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Chapter 1928: You Cant Look Down on Me Like That

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However, when he saw Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen, he gave up.

It wasnt because he knew them, but because they were extraordinarily handsome and had a perfect body and an air of nobility, which made him feel self-abased.

In addition, it was obvious that they werent common people.

Therefore, in case he offended someone he shouldnt mess with, he decided to not lose his temper.

Luckily, they soon walked away, and his fans turned to focus on him again.

Although he was dissatisfied with his fans behavior, he couldnt say anything about that in public.

When Gu Ning reached the boarding hall, she saw Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen from a distance, then told Gao Yi to drive the car to them and stop.

Seeing many women hovering around Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen with their eyes full of excitement, Qiao Ya glanced at Gu Ning and saw her calm expression.

She couldnt help but joke about it, “Boss, do you have great confidence in yourself or in Mr..

Leng Mr.

Leng is so handsome that hes always surrounded by a large group of women wherever he goes.

Arent you worried that he might be seduced some day”

She didnt know much about Leng Shaoting, but she felt Leng Shaoting would never betray Gu Ning.

“I have confidence in myself and him.

By the way, Im the focus of a lot of men wherever I go as well! I just dont pay a lot of attention to my appearance, so he should be nervous instead,” said Gu Ning with a smile of confidence.

Qiao Ya couldnt deny it.

The car stopped before Leng Shaoting and Xu Jinchen, then Gu Ning got out of it.

Once Leng Shaoting saw Gu Ning, his cold eyes became gentle, so did his face.

At the same time, he walked towards her to hold her hand.

The moment he met her eyes, there was a burning desire in his eyes.

Staring at him, Gu Ning put on a faint smile.

Leng Shaoting squinted at her.

If it was possible, he actually wanted to hug and kiss her.

Seeing that, all the surrounding women were surprised and felt heart-broken.

Even if they knew this handsome man must be occupied, it was still hard for them to accept it.

Most of them dreamed about becoming the girl by his side.

Although Gu Ning had a very simple look, her face and air of nobility was too attractive to be ignored.

They were really a perfect couple!

“Alright, stop showing off your affection!” Xu Jinchen couldnt stand it any longer, turning to walk into the boarding hall.

He felt slightly annoyed every time his close brothers were with their girls.

Even if they didnt show off their affection on purpose, he still felt irritated.

Perhaps he wanted a girlfriend too.

Whenever he had that idea, he thought of Zi Beiying and wondered how she was right now.

Actually, he didnt think of her only when he saw his close brothers being with their girls; he often thought of her.

They seldom called or sent each other messages, and only chatted casually.

There was nothing special between them.

Xu Jinchen wanted to give her a call about what they were going to do this time, but gave up in the end because he didnt think it was appropriate.

As soon as Leng Shaoting saw Gu Ning, he was unwilling to stay outside any second longer.

He actually disliked those women who seemed ready to swallow him alive at any moment.

Moreover, he was afraid that Gu Ning might be mad, so he walked inside at once while holding her hand.

Following Xu Jinchen, Gu Ning replied to him, “If youre unhappy to see it, find yourself a girlfriend!”

“Its much easier said than done!” Xu Jinchen rolled his eyes.

“Youre right, but do you have the courage to tell your love if you meet someone you like” asked Gu Ning on purpose.

“Ridiculous! Im a man.

Of course I can!” Xu Jinchen retorted, feeling as if he was being disdained.

“Really” Gu Ning asked with doubt.

“Of course! Gu Ning, you cant look down on me like that!” Xu Jinchen complained with dissatisfaction.

“I didnt.

I just remembered what my friend has been through before, so I gave a sigh,” said Gu Ning with a resigned look, as if it was real.

“Can you tell me the story” asked Xu Jinchen with curiosity.

“My friend is a man.

He liked a girl, but wasnt very sure about it, so he didnt tell the girl.

The girl actually liked him too, but she kept it a secret as well because she thought a girl should wait for the mans action.

Then the girls family encountered some trouble and needed an alliance, so she was forced to marry a man she didnt like at all.

At that time my friend finally realized he truly loved the girl, but it was too late,” said Gu Ning, showing obvious sympathy for them.

Hearing that, Xu Jinchen suddenly felt sad, because Gu Nings words spoke what he had been hiding deep down in his heart.

He admitted that he had a special feeling towards Zi Beiying, but he wasnt sure whether he really liked her because they rarely met.

Besides, he didnt know whether Zi Beiying had the same feeling for him.

He was afraid he might hurt her because of his uncertainty.

He was also afraid that he might be rejected.

Looking at Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting smiled with affection.

He understood why Gu Ning did that.

She simply wanted to encourage Xu Jinchen to be brave.

Given Xu Jinchens reaction, he must be thinking about that seriously.

Gu Ning knew Leng Shaoting was aware that she was lying, so she stuck her tongue out with slight embarrassment.

Her adorable look aroused Leng Shaoting.

He couldnt wait to hug and kiss her, then… However, he could do nothing at this moment.

She was literally torturing him!

Seeing Xu Jinchen being silent, Gu Ning turned to Leng Shaoting.

“Oh, did you tell the Zi family that were coming”

“Yeah, I talked with Shaomin, but I didnt tell him it was about Zi Beiying.

He didnt share the news with me, so I didnt bring it up.

I just said we were coming to deal with something there.

Hell come and pick us up later,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Great!” Gu Ning said, “By the way, have you eaten”

“Yeah, in the plane,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Are you full then” asked Gu Ning.

“Yes,” said Leng Shaoting.


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