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Chapter 1927: Birds of a Feather Flock Together

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“My pleasure,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Fu Yanmings car also arrived.

Once he got out of his car, he ignored Qin Qianhui and her younger brother, running directly to Fu Yihao to give him a big hug.

“Yihao, are you alright” he asked nervously.

Seeing Fu Yanming, Fu Yihao cried out loud, “Dad, dad…”

Fu Yihao didnt feel secure till he saw Fu Yanming, so his fear was fully released all at once.

“Alright, alright, dads here.

Dads here.

Lets go home,” said Fu Yanming to comfort Fu Yihao and Fu Yihao gradually calmed down.

Fu Yanming then turned to thank Gu Ning.

“Thank you so much, Chairman Gu..”

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, he wouldnt be able to see Fu Yihao so soon, but he didnt say it aloud, because it might offend the police who came here with him.

“Youre welcome.

Take him home now.

You can make the decision whether to let them go or to sue them,” said Gu Ning.

Because Qin Qianhui and her younger brother didnt cause any injuries and the situation didnt get serious, they would only be sentenced to one year in jail.

So it was understandable if Fu Yanming chose to forgive them.

“Ill sue them!” said Fu Yanming without hesitation.

It wasnt because he was cold-blooded, but because his ex-wifes behavior was totally unacceptable.

She had divorced him for money and even cut her relationship with their son, completely breaking his heart.

Now she even tried to marry him again for money by hook or by crook.

If she had done something else, he might forgive her, but he would never allow other people to hurt his family.

Because his ex-wife had hurt his son, he wouldnt let her get away with it.

“No, Fu Yanming, you cant do that to me.

I didnt break the law.

I just took my son away!” Qin Qianhui originally thought Fu Yanming wouldnt sue her, but unexpectedly she was wrong.

She couldnt accept it, so she shouted at him.

“Ever since you signed the agreement to cut your mother and son relationship with Yihao, Yihao was no longer your child.

You took him away with violence, without my permission.

Thats an abduction,” said Fu Yanming with a serious expression.

He had zero sympathy for Qin Qianhui and her younger brother.

“How could you be so cruel You cant do that to me for the sake of our old love.” Even though Fu Yanming had made it very clear, Qin Qianhui still refused to accept it.

She believed Fu Yanming should forgive her.

Fu Yanming, instead, ignored Qin Qianhui and turned to a policeman.

“Policeman Yang, thank you so much for your help,” he said politely.

“Youre welcome, Manager Fu.

Its our job,” said Policeman Yang.

“The kid has been scared, so I need to take him home now.

Please let me know whenever you need me,” said Fu Yanming.

“Fu Yanming, you cant be so cold-blooded!” Seeing Fu Yanming paying no attention to her, Qin Qianhui got anxious, but Fu Yanming was about to leave.

“Alright, you can go back now.

Tell the kid to relax,” said Policeman Yang with concern.

“My car is parked outside.

Can I share yours” asked Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said Fu Yanming.

“See you, Miss Gu,” said Policeman Yang.

“Thanks everyone,” said Gu Ning to them.

“Our pleasure,” said those policemen.

They sincerely respected Gu Ning and admired her.

No matter how Qin Qianhui shouted, Gu Ning left with Fu Yanming.

After that, Gu Ning went straight back to the Tang familys house.

It was time for dinner at this moment.

Knowing that Gu Ning went to deal with something about her business, they didnt ask her much about that.

Qin Qianhuis parents argued with Fu Yanming once they learned that both Qin Qianhui and Qin Qianhai were arrested by the police, ordering Fu Yanming to tell the Public Security Bureau to release them.

Qin Qianhuis parents had the same arrogant attitude as her.

Birds of a feather indeed flocked together.

Because Fu Yanming was rich in the past, Qin Qianhui behaved very well.

She only showed her selfish side after he went bankrupt.

Qin Qianhuis parents tried to cause Fu Yanming trouble at the company, but were stopped and chased away by the security guards.

They went to the living block where Fu Yanming lived later, but was chased away again.

Because the divorce of Fu Yanming and Qin Qianhui was a big piece of news back then, many people had a bad impression of Qin Qianhui and sympathy for Fu Yanming.

Therefore, no matter how hard Qin Qianhuis parents tried to ruin Fu Yanmings reputation, it wouldnt work.

On the contrary, more people had sympathy for him after Qin Qianhuis parents left.

At 2 pm the next afternoon, Gu Ning received Leng Shaotings call.

He told her that they would arrive at the airport of City B around 8 pm, then fly to City J of Country J in South East Asia at 11 pm.

They only had 3 hours during the transfer, so they wouldnt leave the airport and instead asked Gu Ning to come to the airport to meet them.

They took an evening flight.

After all, the journey was a bit long and took 6 hours.

Plus it took 2 hours to get the Zi familys house from City J, so it took more than 8 hours in all.

Therefore, there was no need to waste the daytime.

The plane would take off at 11:10 pm and arrive at about 5:30 the next morning.

The flight took about 6 hours, but the specific time was unknown.

After all, the amount of time each flight took was different.

As a result, with another two-hour drive, when they arrived at the Zi familys house, it would be dawn, the right time for their task.

Gu Ning told Tang Haifeng and the others that she needed to leave City B for a few days for business, but she didnt tell them any details.

And because Gu Ning didnt tell them, they didnt bother to ask her for details.

They believed it must be about the company.

After having a meal at the Tang familys house, Gu Ning went to the airport.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya came to pick her up.

Tang Jiakai proposed to drive her there, but Gu Ning already called Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, so he gave it up.

Gu Ning left at almost 8 pm.

When she arrived at the airport, it was about 8:30 pm.

At this time, Leng Shaoting and Xu Jingchen had come out and waited outside the lobby for about 10 minutes.

They didnt rush in to pick up the tickets, and instead waited for Gu Ning so that they could go in together.

Because of Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchens extraordinarily outstanding appearance, many women gave them the eye along the way.

Both of them had an air of coldness, so most women didnt dare to strike up a conversation with them.

Although most women didnt dare to, there were several who still tried.

Leng Shaoting directly ignored them without giving them a glance, while Xu Jinchen remained polite and gave them a few responses.

After all, he wasnt as cold as Leng Shaoting and he was quite outgoing.

When they showed up at the arrival earlier, they even stole someones thunder.

There was a group of fans who came to pick up their idol, but they forgot their idol once Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen appeared, which annoyed their idol and their idol almost lost his temper.


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