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Chapter 1938: What Makes You Think He Fancies You


My fiancé doesnt like me talking to members of the opposite sex.” Regardless of their intentions, Gu Ning rejected them politely.

“I see.

Thats such a pity.

Your fiancé is so petty.

It will be tiring for you if you cant even make friends with guys,” said the man as he glanced at Leng Shaoting with disdain.

He felt Leng Shaoting was too narrow minded and ungracious to be a man.

Leng Shaoting ignored his contempt.

Soon the man stopped hovering around her and turned to leave.

After the man left, someone else came to hit on them.

This time, it was a tall, sexily clad woman.

She was roughly 1.75 meters in height and was beautiful.

She was aiming for Leng Shaoting.


Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Chiara.

My parents are famous merchants in City Wei.

I am a fashion designer.

More importantly, I am single.

I think your looks and aura are perfect for me.

Shall we get to know each other better I like good-looking and dignified men.

Of course, they have to treat me well and be loyal.

I dont care about the rest since I am doing well financially.” The woman came over and went on nonstop introducing herself saying bold, confident things to Leng Shaoting.

However, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting felt annoyed by her.

This woman was simply shameless!

The woman kept making eyes and flirting with Leng Shaoting as she spoke with utter disregard for Gu Ning.

Although she was genuinely sexy, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting did not appreciate these overtures.

Even though they were abroad and the women there were more open-minded, this woman was far more coquettish than normal.

She was clearly an arrogant and self-centered woman born from privilege.

Leng Shaoting did not even bother to reply out of courtesy.

Instead, he took Gu Nings hand and turned to walk off.

Chiara was stunned.

She did not expect someone to overlook her altogether.

She promptly felt embarrassed and could not take it lying down.

Chiara instantly followed them and stopped right in front of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting with an angry look on her face.

She questioned Leng Shaoting, “How dare you ignore me and walk away You are not a gentleman at all.

That was completely rude.”

Chiara was rather loud and people were already looking at them, so many people came closer to watch as they argued.

However, they did not feel that the Asian couple was rude and most of them felt Chiara was wrong.

“Pfttt.” Gu Ning could not help laughing in ridicule.

Chiara was shameless, so she blamed Gu Shaoting for being rude.

She was domineering and had a strange worldview.

“What are you laughing at” Chiara instantly frowned and looked at her furiously when she heard Gu Ning laughing in contempt.

“Im laughing at you of course! You were shameless, but you blamed the guy for being ungentlemanly and rude.

Thats an absolute joke,” sneered Gu Ning without holding back.

After all, this woman was here to get her fiancé, so it was impossible for her to stay calm.

“You…” Chiara wanted to explode when Gu Ning scolded her for being shameless.

She looked at Gu Ning even more threateningly.

“How dare you call me shameless”

Although Chiara was rude, she barely got scolded before.

After all, the people in her circle often did not pick a fight even if she was rude owing to her status.

Perhaps the people around her did not scold her out of courtesy even.

Some had retaliated against her before, but they did not come to a good end.

Hence, Chiara grew up willful and self-righteous.

“Dont you think I am right You attempted to seduce my fiancé right in front of me.

Isnt that considered shameless Before you attempt to hit on men, is it not basic manners to ask if they are single” retorted Gu Ning calmly.

Since she did not take Chiara seriously, there was nothing to be mad about.

She was simply a little irritated.

“Everyone has the right to go after the people they like.

In any case, you are just engaged and not actually married,” said Chiara self-righteously.

Gu Ning was so tickled by what she said.

She was absolutely contemptuous of Chiara.

Even the people around them felt the same way.

“My fiancé didnt even look at you once.

What makes you think he is interested in you” asked Gu Ning.

“You…” Chiara was furious and felt insulted.

“She is right,” a woman suddenly spoke in disdain and was clearly out for Chiara.

A woman as beautiful as Chiara and maybe even more dignified than her, appeared as she spoke.

She walked up to Chiara and continued, “Chiara, its about time you changed this awful habit of yours of stealing other womens men.

You are a disgrace to the De Lucca family.”

The moment Chiara saw who it was, she became even angrier.

She promptly retorted, “My family matters are none of your business.”

“I cant be bothered with you either! After all, Im your older brothers fiancé, so I simply dont want to get disgraced by you,” said the woman.

“If you think it is embarrassing, then dont marry my brother!” said Chiara before continuing to ridicule her, “I know you are marrying him for money.

You are just a materialistic woman.

Even if you marry into the De Lucca family, you will always be an outsider.

You will never have a say in the clan.


Everyone looked at the woman in contempt when they found out she was marrying for money.

“Humph.” The woman did not appear angry and replied calmly instead, “I might not come from a powerful family, but I certainly dont have to marry for money.

I have a decent job, a car, and a villa, so I dont need to live off anyone.”

Everyones contempt for the woman gradually dissipated.

If she was capable of affording a villa on her own, she was considered well off.

Even if the De Lucca family had a far higher status than her, she was still a capable and independent woman.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were not interested in watching them fight.

They still had to find Charles Cretan, so they left while the woman made trouble for Chiara and started searching for Charles Cretan in the crowd.

Since Charles Cretan had gone to the Zi family before, they had him on the surveillance videos, so Zi Shaomin obtained a photo of Charles Cretan and sent it to Gu Ning.


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