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Chapter 1993: Shen Yanfengs Capture

“Since you arent Chen Jinpeng, how do you know he was city mayor” asked Leng Shaoting rhetorically.

It was naturally no secret that Chen Jinpeng was the mayor.

Leng Shaoting simply wanted to see his reaction to this question.

Although Chen Jinpeng was briefly flustered, he promptly composed himself and defended himself, “Everyone knows Chen Jinpeng is the city mayor since he keeps appearing on the TV.

Since we look alike, I paid extra attention to him.”

“Thats true.

We cant depend solely on your testimony to prove whether you are Long Tianhu or Chen Jinpeng, so the only thing that can prove your identity is a simple DNA test with Master Chen,” said Leng Shaoting.

“You…” Chen Jinpeng was incapable of retorting the moment he heard this.

He asked, “What do you want”

“It is my duty to eradicate crime.

Since you trafficked drugs, you are now a criminal, so it is my job to arrest you,” said Leng Shaoting.

He did not waste time talking to Chen Jinpeng and sent someone to apprehend him and take him away.

Chen Jinpeng wanted to struggle, but he knew it was futile, so he did not even bother as they took him away.

From the day Chen Jinpeng chose this path, he had foreseen this outcome, but he ended up deciding to take the risk.

He also helped the Chen and Shen families a lot all these years while he was in the Kirin Gang.

However, the moment he was caught, he could not help feeling resentful.

Sadly, it was no use feeling resentful.

Despite his resentment, there was no escape for him.

He could only hope that the Chen family would not get implicated for his crimes.

However, the chances seemed terribly slim.

Gu Nings mission was deemed complete when Chen Jinpeng was taken away.

Although the police helped, Leng Shaoting and his men had spearheaded the mission.

Even though Chen Jinpeng was brought back to the anti-drug division, Chen Meng, Xing Bei, and Si Ming were in charge of guarding him to ensure Chen Jinpeng could not attempt to commit suicide.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning also followed them to the anti-drug department and watched Chen Jinpeng get thrown behind bars before they left.

Tomorrow morning, he could arrest Shen Yanfeng.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting headed back to Mid-levels.

Gu Ning went to remove her makeup and showered as soon as she got back, but halfway through her bath, Leng Shaoting barged into the bathroom naked as he looked at her with his eyes burning.

Gu Nings face and shoulders flushed as she looked away when she saw Leng Shaotings erection.

Even though they were deeply in love with each other, she could not help feeling shy when he stared at her so blatantly.

Leng Shaoting already could not stand the sight of seeing Gu Ning naked.

Now that Gu Ning was blushing shyly, it triggered his animal instinct even more.

He swiftly appeared before Gu Ning, embraced her without hesitation, and kissed her.

Gu Ning naturally kissed him back before they proceeded to make love all night.

Even after all the action last night, they were energetic when they woke up the next day.

It was just one of the perks of being a cultivator.

Since they woke up frisky, they made out again first thing in the morning.

As Leng Shaoting always said, it was just some morning “exercise”.

However, they could not do it for too long.

They woke up at 8:00 am to have breakfast before he got right to work.

Previously, Leng Shaoting and his men worked on Chen Jinpengs arrest in casual clothes, but they were dressed in formal gear today.

It was Gu Nings first time seeing Leng Shaoting dressed in uniform.

She instantly went into a daze and nearly drooled.

Leng Shaoting was absolutely stunning in uniform.

Leng Shaoting was in a good mood when he saw Gu Ning looking at him drooling.

He leaned forward and gave Gu Ning a kiss before she snapped out of her daze.

After the kiss, Gu Ning looked at Leng Shaoting utterly infatuated.

“After knowing you for so long, it is my first time seeing you in an army uniform! You look so hot…”

“If you like it, I can wear it more often from now on,” said Leng Shaoting indulgently as he touched Gu Nings head.

Leng Shaoting typically only put on his army uniform when he was at the military base and barely wore it while he was on mission.

Also, it was unnecessary to wear it on his off days.

There were two kinds of operations: overt and undercover.

He had to wear his military uniform for overt operations, but it was inappropriate to wear them for undercover missions.

Since he had to keep a low profile for undercover operations, it would blow his cover and give away his position if he wore his uniform.

“Sure,” acknowledged Gu Ning as she admired him in his uniform.

Leng Shaoting left the villa before long.

Since Gu Ning no longer needed to get involved, she went back and slept a little while longer as she waited for Leng Shaoting to call her.

Leng Shaoting took the lead and charged into Shen Yanfengs office at 10:00 am in the morning and arrested him.

The moment Leng Shaoting charged in with his men, Shen Yanfeng was stunned.

Shen Yanfeng was particularly flustered when he learned that they were here to arrest him.

“Shaoting, what is the meaning of this” Despite Shen Yanfengs anxiety, he forced himself to calm down as he asked Leng Shaoting.

“Shen Yanfeng, even though you are a government official, you were involved in drug trafficking, corruption and helped to cover up their tracks.

You are now under arrest.

Here is the arrest warrant,” said Leng Shaoting as he showed Shen Yanfeng a document.

Shen Yanfeng trembled when he heard this.

How did Leng Shaoting know about his involvement Did Leng Shaoting have hard evidence or was it just pure speculation

Arrests could not be made on suspicion alone and hard evidence was required.

However, Shen Yanfeng refused to admit to his crimes and instantly retorted, “Thats a lie.

I did nothing of the sort.”

“We have all the evidence we need, so stop trying to deny your involvement.

We will show you the evidence in time,” said Leng Shaoting before he gave the orders, “Take him away.”

“N-no… You cant do this to me.

I am your grandmothers nephew…” Shen Yanfeng immediately struggled, but it was impossible for him to fight the police, so he was apprehended in no time.

Leng Shaotings face turned dark when he heard what Shen Yanfeng said.

He looked at Shen Yanfeng so sternly that Shen Yanfeng kept shivering nonstop.

“Shen Yanfeng, dont try to drag my grandmother or the Leng family into this.

You have broken the law, so you have to get punished for it,” said Leng Shaoting coldly.

The moment he finished his sentence, Leng Shaoting gave his order, “Take him.”

“No… Dont arrest me… No, dont…”

Shen Yanfeng continued to put up a struggle, but it was futile and he was quickly taken away.

Word of Shen Yanfengs arrest quickly spread to the Shen, Chen, and Leng family and into Yuan Wenrui and Rong Jues ears.

The news got to the Shen family first, because the moment Shen Yanfeng was apprehended, Shen Yanfengs secretary called Chen Qiuyin.


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