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Chapter 2008: Keep Her

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“Manager Lin, Im sorry, we didnt know either.

If we knew, we wouldnt dare to bring her here.

Ill talk about it with our general manager once Im back.” Xiang Jian, Bai Lins agent, apologized at once with a resigned look.

“Fine, luckily nothing has happened today.

If your general manager is smart, he should give up his evil thoughts about Bai Lin.

Gu Nings connections are much more powerful than you think.

Theyre all rule-makers in business and politics.

No one dares to annoy them.

It cant be easier for them to make your company go bankrupt,” said Manager Lin.

Because his relationship with Xiang Jian and their companys general manager wasnt bad, he kindly reminded them to be careful.

Hearing that, Xiang Jian had a shiver.

Rule-makers in business and politics It was unbelievable!

Anyway, given Manager Lins expression, he figured out who they were.

If so, it was indeed super easy for them to shut their company.

“Manager Lin, can you tell me more about that” asked Xiang Jian in a trembling voice.

“My father went to an auction the other day.

He saw the owner of Xiangyun Antique-store sit with Master Leng, Master Xu, Master Jiang, and Cai Wenhong.

They chatted with each other in laughter and even left together.” Manager Lin said, “The owner of the Xiangyun Antique-store is Gu Ning.”


Hearing that, everyone was surprised.

To their surprise, Gu Ning was able to have a relationship with those people who were really powerful figures in their country.

“Alright, Im full.

I need to go now,” said Manager Lin.

He stood up and walked out.

He actually hadnt finished, but lost the mood to eat any longer.

Before they left, Gu Ning and the others were already gone.

When Gu Ning went to pay the bill, Bai Lin moved faster and settled the account to thank Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt stop her, because it could set Bai Lins mind at rest.

After paying the bill, they had to leave.

Because Bai Lin came in Xiang Jians car, she didnt have a car now since Xiang Jian didnt leave with her.

And Bai Lin was a star after all, so Gu Ning couldnt let her take a taxi.

So Gu Ning told her to get in her car and Zi Beiying drove her back.

Bai Lin thought it was unsafe to take a taxi alone, so she accepted Gu Nings kindness although she felt a little embarrassed.

“After what has happened today, I think your boss will give up harassing you.

Well, if your boss is smart, he should stop.

If he wont, let me know.

Ill force them to end your agreement,” said Gu Ning.

She meant to help Bai Lin out without paying liquidated damages.

As long as Gu Ning wanted to do it, there was nothing she couldnt do.

It totally relied on herself.

It was unacceptable in Gu Nings eyes that those men had tried to drug Bai Lin.

If she had encountered such a thing, she would surely beat their sh*t out.

However, it was Bai Lins affair.

If she made it a scene and won for the time being, Bai Lin might be able to leave the previous company, but her future would be in danger.

Bai Lin was a weak girl after all.

If those men harbored grudge against her, they could easily hurt her.

Bai Lin was her employee, so she would definitely give her a helping hand, but she couldnt protect her 24/7.

It would be fine if Bai Lin only suffered minor problems, but what if they were serious Even if Gu Ning could help her after serious problems happened, Bai Lin would already be hurt and sometimes it was meaningless.

The weak were the prey of the strong in this society.

If one didnt have abilities to face other peoples revenge, he or she had to tolerate the humiliation.

In addition, Bai Lin wasnt hurt in the end.

If she was hurt, it would be another thing.

“Sure,” said Bai Lin.

Although she felt she would be safe for a while after what had happened today, she wasnt sure that her boss was smart or not.

If it happened again, she would be determined to end the contract even if she had to pay liquidated damages.

After Manager Lin left, Xiang Jian and the other people felt too embarrassed to stay in the room any longer, so they left as well.

Back in his car, Xiang Jian called his general manager at once and reported the result to him.

The general manager was scared too.

He thought that Bai Lin was unusually lucky.

She became famous and had a relationship with so many powerful figures.

It seemed he couldnt achieve his goal by dirty tricks.

“Xiang Jian, have a nice talk with Bai Lin.

The company is willing to raise her share of the profit to 30%.

If it doesnt work, then give her 40%.

Bai Lin isnt only popular now, she also knows many powerful figures.

She has a bright future ahead.

We must keep her,” said the general manager.

Although he didnt dare to play dirty tricks again, he still wanted to keep Bai Lin.

“Sure, Ill talk with Bai Lin tomorrow, but I dont think shell agree.

Since Bai Lin has a good relationship with Gu Ning and shes unwilling to renew the agreement, I bet she must want to join Fenghua Entertainment.

If she joins Fenghua Entertainment, shell have endless offers.

I dont think she can be persuaded by just 40% of the profit,” said Xiang Jian.

It was his guess, but he actually wasnt sure about it.

Even if Fenghua Entertainment was barely comparable to their company when it came to its experience, achievements, and importance in the industry right now, its owner was different.

Moreover, those actors who were signed by Fenghua Entertainment had been shut out of the industry before, but they were all super popular now.

It meant that Gu Ning had outstanding abilities, and she was able to deal with those forces who shut those actors out of the industry.

In addition to that, Xiang Jian also learned that Fenghua Entertainment didnt accept unspoken rules.

All its actors must rely on their own abilities to win offers.

It provided a very good platform for upright, skilled actors to prove themselves.

He didnt think Bai Lin would miss this great chance to become more popular, and she was indeed an upright and skilled girl.

She was very suitable for Fenghua Entertainment.

The general manager didnt realize that until Xiang Jian told him blankly.

Obviously, Bai Lin was reluctant to renew her agreement with them and wanted to join Fenghua Entertainment.

At the same time, Gu Ning must have agreed.

However, the general manager was unwilling to give up.

There were too many entertainment companies right now, so it wasnt easy to make an actor popular.

It would be very successful if a company could have 7 popular artists, but they only had 5..

Among the 5 artists, 2 were often forgotten by the audience.


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