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Chapter 1997: Completely Shaken

Master Chen already knew that the Leng family would not help.

After all, he was keenly aware of what they were like.

Even if a direct relative had committed a crime, they would follow the law without hesitation.

He was simply trying his luck when he sent Chen Qiuying over.

Since Master Leng made it so clear, Master Chen told Chen Qiuying to leave and avoid annoying the Leng family even further.

Despite being furious about Master Lengs refusal to scoop Shen Yanfeng out of jail, Master Chen did not dare to complain about it.

For now, he was more concerned about the Chen family.

After all, the Chen family was genuinely implicated in Shen Yanfengs crimes.

However, his greatest fear quickly happened.

The eldest son of the Chen family, Chen Jinming was arrested.

He happened to be Chen Qiuyings eldest cousin and Chen Jinpengs older brother.

The moment Chen Jinming was arrested, Chen Jinmings secretary notified Master Chen immediately.

Master Chen was so shaken that he nearly fainted.

Sure enough, the Chen clan got implicated.

Master Chen felt Chen Jinming did not get arrested because Shen Yanfeng betrayed him.

To begin with, they were working together.

Since Leng Shaoting was capable of gathering evidence against Shen Yanfeng, it was just a matter of time before he realized Chen Jinming was an accomplice.

Now that Leng Shaoting had learned Chen Jinming played a part in their crimes, he would follow this lead and dig out everything there was to know about Chen Jinmings involvement.

He wanted to see if anyone could help Chen Jinming, but it was completely futile since the Leng family had approved his arrest.

The Leng family had high status in the capital, so it was impossible to find someone more powerful to help! Even the families who stood on par with the Leng family would never oppose the Leng family if they could.

The Chen family could only sit around and wait anxiously.

After Chen Jinming was sent to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, he was interrogated on his own.

Despite the evidence against him, Chen Jinming stayed quiet just like Shen Yanfeng.

Even when Leng Shaoting told him Shen Yanfeng had already confessed, he remained quiet.

However, it finally dawned on Chen Jinming that there was no point staying quiet when he saw Chen Jinpeng.

Eventually, Chen Jinming confessed to his crimes.

No one knew about their confessions, but everyone kept talking about Shen Yanfeng and Chen Jinmings arrest, especially about Shen Yanfeng.

99% of the people felt Shen Yanfeng deserved it.

They hated them for trafficking drugs, accepting bribes, covering up for drug traffickers, and abusing power.

As government officials, they were in charge of the citizens welfare, but ended up bringing harm to their people, so they deserved to die.

Some people felt the Leng family was heartless about this.

They were relatives with the Chen family after all.

Even if they did not help after the arrest, they could have helped to conceal their crimes before they were arrested! However, they did nothing of the sort and even sent Leng Shaoting to personally nab them.

Although Leng Shaoting was a soldier and it was the disciplinary departments duty to punish corrupt government officials, anyone working for the government could get involved and help.

Anyone who felt that way were naturally unethical folks.

If they expected help after breaking the law, they must be just as dishonest themselves.

Gu Ning called Chu Peihan and the others and invited them out for dinner.

She had already promised to treat them to dinner when she sold the bronze chimes.

They had planned on meeting for dinner yesterday.

It was Saturday, so they would not have to worry about going to school and could hang out as late as they wanted.

However, Gu Ning was busy yesterday, so they could only meet up today.

Since Gu Ning was busy, Chu Peihan and the others were fine with the arrangement.

Although the school wasnt very strict about the last self-study period, they had to get back to school tonight.

So for the sake of maximizing their time together, Chu Peihan and the others left campus at 1:00 pm.

After they met up and discussed where to go, they decided to go boating at some park.

Although they had been living in the capital for some time, they rarely came out together, since they had trouble making plans and were not free to come out on the same date.

It would be no fun to hang out in just small groups.

After they arrived at the park, they rented a boat, put on life vests, and went boating on the lake.

The boats in the park were rather small and boats for four, six, and eight passengers were available.

Since there were four of them in total, they picked a boat for four.

Two passengers had to cycle to make the boat move.

The boat rental charges went by the hour.

It was 50 yuan per hour and they rented their boat for two hours.

Even though they did not intend to boat for two whole hours, the lake was huge and would take at least an hour to cover.

They decided to rent the boat for two hours to ensure they had plenty of time to cover it.

Since they rented the boat for more than enough time, they didnt have to worry about rushing through it.

When they took a break from boating, they started talking about things that happened in school recently.

Chu Peihan told them that some female schoolmates came to make trouble for her.

Nothing serious came of it since she ended up driving them away.

Also, they would never dare to make trouble for her again.

Those girls were incapable of fighting and Chu Peihan was a decent fighter, so no one wanted to get into a fight with her!

Chu Peihan didnt hurt them badly and simply threw them over her shoulder.

At worst, their backs would be in pain for a couple of days.

The orientation party for Chu Peihans school was taking place next Friday, so they held an audition on Wednesday.

Their class wanted to perform a play using an ancient period television drama.

Chu Peihan was going to be the second female lead and would act as an assassin.

Everyone wanted Chu Peihan to be the female lead, but she wanted to play the second female lead.

The part came with some martial arts performance, so if it was done well, it would end up a really good part.

Chu Peihans classmates knew about her martial arts skills, so in the end they agreed that the part suited her.

Since it was an orientation party at the film academy, it was more serious than those held at other universities.

They were trained as professional performers, so everyone did their utmost to perform well.

It was not just any orientation party, it was a competition.

A lot of professionals from the industry would be around to watch, including famous teachers, directors, and producers.

If they did a good job, they might catch their eyes and land some roles.

Mu Ke and Yu Mixi got along well with the rest of their classmates.

Since they had good grades, they were the teachers favorites as well.

However, it was natural for some conflicts to occur every now and then.


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