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Chapter 190 Trouble in the Midnight

The Li Family maintained a good relationship with the Qin Family.

The Yicui Jade-store was also a famous store which had a history of a 100 years mainly selling jade of medium and above levels.

Thus Li Jewelry had benefited from it to some extent.

Zhoufu Jewelry was valued less than Li Jewelry, but it was always popular, so the Li Family and Zhou Zhenghong had been competitors.

Li Zhiyong obviously wouldnt attend the opening ceremony of Jade Beauty Jewelry, but he was quite curious about it.

Although Li Jewelry wasnt comparable to Jade Beauty Jewelry in the levels of jade, he decided to

find out more about Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Therefore, Li Zhiyong asked Li Zhenyu to have a look in the Jade Beauty Jewelry store tomorrow.

Qin Yifan came to City G for Jade Beauty Jewelry, so he would naturally be going there.

And Li Zhenzhen would also attend the opening ceremony because of Qin Yifan.

Although Qin Yifan had refused her and broken her heart, she couldnt forget him.

She still wanted to try.

Their relationship was already so bad that to make it worse made no real difference.

After the airing of News At Half Past Six, it caused a sensation in City G.

Many people who knew Zhou Zhenghong were greatly shocked by the news that he was the chairman ofJade Beauty Jewelry.

Although they had the same thoughts as Li Zhiyong, nobody knew the answers.

However, at the same time, those who had had a good relationship with Zhou Zhenghong before and had alienated him after his bankruptcy now called him continuously to congratulate him in order to restore their connection.

Zhou Zhenghong treated them politely.

He didnt hate them because they had all abandoned him.

Business was business after all.

Zhou Zhenghong understood why they turned to him now, and he would also make full use of them too.

Thus as long as they didnt hurt him deliberately, he wouldnt be emotional.

He wouldnt hurt others on purpose either.

Zhou Zhenghong always competed with others equally in business.

Unless the other part used amoral tricks in the first place, he would never scheme against others.

Gu Ning also had a great meal with Situ Ye.

Situ Ye proposed giving Gu Ning a ride back after the meal.

Gu Ning declined at first, but Situ Ye insisted, so in the end she agreed to let Situ Ye drive her back to the processing plant.

The opening ceremony would be held tomorrow, but they hadnt delivered the jewelry to the store yet.

They had to finish the delivery tonight and lay the jewelry in their places.

When Gu Ning got back to the processing plant, it was almost 8 pm.

They had already packed the jewelry up and were waiting for Gu Ning.

A group of them, Gu Ning included, loaded the car with the packed jewelry, driving to the store afterwards.

All the store workers had already cleaned the store while waiting for the jewelry.

They started to place the jewelry after Gu Ning and others arrived.

When it was almost 10 pm, Gu Ning received a message from Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting: What are you doing now

Gu Ning: Placing the jewelry in my store.

How about you

Leng Shaoting: Im at the airport in the capital leaving for another city to deal with something.

Gu Ning: Take care!

They didnt finish placing the jewelry until it was past 12 pm.

And then they went to the meeting room.

Except for Zhou Zhenghong, Chang Qingshan, Wang Zhiyong and Zhang Rong, no one else knew that Gu Ning was the real boss, so Gu Ning let Zhou Zhenghong hold the meeting.

However, she still attended the meeting as a shareholder.

She also told the staff to keep it a secret between them to avoid any trouble.

Everyone thought that Gu Ning didnt want others to know her identity because of her young age, and promised to keep it quiet.

Moreover, all the workers were kind and upright people.

They didnt think that there was an immoral relationship between Zhou Zhenghong and Gu Ning just because she had shares ofJade Beauty Jewelry Company at such a young age.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning heard some noise outside, so she adjourned the meeting.

Everyone was confused, looking to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning said to a male worker beside her in a low voice, “Go check the surveillance cameras for outside.”

The man immediately realized that something must be wrong, so he ran to the surveillance room and checked the cameras.

Gu Ning had Jade Eyes, and was able to see what was happening out there, but she didnt want anyone else to know that, so she could only send a worker to check the surveillance cameras first, and tell the others afterwards.

Before long, the male worker came back with an upset face.

“There is a MPV[1] outside.

Over a dozen men got out of it with steel sticks in their hands and they are staring at our store now!”

The news caused horror in the crowd.

All the workers in the room understood that the store was in trouble.

Although the store was alarmed and couldnt be easily robbed, it would affect the opening ceremony tomorrow if its outside was damaged.

“Ill handle it,” Gu Ning said standing up.


Everyone was shocked and looking at Gu Ning.

They couldnt believe their ears.

She is going to handle it She is merely a teenage girl!

“Are you sure you can handle it” Only Zhou Zhenghong believed that Gu Ning wasnt joking, but he was still worried.

“Of course!” Gu Ning replied with confidence.

Everyone was surprised again.

Can she fight

However, they also knew that Gu Ning had to have a plan, or she wouldnt do it.

“Ill go too!”

Two guards stood up at once.

As security guards, they ought to protect the store if any accidents happened.

Both of the two security guards were strong boys around 27 years old.

One was named Ke Ying, and the other was Cao Hua.

“Very well.

Please be careful,” Gu Ning said to them.

She could actually handle it alone, but since she hired them, they had to do their jobs.

In addition, Gu Ning also wanted to test their ability with this chance.

“Ill go too!”

Chang Qingshan and the others knew that Gu Ning was good at fighting, but they didnt know how good she was.

Thus they couldnt let her, a teenage girl, handle it alone.

“Its fine.

You can stay here,” Gu Ning ordered.

However, it was an emergency; they werent willing to hide inside.

Chang Qingshan and others wanted to argue, but was stopped by Zhou Zhenghong.

Zhou Zhenghong told them that Gu Ning was excellent at kung fu, and that they could end up being her burden if they went


Since Zhou Zhenghong said so, they chose to believe him.

No one wanted to cause more problems.

In fact, Gu Ning was happy to know that they were willing to stand up for her in an emergency.

They truly had their loyalty to her and they were all reliable people.

[1] MPV stands for a multi-purpose vehicle and is usually a large hatchback with seating for six or more passengers.


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