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Chapter 2014: Its Evil to Ruin Ones Reputation

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However, on her way, Gu Ning ran into a cultivator and ninjas.

To be specific, she saw a cultivator fighting with ninjas.

The cultivator was a good-looking teenager about 16.

There were 2 ninjas and Gu Ning had coincidentally met both of them.

They were the ninjas, Kato Toya and Kuraki Akemi, she met in City B.

Because the fight happened between a cultivator and ninjas, it was very tense.

They were on a road with many passers-by, so there were a lot of onlookers.

Although they stood far away in case they were hurt, they actually were quite excited watching the drama.

Some people criticized the man and the woman for bullying a teenager.

In their eyes, a 16-year-old teenager was merely a kid.

Someone called the police, but the police hadnt come yet.

Gu Ning didnt know whether Kato Toya and Kuraki Akemi were aware that the teenager was a cultivator, but she had to stop them right now, because obviously the teenager was no match for them.

Therefore, Gu Ning was worried that the teenager might be forced to use his magical skills, which would expose his identity.

By then, not only the ninjas, but other mortals would also find it out.

As a result, Gu Ning immediately stopped the car at the roadside, then joined the fight to help the teenager against the 2 ninjas.

The teenager felt relieved when someone stood out to help him because he was also worried that he might be forced to use his magical skills.

Although he thought Gu Ning was only a comparatively strong mortal, he could see that she wasnt weak at all.

The moment Kuraki Akemi and Kato Toya saw Gu Ning, they recognized her.

Because they had been defeated by Gu Ning before, they were unwilling to waste time fighting against her right now.

They were doomed to lose after all, so they stepped back after a short while.

“Hey, why cant you have a nice talk to solve the problem if there is one Why do you have to fight publicly It wont do anyone any good,” said Gu Ning with the attitude of a mediator.

“They said I had stolen their stuff, but I didnt.

They refused to believe it, so they wanted to search my body.

Its humiliating! I undoubtedly wouldnt allow them to do that, so we began to fight,” said the teenager in anger.

He seemed greatly aggrieved.

From the teenagers reaction, Gu Ning could see that he wasnt lying.

When the teenager accused them of hurling blame at him, he didnt panic at all.

In that case, it must be either a misunderstanding or a scheme.

If it was a scheme, it meant the teenager didnt steal Kato Toya or Kuraki Akemis stuff, but they were still suspicious of him, which meant they had found out that the teenager might not be a mortal but werent sure of it.

As a result, they deliberately said he was a thief and forced him to use his magical skills in the fight.

It was just Gu Nings guess, but she tended to believe the teenager because she knew the real reason why Kato Toya and Kuraki Akemi came to their country.

It was very possible that the teenager was innocent.

“You knocked into us and our stuff disappeared.

Why couldnt we ask you about that” Kuraki Akemi argued in annoyance as if it was the truth.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning guessed correctly.

They were indeed curious about the teenagers real identity, so they knocked into him on purpose then made up a lie that their stuff disappeared.

They blamed the teenager for stealing their stuff and forced him to have a fight in order to see whether the teenager was really a cultivator.

Unfortunately, they werent able to see it.

They were curious about the teenagers real identity because they had witnessed him rescue an old man who was almost hit by a car.

His speed was unusually fast, which aroused their curiosity.

However, they werent very sure that the teenager was a real cultivator, because some mortals could move so quickly.

They had met some of them, like Gu Ning, before.

Killers from some killers organizations could also move extremely fast.

“Ridiculous! I didnt knock into you, you knocked into me!” The teenager got angry, pointing at Kuraki Akemi.

If so, Gu Ning was sure that it was Kato Toya and Kuraki Akemis scheme.

“I did knock into you, but I didnt do it on purpose.

Ive apologized to you.

My stuff disappeared all of a sudden, so I asked you about it.

You have such a quick temper and you used violence first,” said Kuraki Akemi, taking it for granted.

She was telling other people that they were reluctant to fight.

“You…” The teenager was mad.

In fact, no one could stay calm when he or she was accused of stealing stuff without proof and was even going to be searched.

It was a great humiliation!

“Oh, may I know what youve lost” Gu Ning interrupted the teenager and asked Kuraki Akemi.

She could see that the teenager was a little impulsive, but Kato Toya and Kuraki Akemis accusation was indeed humiliating.

“My jade bead bracelet.

Its a birthday gift from my mother.

Its very precious,” Kuraki Akemi said, looking sad.

She made it seem real.

Seeing that, many people began to feel sympathetic to Kuraki Akemi.

However, given the teenagers reaction, he didnt seem to be a thief at all.

Was it possible that the bracelet dropped somewhere else

Everyone had that idea, but nobody dared to say it aloud, because it would be embarrassing.

Gu Ning, on the contrary, said it aloud at once, “Have you searched for it all over the ground Maybe it fell somewhere on the ground, especially in this median.

If it fell inside, you wouldnt be able to find it if you didnt pay much attention!”

Gu Ning actually didnt see any jade bead bracelet in the median, but simply gave them an out.

She wasnt being kind, but it wasnt necessary for her to argue with them.

It wouldnt end well anyway, especially in the current situation.

No one had suffered a great loss after all.

“Right, its bad to ruin someones reputation without any proof.

Have you searched for it carefully” The teenager chimed in feeling as aggrieved as he did angry.

This was the first time that he had been humiliated in public, which was quite annoying.

He bore his masters words in his mind, and would avoid having conflicts against mortals in the mortal world..

He couldnt hurt them or expose his real identity, which was the reason why he didnt dare to use his magical skills.


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