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Chapter 194 You Cant Bear the Result!

Gu Ning didnt care about his background.

Even if he was the son of the governor of this province, Gu Ning would beat him as always.

Gu Nings attitude annoyed Ma Renyi and Li Feng.

“Weis father is a senior leader of the Xuanwu Branch in the Qing Gang.

Youve hurt Wei, and you cant bear the result!”

The Xuanwu Branch was in charge of the different kinds of legal businesses of the Qing Gang.

Wei Feihongs father, Wei Zhiming was the general manager of all the entertainment places in City G on behalf of the Qing Gang.

He was indeed a senior leader in the Xuanwu Branch, but was only a manager among the Qing Gang.

Wei Zhiming might be an influential figure to others, but he was nothing to Gu Ning.

“So what Even if your boss was here, Im not afraid of him either,” Gu Ning said airily, like the Qing Gang was merely nothing in her eyes.

“You…” Ma Renyi and Li Feng were mad.

They didnt expect that this young girl was so bold that she wasnt even afraid of the Qing Gang, but they thought that Gu Ning behaved like that because she had no idea of the power of the Qing Gang.

“Youre just being naive! Dont you dare leave!” Li Feng said angrily.

He took out his phone calling for help.

“Why should I listen to you Were leaving, and what can you do” Gu Ning said with disdain, and left with Leng Shaoting.

Although she wasnt afraid of them, it didnt mean that she would stay as they wanted.

Why should she listen to them

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were leaving, but Ma Renyi and Li Feng indeed had no idea how to stop them.

They could only watch them disappearing from sight.

They couldnt beat them in a fight after all, and they were all injured, but they still yelled at their backs, “Lets go and see! Youll pay for it!”

At that time, it was almost 6 am, and the sky started to light up.

It was winter, so the dawn came late.

If it had been summer, the sky would be completely bright already.

There were more and more cars on the roads now and many people were running in the morning.

They drove on the road for a while longer.

The sky was completely bright at 7 am, so Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to the store.

When they arrived at the store, it was already open.

Zhou Zhenghong arranged the workers to have breakfast in shifts.

Gu Ning was busy causing Shao Ping trouble last night, so she hadnt introduced Leng Shaoting to Zhou Zhenghong yet.

Zhou Zhenghong was her most important assistant, and it was necessary to introduce them to each other.

“Uncle Zhou, this is my friend, Leng Shaoting,” Gu Ning said to Zhou Zhenghong, then turned to Leng Shaoting, “This is the executive boss of my jewelry company, Zhou Zhenghong.”

Zhou Zhenghong and Leng Shaoting greeted each other.

Zhou Zhenghong asked Gu Ning about what she had done to Shao Ping.

Not only Zhou Zhenghong, but the others were also curious about it.

Gu Ning didnt hide the truth.

She told them everything, and everyone felt satisfied.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting hadnt had breakfast yet, but they had eaten at night, so they were full now.

It was the first time that all the female workers in the store had seen such a handsome man like Leng Shaoting.

They couldnt help glancing at him, but nobody had any illusions about him because they were a little in awe of him.

Shao Ping woke up early this morning.

He called the leading hoodlum who he had hired to damage the Jade Beauty Jewelry store, but no one would answer.

He tried calling the other hoodlums later, but it was still the same.

Shao Ping was mad for a long while.

Nobody answered his calls, so he stopped calling.

He hoped that they would call him back later.

Then he planned to leave his home and have a look at the Jade Beauty Jewelry store himself, but when he tried to open the door in vain countless times, he roared in anger, “What the f*ck is going on now The door wont open!”

His wife was woken up by the noise.

She walked out and heard Shao Pings angry voice.

“What The door wont open Whats wrong with it” Mrs.

Shao immediately went to open the door, but she also tried in vain.

“What happened” she asked with anxiety.

“How would I know Call the property company right now!” Shao Ping shouted in anger.


Shao went to call them at once.

Harmonious Home was a medium-level living area with good service provided by the property company.

Especially when Mrs, Shao called them; they sent people to help without delay.

Then they found out that someone had poured superglue in the gap, and sprayed white paint around the door.

The door was merely a waste now, and had to be removed.

Shao Ping was in a rage.

He didnt understand who would do that to him.

He asked the worker from the property company to check the surveillance cameras, but the tape was broken.

Shao Ping almost went crazy, but he still had to call someone to replace the door.

About an hour later, the repairer came to remove the door.

Shao Ping told his wife to stay in the house before he left.

However, when Shao Ping got to the underground parking lot and found out that his car was badly damaged, he fainted because of the anger.

The Jade Beauty Jewelry store would hold its opening ceremony at 10 am.

The 10 security guards that Situ Ye had arranged for Gu Ning had already arrived at 9 am.

Meanwhile, Situ Ye called Gu Ning to congratulate her.

Because of Situ Yes special identity, he couldnt come to the opening ceremony in person.

Thus he could only call Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting misunderstood and thought that Situ Ye was chasing Gu Ning too, so he disliked Situ Ye from the very beginning.

Therefore, when he heard that the call was from Situ Ye, he got nervous all of a sudden.

Although Gu Ning seemed to treat Situ Ye like a common friend, Leng Shaoting was still mad at the fact that Gu Ning had turned to Situ Ye for help.

Gu Ning of course sensed his unhappiness.

She understood what was on his mind.

He must be unhappy about what Situ Ye had done for her.

Gu Ning hung up and asked, “Whats wrong”

“Why didnt you tell me you need guards” Leng Shaoting asked with dissatisfaction.

“You said that you were busy, so I didnt want to bother you,” Gu Ning replied.

She actually hadnt known that she could turn to Leng Shaoting for help.

Instead, she thought that it would be more convenient if Situ Ye was willing to help, since his gang was based in City G.


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