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Chapter 2003: A Sex Marathon

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Dongfang Jinghong was dissatisfied with that, but he didnt dare to say anything about it.

If he did, the Dongfang familys patriarch might get mad at him and he would suffer a great loss.

Anyway, he didnt have much confidence this time, and a half month of cultivation wouldnt change anything.

So he decided to tolerate it.

The Jing family sent out Jing Yaorongs eldest son, Jing Yunfei.

Jing Yunfei was at the same age as Jing Yunyao, so he wasnt in the age range to take part in the kung fu competition.

It would waste his time.

As a cultivator, Jing Yunfei was talented to some extent, but he wasnt better than Jing Jining.

The Yin family learned the news as well, so it also sent out someone.

That person was the second son of the Yin familys second son, Yin Shixuns younger brother, Yin Shiyi.

Yin Shiyi was in the middle generation like Jing Yunfei, so he was also too old to take part in the competition.

The Yin family sent out Yin Shiyi in order to let him find Yin Shixun.

Yin Shixun had been absent for too long, and the Yin family didnt know that he was already killed.


“When will you go back to the base” Gu Ning asked Leng Shaoting.

She didnt want him to leave, but she was worried that they might discover him if he stayed in the capital.

“Someone took over the case about Shen Yanfeng, so I need to go back tomorrow.

I have a new task and Im going to the border of Province Yun this time,” said Leng Shaoting.

Even if he wanted to stay in the capital, he wasnt allowed, so he was safe for the time being.

Upon thinking that he had to be apart from Gu Ning for a long time again, Leng Shaoting felt reluctant to leave.

He could only seize the chance and make full use of his time with Gu Ning right now.

Without hesitation, Leng Shaoting threw himself at Gu Ning on the sofa, then kissed her passionately as his hand fondled her body.

“Ningning, t-touch my body.” Leng Shaoting begged.

Hearing that, Gu Ning fondled his body as well.

She was obsessed with his beautiful abs.

“Go down.”

Gu Ning felt a little shy, but still listened to him and held his manhood.

The sex lasted a long time and they did it again after a short pause.

Luckily, both of them were much stronger than normal people, so they could afford to have passionate sex again and again.

Gu Ning originally planned to go to her company today, but Leng Shaoting wouldnt let her go.

It was already noon when they finally finished and had a rest, so Gu Ning gave up her plan and decided to work tomorrow.

They just had long, passionate sex in the day, but Leng Shaoting wasnt satisfied and asked Gu Ning for it again at night.

Because Leng Shaoting was going to leave the capital and he didnt know when he could come back, he wanted to have enough sex before their separation.

The next day, Leng Shaoting had sex with Gu Ning once more in the morning once Gu Ning woke up.

He didnt let her go until she was tired.

So Leng Shaoting told her to have a rest before getting up, while he went to prepare breakfast.

Gu Ning slept for a short while, then got up when the breakfast was done.

Leng Shaoting had to leave in the morning, so they would separate after walking out of the door.

Leng Shaoting would go to their military base, while Gu Ning would head to her company.

Ever since they found spies in Colaine, Gu Ning told K to pay special attention to the company to see whether there were more people who aimed to attack them.

They found no more spies for the time being.

However, as soon as Gu Ning arrived at her company, she sensed the air of cultivators nearby, but she was already used to it, so she wasnt surprised at all.

In addition, given Leng Shaotings conversation with her last night, she thought that the cultivator might be a new person.

She could see that with a simple glance, so Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes right away.

There was indeed a strange cultivator.

He was a man who was about 40 years old in the mortal world.

There was nothing useful for them in her company, so Gu Ning didnt bother to pay more attention to him.

After spending the whole morning in the company, Gu Ning left for the siheyuan when it was time for lunch.

Because of the cultivator outside, Gu Ning couldnt drive her own car.

So she asked K to send her over instead.

“Boss, do you need me to check the surveillance videos” K asked once he learned that someone was spying on Gu Ning.

“No need.

I know who he is.

We just need to avoid him.” Gu Ning rejected.

“Fine!” Since Gu Ning said that, K said nothing further.

He believed in Gu Nings abilities.

Even if she ran into any danger, she could protect herself.

“Oh, did you watch An Empress of Military Blood” asked K.

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second, then replied, “No, is it being aired”

“Yeah, the first and second episode were aired yesterday.

The audience likes it.

Its audience rating is the highest among the shows during the past 3 years,” said K.

K wasnt very interested in TV shows, especially shows about ancient eras, because he thought they were too unreal without a real historical setting.

However, because he was editing An Empress of Military Blood, he watched it and found it quite interesting.

Although its historical setting was unreal, its plot was very attractive.

Added with his editing, the quality of the pictures, and the special effects, it was harmonious and immersive.

The audience couldnt care less about the fake historical setting.

Accordingly, as its editor, he received a lot of positive comments as well and was in a good mood.

“Really” Gu Ning knew that An Empress of Military Blood would be popular, but couldnt be very sure of it, so she was slightly surprised when she heard the news.

At the same time, she was happy too.

“Ill watch it later.”

Gu Ning didnt tell K to send her to the door of the siheyuan.

She got out of the car nearby and walked there.

Gu Ning came back when it was about time for lunch, so she went straight to dine with Shangguan Yang after walking into the siheyuan.

After having lunch, Gu Ning didnt rush to cultivate.

Instead, she watched An Empress of Military Blood.

Because Gu Ning watched it on a network, she could see a lot of viewers comments in real time on the screen.

She could barely see the pictures of the show.

Many viewers complained about that, but they could directly turn off the function if they didnt want to see the comments in real time, but sometimes the comments were quite funny.

Most viewers complimented the show, and some of them even used dirty languages to express their love for it.

And a few viewers disliked the show, saying that a certain actor was bad at acting.

After all, different people had different tastes.

There was no show or actor that could win everyones love.

Among the negative comments, there were some unkind attacks.

It was obvious that some viewers hated a certain actor or Fenghua Entertainment..

Some were even Gu Nings peers in the same industry.


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