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Chapter 2062: Patriarch, You Thought Too Highly of Me

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“What happened earlier Did the people of Tiandaozong take you away because of the case regarding Yin Shixuns death And whos the senior cultivator Bai Lingtian went to visit in person” asked Jing Yaorong.

“Well, Tiandaozong was indeed suspicious of me after knowing that several senior cultivators showed up together with me.

They thought that they might have helped me kill Yin Shixun, so they asked me over to learn the truth.

Anyway, I believe they wont be suspicious of me any longer as of today,” said Jing Jining.

“Why Is it because of the senior cultivator” asked Jing Yanhua.

“Right, because hes the elder of the ancient Kunlun Sect, Shangguan Yang,” said Jing Jining.


Hearing that, both Jing Yanhua and Jing Yaorong were shocked.

Although they hadnt seen Shangguan Yang before, they had heard about him.

“Are you sure hes really the elder of the Kunlun Sect, Shangguan Yang” asked Jing Yaorong with uncertainty.

“Leader Bai already made sure of it,” said Jing Jining.

“How did you get to know Shangguan Yang” asked Jing Yaorong.

Jing Jining then told them the same thing he had told Bai Lingtian.

“Since you knew that Shangguan Yang was still alive earlier on, why didnt you tell us If we had known that, we would have invited him to visit the Jing family.

He would be our distinguished guest.

It would be a great advantage to our family!” said Jing Yaorong seriously.

He was blaming Jing Jining for that.

Knowing that, Jing Jining sneered and replied to him.

“Senior Shangguan told me to keep it a secret.

If I told you, do you think Senior Shangguan would still be willing to visit the Jing family He might get mad at me and the Jing family instead.”

Jing Yaorong frowned.

He had to admit that Jing Jining was right, but he was dissatisfied with his attitude.

However, he said nothing about that because he knew that JIng Jining hated him.

“Then why did they come to the cultivation world this time” asked Jing Yaorong.

“Senior Shangguans two disciples will take part in the kung fu competition,” said Jing Jining.

Jing Yaorong cocked his eyebrow and asked, “Whats their level”

“The elder disciple is in the Golden Core Stage, but I dont know whether hes in the primary, middle stage or the peak.

The younger disciple is in the Fusion Stage,” said Jing Jining.

It wasnt a secret, so he told them right away.

“What His elder disciple already reached the Golden Core Stage” Knowing that, Jing Yanhua and Jing Yaorong were amazed and felt a crisis coming.

They thought that Jing Yunyan was highly likely to win the championship.

Although there were several cultivators who were in the Golden Core Stage, it wouldnt be a big problem for Jing Yunyan to be in the top 3.

Unfortunately, another cultivator in the Golden Core Stage showed up now, so Jing Yunyan became less likely to win.

Anyway, Jing Yaorong didnt think it was a bad thing.

“Jining, since you know Shangguan Yang, can you go to talk with his disciple Yunyan can team up with him so that itll be more likely for them to win,” said Jing Yaorong.

He was talking about Leng Shaoting.

Although he hoped his son would win the first prize, there were more and more strong competitors now, which alerted Jing Yunyan.

Therefore, in order to make sure that his son could win a prize, it would be better if his son could team up with Shangguan Yangs disciple.

He couldnt decide who would win the first prize and who would get the second.

It all relied on their own abilities and luck.

However, if Shangguan Yangs disciple teamed up with other cultivators, Jing Yunyan would be in a more dangerous situation.

Hearing that, Jing Yunyan disdained him in heart and showed it on his face a little.

“Patriarch, you think too highly of me.

I do know Senior Shangguan, but were not so close.

Even if you want Yunyan to team up with Senior Shangguans disciple, you need to tell Yunyan to talk about that with Senior Shangguans disciple in person.

I dont want to annoy them.”

Hearing that, Jing Yaorong had a big frown.

He knew that Jing Jining was reluctant to help him, but he had to admit that Jing Jining was right, so he didnt force Jing Jining to do it for him.

Besides, Jing Jining didnt have a good relationship with them.

If Jing Jining was displeased, he might let Shangguan Yangs disciple deliberately make things difficult for Jing Yunyan, which was a bad thing.

Upon thinking of that, Jing Yaorong felt worried, so he immediately tried to figure out Jing Jinings attitude.

“Jining, I know we never get along.

Will you tell Shangguan Yangs disciple to cause Yunyan trouble on purpose because you hate me No matter what, were a family.

Its a good thing for us if Yunyan can win a prize.”

“Jining, will you…” Jing Yanhua got anxious as well.

Although he disliked what Jing Yaorong had done before, it had already happened.

A long time had passed too.

No matter what, they were a family, so he cared a lot about the Jing familys pride.

“What” Jing Jining sneered, then said in annoyance, “Patriarch, dont think too highly of me.

My relationship with them isnt close enough to make them listen to me! And Im not that silly.”

Actually, he was lying, because they came here in order to stop the Jing family from winning a prize.

It wasnt silly for him, but it was revenge.

Hearing that, Jing Yaorong felt relieved, but he was still dissatisfied with Jing Jinings tone.

Nevertheless, he didnt criticize Jing Jining for that.

They said nothing further about that and told Jing Jining to leave, and so did Jing Yanhua.

Jing Yaorong soon called Jing Yunyan over and reminded him to team up with Shangguan Yangs disciple tomorrow at the game.

“Father, there will be many people tomorrow.

How can I know who Shangguan Yangs disciple is” said Jing Yunyan.

He felt it was difficult.

Jing Yaorong frowned and said, “Jining will tell you tomorrow.”

He didnt think Jing Jining would refuse to do that.

“Father, how did Jing Jining manage to get to know Shangguan Yang How could he be so lucky” said Jing Yunyan with jealousy.

He didnt address Jing Jining as his cousin, but directly called his name, which proved how much he hated Jing Jining.

Jing Yaorong then told Jing Yunyan how Shangguan Yang met Shangguan Yang, and Jing Yunyan wished that he had met Shangguan Yang earlier than Jing Jining.

Given his talent, he could be taken as Shangguan Yangs disciple.

Other families were also curious about the senior cultivator who was taken away by Bai Lingtian, and they went to collect information about that as well.

Before long, they learned the result and were all surprised that it was the elder of the Kunlun Sect, Shangguan Yang.

To their astonishment, Shangguan Yang was still alive.

After the surprise, they began to feel worried too, because Jing Jining had a relationship with Shangguan Yang..

If their relationship was close, Shangguan Yang could become the Jing familys support, which wasnt good news for the other major families.


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