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I agree.

If we don\'t go and have a look now, it could be crowded later, Yan Zhenglin said.

We also want to see it again.

Let\'s go now! Master Fu said, walking into the store without delay.

Master Bai and Master Yan followed.

They didn\'t want to bother Gu Ning, especially when there was a man beside her.

The Bai Family ranked third, and the Fu Family ranked seventh on the list of super-rich and powerful families.

Other than the group of those masters, the Ai Family that ranked second and the Ou Family which ranked fifth arrived later too.

Although their family\'s leaders didn\'t come, the visitors were important enough to represent their families.

The Ai Family sent Ai Weichen, who is Master Ai\'s youngest grandson, to attend the ceremony.

He was a 27-year-old tall, handsome man with an air of elegance.

His appearance aroused excitement in the ladies.

The Ou Family sent Ou Nianyin, who was the family leader\'s eldest daughter to attend the ceremony.

She was a 30-year-old ambitious woman, and the heir of the Ou Family.

The Ai Family and the Ou Family had maintained a close connection with each other for generations.

Ai Weichen\'s and Ou Nianyin\'s sight fell on Leng Shaoting for a second, then moved away, but Gu Ning noticed the shock in their eyes.

Yes, they were indeed shocked and amazed.

I arranged for them to come here, Leng Shaoting said to Gu Ning in a gentle voice.

Gu Ning had the same idea when Ai Weichen and Ou Nianyin glanced at Leng Shaoting.

She was surprised that Leng Shaoting knew them because they were from super powerful families.

Gu Ning was now even more certain that Leng Shaoting wasn\'t simple.

She was curious now about Leng Shaoting\'s real identity.

It seemed that the man was more influential than she imagined.

However, she wouldn\'t ask him, Instead, she would wait until he was willing to tell her the truth.

Meanwhile, Gu Ning didn\'t understand why Ai Weichen and Ou Nianyin looked so shocked when they came inside.

Leng Shaoting had arranged for them to attend this ceremony.

They should know that Leng Shaoting would be here to.

So why did they still seemed astonished

An idea dawned on Gu Ning all of a sudden.

Was it because of her

Gu Ning suddenly realized that Xu Jinchen had told her that Leng Shaoting had never had a girlfriend or any woman at his side.

Gu Ning assumed that they had to have been amazed to see Leng Shaoting with her.

She was right.

Both Ai Weichen and Ou Nianyin were shocked that Leng Shaoting was with a girl, and they seemed close.

Nevertheless, they didn\'t greet Leng Shaoting in order to not expose their relationship.

After they had sent the gifts, Ou Nianyin immediately gossiped with Ai Weichen aside.

Weichen, boss is with a woman, oh no, a girl! Doesn\'t he dislike being too close with a female And, could they be a couple Ou Nianyin was excited as well as shocked.

It was a big news after all.

I don\'t know whether they\'re a couple or not, but I\'m sure that they must be close! Ai Weichen said seriously.

Of course they are! Ou Nianyin rolled her eyes.

After that, many influential people in City G gradually arrived, including many jade experts and businessmen.

Zhao Yuefeng came as well.

Many of them didn\'t know Zhou Zhenghong, so they didn\'t send expensive gifts, but only baskets of flowers and plants.

It would be impolite if they came with empty hands.

Miss Gu, what a coincidence! Zhao Yuefeng was surprised to see Gu Ning.

Although he didn\'t keep in touch with Gu Ning, he had an impressive impression of her.

He admired her to some extent! Thus he was more than thrilled to meet her in this opening ceremony.


Zhao, nice to meet you! Gu Ning was also surprised to see Zhao Yuefeng.

Then she realized that she had forgotten to invite him, and felt slightly sorry.

They were peers now.

However, Gu Ning\'s business focused on jade, so they weren\'t competitors yet.

Zhao Yuefeng was involved in all kinds of jewelry, and jade was only a part of it.

In addition, the major market of Zhao Yuefeng\'s business wasn\'t in City G.

He only had a branch here.

Therefore, they weren\'t enemies.

Gu Ning actually didn\'t want to hide the fact that she was the real boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry from Zhao Yuefeng, but there were too many people around, so it wasn\'t convenient for her to tell Zhao Yuefeng her real identity.

Miss Gu, do you know the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry Zhao Yuefeng asked.

Yes, Gu Ning answered.

I don\'t know the boss, but I wanted to have a look at the King\'s Green.

Thus I came here without an invitation, Zhao Yuefeng said.

He seemed a little embarrassed.

May I introduce you to the boss Gu Ning said.

Really That would be so great! Thank you so much, Miss Gu! Zhao Yuefeng was excited.

Although Jade Beauty Jewelry now was barely comparable to his Furong Jewelry, it wasn\'t a bad idea to maintain a good relationship with its boss.

Gu Ning guided Zhao Yuefeng to Zhou Zhenghong who was welcoming the guests.

At the same time, Qin Yifan and the other two were surprised that Gu Ning knew Zhao Yuefeng too.

The Qin Family and the Li Family were both involved in the jewelry industry, and they were familiar with the important figures in this field.

Zhou Zhenghong only greeted his guests and the visitors for a short while then they would go inside to see the jade.

Thus it didn\'t cause any bother when Gu Ning and Zhao Yuefeng walked over.

Uncle Zhou, this is the chairman of Furong Jewelry, Zhao Yuefeng, Gu Ning introduced.

Zhou Zhenghong actually recognized Zhao Yuefeng before Gu Ning introduced him.

Zhou Zhenghong worked in the jewelry industry too, but since Gu Ning introduced Zhao Yuefeng to him, they must know each other, so Zhou Zhenghong greeted him with great enthusiasm, It\'s so nice to meet you, Chairman Zhao!

Nice to meet you too, Mr.


Please don\'t mind my coming without invitation, Zhao Yuefeng said.

Of course not! You\'re absolutely welcomed! Would you mind dining together after the ceremony Zhou Zhenghong invited.

I\'d love to! Zhao Yuefeng answered.

They chatted for a while longer before Zhao Yuefeng went inside to see the King\'s Green.

Everyone in the Jade Beauty Jewelry store was more than shocked that so many influential figures came today.

Zhou Zhenghong was clear that it was all because of Gu Ning.

Her network was amazing!

However, what happened later was more shocking.

Shang Juntong, who was the general manager of Qinghua Group arrived too.

The Qinghua Group was the Qing Gang\'s property!


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