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Chapter 1910: Am I a High-profile Person

Students who were interested in business all ached to join the Chamber of Commerce, because it was a good place to build connections.

However, only those who owned a successful business would be accepted.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce wasnt only open to new faces, but was also willing to accept senior students, because some students started up a business during their study in the university.

Therefore, among the 5 new members, 2 were senior students, while 3 were new faces.

After all, freshmen were mostly between 17 to 19.

Only a few of them had a start-up, and even fewer of them could be successful.

In fact, very few of them established a new company on their own.

Most of them relied on their families support to become successful.

Anyway, they had some skills.

Once Gu Ning walked inside, she became the focus of everyones attention.

They all had heard of Gu Ning, but not many of them had seen her.

They were aware that she was pretty, but was still stunned by her outstanding appearance when they saw her in real life.

Afterwards, several people looked at her unkindly.

Two were girls, and the other was a boy.

Gu Ning was already used to unreasonable hostility, so she stayed calm.

“Hi, Gu Ning, have a seat!” Nie Chenyang gave Gu Ning a gentle smile.

“Hi, President Nie.” Gu Ning gave him a nod, then walked to the sofa.

However, right after she had a few steps, a girl aggressively walked over to block Gu Nings way.

“President Nie, how come I dont know Gu Ning is one of our new members Her name isnt on the list.” Yuan Yilin questioned.

Yuan Yilin was the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce.

She was also Yuan Shuyans older cousin.

However, they werent closely related, because their grandfathers were biological brothers, but their fathers were cousins.

Hearing that, Nie Chenyang frowned in displeasure.

“This must be the fault of our staff.

They lost Gu Nings information chart, but I told Gu Ning to send me a new one, so her name should be on the list.”

In fact, Nie Chenyang had the suspicion that someone deliberately dumped Gu Nings information chart.

After all, members of the Chamber of Commerce werent on the same boat.

There were people of the dominant families drawing others over to their own side.

They were always secretly competing against one another.

If someone dumped Gu Nings information chart on purpose, who could that person be

Nie Chenyang thought of Yuan Yilin at first, because Gu Ning didnt get along with Yuan Shuyan, and that wasnt a secret.

Yuan Yilin was Yuan Shuyans older cousin, so it was reasonable if she did that for Yuan Shuyan.

However, it was just a suspicion and he didnt have any evidence, so he didnt say it aloud.

If he did, it would only make the situation worse.

Hearing that, Yuan Yilin looked annoyed.

To her surprise, Nie Chenyang already found out and fixed it.

Because of that, Yuan Yilin had to close her mouth.

Compared with Yuan Shuyan, Yuan Yilin was much better at socializing.

She knew when to stop and shut her mouth.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be able to own a successful company at such a young age and become the vice president of the Chamber of Commerce.

After that, they began to have the meeting.

It was just an introduction meeting where new members got to know old members, so it wasnt formal.

Therefore, it didnt last long and was over in half an hour.

The president and two vice presidents gave a speech first, then they began to introduce themselves.

In the end, Nie Chenyang said, “Todays just an introduction meeting.

The National Day holiday will begin tomorrow.

I wish you all a happy holiday, and well have a formal meeting after the holiday is over.”

Our regular meeting is normally on Saturday, so we need to occupy some of your free time, but we wont have it every week.

Normally its held once a month, and a larger one every season, or when its necessary.”

The small meetings are simply a gathering of all the members in our school.

Members outside will be invited for the large meetings.

Theyre mostly successful entrepreneurs with a high status.”

Although we wont force you to be present, we do hope you can be present as long as you have time, because its good for everyone.”

Nobody was forced to come, but no one was willing to be absent for no reason.

“Alright, you can leave now.”

The meeting was over, and people left one after another.

Right after Gu Ning walked out of the teaching building, Yuan Yilin stopped her by calling her from behind.

“Vice President Yuan, may I help” asked Gu Ning.

“Nothing special.

As a senior, I just want to remind you to keep a low profile.

There are countless people with power in the capital.

If you offend someone you shouldnt annoy by accident, your future might be affected, which wont do you any good,” said Yuan Yilin.

Hearing that, Gu Ning had a frown.

She understood what Yuan Yilin was implying.

In fact, after learning her name, Gu Ning guessed that she could be a member of the Yuan family.

Given Yuan Yilins aggressive attitude towards her at their first meeting, Gu Ning was sure Yuan Yilin disliked her.

Yuan Yilin was either jealous of her or afraid she might steal the man she admired away.

If not, there was only one possibility that it had something to do with Yuan Shuyan.

If Yuan Yilin was a member of the Yuan family, she and Yuan Shuyan should be cousins.

In that case, it was reasonable that she hated her.

Besides, Yuan Yilin now talked to her in a threatening way, so Gu Ning was more sure that she was a member of the Yuan family.

Knowing that, Gu Ning thought of the fact that her information chart had been deliberately removed.

It might have something to do with Yuan Yilin too.

Gu Ning was unwilling to think of her as a bad person, but it was possible given Yuan Yilins unkind attitude towards her today.

Either way, Gu Ning didnt bother to pay more attention to it, because it didnt cause any harm.

“Am I a high-profile person” Gu Ning blinked at Yuan Yilin with an innocent expression, as if she had no idea that she kept a high profile.

Hearing that, Yuan Yilin was mad.

She could see that Gu Ning was playing dumb with her.

“Gu Ning, rumors about you are everywhere in our school recently.

Isnt that enough to prove your high profile”

“Oh!” Gu Ning sighed in a resigned tone, “I cant help it.

Perhaps because Im too outstanding, there are always people who are jealous of me.

They keep making things difficult for me, but Ive never ever caused trouble for anyone of my own accord.”

“You…” To Yuan Yilins surprise, Gu Ning was so confident in herself.

All of a sudden, she didnt know what to say.

However, Gu Ning was right, because she indeed hadnt heard of rumors that Gu Ning had caused trouble for anyone.

Instead, she seemed to be the victim.


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