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Chapter 2012: Break Through Levels

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Even if Xiang Jian knew the result, he was still a little disappointed, because he could have a greatly increased income if Bai Lin became more popular.

“Well, if so, I cant force you.

Can you tell me whether you are going to sign a contract with Fenghua Entertainment after ending the contract with us” asked Xiang Jian.

He didnt ask for an answer because he already knew, he simply wanted to confirm it.

“I do have the idea, but itll only happen after I end the contract with you.

Once Im free, I can work for any company I like.

Im still working for you now, so Ill still do my job well for the time being,” said Bai Lin.

She didnt give Xiang Jian an affirmative answer that she already had an agreement with Fenghua Entertainment, because it would damage her reputation once it went abroad.

Although she said that, Xiang Jian still believed that Bai Lin would join Fenghua Entertainment.

“Alright, you can leave now!” Knowing that Bai Lin was determined, Xiang Jian didnt bother to waste time persuading her.

“Sure,” said Bai Lin, then left.

After Bai Lin was gone, Xiang Jian called the vice president at once.

Bai Lin was determined, so they could do nothing about it.

They couldnt use any dirty tricks after all, so they had to accept the result.

Since there was nothing they could do, they could only accept it.

Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao arrived at the siheyuan later.

The moment Shangguan Yang saw Jing Yunyao, he put on a serious expression.

“Yunyao, youre likely to break through levels soon.

You cant stay in the capital, otherwise cultivators from different places will be attracted here.”

When a cultivator at a high level went into the next level, it would cause a rush of magical power from all directions with dark clouds and loud lightning and thunder.

The capital was where cultivators did their activities, so all the cultivators in the capital would see it once those changes happened.

They would then determine the location of the cultivator who made it to the next level and rush over.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyao was shocked.

During her recent cultivation, she indeed felt the attack from accumulating magical power.

“If so, Ill immediately set off to Kunlun Sects place.”

She would only be safe there.

It was cheerful that she could go to the next level, but it was also worrying.

Every time a cultivator got into the next state, he or she would suffer a lightning tribulation.

Jing Yunyao was at the peak of the Yuan Ying Stage.

After going into the next level, she would be in the Out-of-body Stage from concrete to abstract.

It was a great leap to go from turning qi into energy to going from concrete to abstract, so she would definitely go through a lightning tribulation.

The reason why Leng Shaoting thought he was going to die last time was because he had gone through the lightning tribulation for going from the stage of turning power into qi to the stage of turning qi into energy.

The lightning tribulation was extremely important for cultivators.

If they could survive, they would successfully go into the next level with greatly improved abilities.

If not, they could lose some of their energy or go back in levels if they were slightly injured.

However, if they were seriously injured, they could be disabled or even die.

Therefore, normally cultivators didnt have the courage to go through the lightning tribulation.

Even if some cultivators were unwilling to do the test, it didnt mean they were safe, because they could be forced to do it at any time.

And it was most dangerous to do it when they were ill-prepared.

“The Kunlun Sects place is safe, but the test this time isnt easy.

Youre going to have a large leap,” said Shangguan Yang.

After that, he turned to Gu Ning and said, “Well, I can go with you.

Ningning, if its possible, you should go with us too.

The magical power here isnt as thick as that at the Kunlun Mountain.”

“Sure, Im free now.

I can go with you.” Gu Ning said, “When will we set off”

Gu Ning followed them to the Kunlun Sects place not because she needed to cultivate, but because she was worried about Jing Yunyaos safety.

She decided to go there to watch her.

“Pack your stuff today.

Get ready and well leave tomorrow morning,” said Shangguan Yang.

It wasnt an emergency, but the sooner they went, the better.

In fact, there was nothing for them to pack up, because Gu Ning had everything they needed in her telepathic eye space.

And Shangguan Yang had given Jing Yunyao a Qiankun Bag, so she also had some stuff she often used in it.

If they were to go there tomorrow, Gu Ning needed to visit her company today.

Jing Yunyao didnt need to cultivate now, because it would cause trouble if she accidentally broke through into the next level.

“Great, Ill book plane tickets for tomorrow morning,” said Gu Ning, then took out her phone to book plane tickets.

The earliest flight to City Ge tomorrow morning was at 8:10 am, but Gu Ning and the others werent in a rush to be so early, so they chose the flight which would take off at 9:30.

It took at least 40 minutes from the city center to the airport, and they needed to check in at the airport before 8:30 am.

So in order to prevent traffic jams from delaying them, they had to leave at 7 am, then arrive at the airport for breakfast.

Because they were going to Kunlun Mountain the next day and needed to prepare some stuff, they stopped cultivating today.

They were mainly worried that Jing Yunyao would break through into the next level during cultivation.

As a result, after having a meal, Gu Ning began to deal with her things.

After all, she didnt know how long she would stay at Kunlun Mountain, and there would be no signal.

Gu Ning sent a message to Leng Shaoting first and directly told him that Jing Yunyao might need a few days to get into the next level, but they had to go there earlier.

Once she was well-prepared, she could make the leap anytime.

After that, Gu Ning also told Leng Shaoting they were going to the Kunlun Mountain along with Shangguan Yang.

Leng Shaoting was training now, so he couldnt read the messages, but he would once he had time.

Gu Ning then called Qiao Ya about the situation in City C.

Qiao Ya said that there was some trouble inside the Flying Eagle, but the problem was already solved.

She planned to report it to Gu Ning after she was back, but she told Gu Ning about it now since Gu Ning called her.

They would be free, so they were going back to the capital that afternoon.

Because Qiao Ya was coming back, Gu Ning told her to stay in the capital because she needed to leave the city for a while.

Her phone would be turned off and the calls would be transferred to Qiao Yas phone.

Qiao Ya would help her deal with them with the excuse that she went abroad.

In addition, she also told Qiao Ya to help her friends if her friends needed help, because she wouldnt be there to do it in person.

Afterwards, Gu Ning called Master Tang and told him that she would be going abroad tomorrow.

He might not be able to get through to her, so she needed to tell him in advance, otherwise the Tang family would be worried about her if they could find her.

She then called her teacher asking for leave with the same excuse that she needed to deal with something abroad.

Gu Ning then shared the news with Zi Beiying as well.


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