.

Now that it was settled, she decided to move on.

She didnt doubt whether it was true, because it was very easy for her to discover the truth.

As a result, they didnt need to lie to her, because it would just cause trouble for themselves.

Nonetheless, Gu Ning still asked Chen Cangyi to investigate the surveillance cameras along the section of road where Sun Xiangming was beaten.

After confirming it, he directly hacked the surveillance cameras to prevent Sun Xiangming from obtaining evidence.

Even though they werent the ones who beat Sun Xiangming, they were connected.

In order to avoid unnecessary involvement and trouble, it was better to ruin the surveillance videos.

After Gu Ning hung up the call with Chen Cangyi, she walked out of the washroom and ran into Rong Zechen right outside.

Rong Zechens face was slightly red with blurred eyes, which obviously showed that he was drunk.

Seeing Gu Ning, Rong Zechen was a little surprised, a little happy, and a little annoyed.

Their argument left a scar in his heart.

When Gu Ning saw Rong Zechen, she had no special feelings.

Because she had said that they should be strangers, she only gave him a glance, then withdrew her sight and left.

Rong Zechen, however, was unwilling to accept that.

“Gu Ning, wait a second!” He shouted at Gu Nings back.

Hearing his voice, Gu Ning stopped.

Although she decided to treat him as a stranger if they met again, there was no need for her to harbor a grudge against him.

Therefore, she couldnt ignore it when Rong Zechen called her.

After all, she didnt want to hear more rumors about her, which would make things difficult for her.

Anyway, she couldnt trust Rong Zechens character right now.

“Senior Rong, may I help” Gu Ning turned around and asked him with an indifferent attitude.

She didnt do it on purpose, but it was her real attitude towards Rong Zechen.

“Can we have a talk” Rong Zechen asked.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

There werent many people around them, so Rong Zechen didnt bother to walk away.

“I heard you have a fiancé.

Is it true”

He had actually doubted whether it was just an excuse Gu Ning made up to get rid of the misunderstanding.

“Its true,” said Gu Ning with a serious expression, because it was indeed the truth.

Hearing that, Rong Zechen looked upset.

“Is he really outstanding”

“Of course,” said Gu Ning.

“You…” Rong Zechen opened his mouth again, trying to say something, but didnt say it aloud.

Hesitating, he didnt know whether he should say it aloud.

“Senior Rong, if there isnt anything else I can help with, I need to leave now”.

Gu Ning had no patience with him.

Accordingly, once she finished, she turned around to walk away.

“Wait a moment!” Rong Zechen stopped her again, and Gu Ning paused.

“I-I just want to know.

Dont you like me at all” Rong Zechen asked.

Hearing that, Gu Ning frowned with a resigned look.

She didnt know why Rong Zechen was so confident and believed that she might like him.

They had only met each other a few times, and didnt talk much with one another.

Rong Zechen was quite popular in the school, but Gu Ning had no interest in him.

Besides, he tried to form a relationship with her on his own initiative, but Gu Ning was very cold to him, which embarrassed him with disappointment.

“Senior Rong, I know there are a lot of your admirers in our school, but different people have different preferences.

Although most girls like you, it doesnt mean every girl will like you.

Weve only met each other a few times, and we dont talk much with one another.

I seriously have no idea why you think that I might like you,” said Gu Ning.

She sounded a little impolite, but it was necessary in order to get rid of Rong Zechen.

Gu Ning already had a fiancé and she was loyal to him.

Except for her fiancé, she had no interest in men.

Before Gu Ning could say anything else, an unkind female voice sounded nearby them.

“Well, even if you like Zechen, Zechen might not choose you.

Do you know how influential his family is Zechen is the heir of the Rong family in the capital.

Have you heard of the Rong family Its a top family in our country.

Not everyone can be accepted by it.”

The girl was at the same age as Gu Ning.

She was pretty, but looked quite mean.

The tone when she spoke also proved her self-centered character.

She was merely a spoiled, arrogant rich heiress.

Rong Zechen didnt interrupt the girl, because he wanted to see Gu Nings reaction after knowing his status.

Gu Ning saw through Rong Zechen, so she had a worse impression of him.

No matter what, she and Rong Zechen were meant to have no social intercourse.

“Miss, whats wrong with your comprehension Ive made it very clear that I dont like Senior Rong.

Im aware that hes a member of the Rong family, but so what I value ones abilities above his family background.

I dont think a really outstanding man needs to show off his family background to prove himself,” said Gu Ning.


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