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Chapter 2063: Why Dont We Team up

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In Tiandaozong.

When the several elders talked with Shangguan Yang, they brought up the tribulation which happened hundreds of years ago.

Because of the heavenly tribulation, the cultivation world came into being.

Shangguan Yang had heard about that from Jing Yunyao earlier.

Shangguan Yang also told them that he was in retreat back then, so he knew nothing about what had happened in the outside world.

After he came out, everything had changed and he was the only survivor of the Kunlun Sect.

Anyway, since he survived, there might be other cultivators who survived too, but the world was too large for them to meet.

They didnt think about that until Shangguan Yang showed up.

After their chat, Bai Lingtian arranged for people to take Shangguan Yang and the others to have a rest.

That night, Leng Shaoting couldnt sleep well because he was very close to his arch enemy here, and he would be able to see his arch enemy tomorrow.

The next day, disciples of Tiandaozong all got up at 6 am to practice in the square.

At 6:30 am, Shangguan Yang and the others came, but they didnt go out right away.

Instead, they stretched their bodies in the yard.

Bai Lingtian told them last night that their breakfast would be sent over at 7 am.

When it was about 7 am, Ning Xu came to the yard where they stayed.

Seeing Shangguan Yang and the others walking out, Ning Xu said, “Senior Shangguan, I came to send you the breakfast as our leader ordered.

If you want to have a tour around, I can be your guide.

Well gather together at 9 am for the kung fu competition.”

“Sure, thanks,” said Shangguan Yang.

“My pleasure,” said Ning Xu.

After that, Shangguan Yang and the others went to have breakfast before Ning Xu took them to have a tour around Tiandaozong.

Because the kung fu competition would be held today and the leader and elders needed to deal with other things, they wouldnt be free to treat Shangguan Yang until the competition began.

Walking in Tiandaozong, they met its disciples along the way who all respectfully greeted Shangguan Yang.

As they walked, they saw Mo Qilin who was practicing his skills.

“Hi, Senior Shangguan, and everyone.” Mo Qilin greeted Shangguan Yang.

Because Gu Ning had a different appearance now, Mo Qilin failed to recognize her.

Gu Ning, however, asked him, “Will you take part in the kung fu competition”

“Yeah,” said Mo Qilin.

“Why dont we team up” asked Gu Ning.

Mo Qilin was a good cultivator in Gu Nings eyes, so she didnt mind helping him.

Otherwise, it would be very hard for Mo Qilin to finish the game.

Hearing Gu Nings words, not only Mo Qilin and Ning Xu, but Shangguan Yang and Leng Shaoting were also surprised.

They didnt know when Gu Ning suddenly became so helpful.

Did she know Mo Qilin

It must be the reason, otherwise she wouldnt team up with a cultivator at a common level.

Since Gu Ning was willing to do that on her own, they didnt stop her.

Gu Ning was at the Fusion Stage, but her abilities were nearly the Golden Core Stage.

“Really” Mo Qilin got excited after being surprised because his master also told him that he could finish the game if he could team up with Shangguan Yangs disciples.

However, it was only more likely for him to finish the game, but it was impossible for him to be in the top 3.

After all, Mo Qilin was at a very common level.

“Of course,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure! Thank you so much!” Mo Qilin thanked them at once.

“Great, see you later,” said Gu Ning, then they walked away.

“Junior Qing He, may I know why you chose Junior Mo Qilin to be your teammate” asked Ning Xu when they were far away.

“I think hes likable,” said Gu Ning.

Ning Xu didnt know whether it was the real reason, but it was Gu Nings answer, so he didnt ask further about that.

Once Gu Ning and the others were gone, Mo Qilin ran to see his master.

Mo Qilins master was the second elder, Yun Hongqing.

After Mo Qilin met Yun Hongqing, he told Yun Hongqing that Shangguan Yangs female disciple invited him to team up with them on her own initiative.

Knowing that, Yun Hongqing was greatly surprised.

Although he hoped that Mo Qilin could team up with them, Mo Qilin was at a very common level like Qing He after all, so he didnt think it was very likely.

If they teamed up with Mo Qilin, Mo Qilin might be their burden.

Therefore, he couldnt figure out the reason why they invited Mo Qilin to join them.

He didnt know why, but it was what he wanted and he believed that they wouldnt harm Mo Qilin.

At 8 am, more and more people gathered at the square of Tiandaozong.

Some came to participate in the game, while some came to watch it.

This game was divided into two parts.

The first part would be held at the square, which was a group game and was called number grabbing.

There were only sixty number cards that could enter the second part of the game, so no matter how many people signed up for the competition, only sixty players would enter the second part.

Therefore, if one wanted to get a number card, he or she had to knock out the other competitors.

Participants could team up in the first part, but there must be fewer than five people.

They couldnt help their teammates compete for number cards, they could only help each other clear obstacles at most.

If they wanted to win, they had to rely on their own abilities.

Moreover, during the fight, they were forbidden to fly and they had to fight through by themselves.

There were three stepped martial arts platforms on the square.

The first martial arts platform was a hundred square meters wide, the second was eighty meters wide, and the third was sixty square meters wide.

Around the three martial arts platforms was a two-meter-wide pool.

The number cards were hung on a two-meter-high shelf at the end of the third martial arts platform.

The starting point was from the first martial arts platform and went directly to the third one.

Whoever was knocked out of the martial arts platform was the loser.

Even if a participant grabbed a number card, it wasnt a success yet because other participants could steal it away.

One couldnt succeed until no other participants came to steal the number card.

If there were fewer than sixty people who successfully had the number cards, those who lost the first time could have a second chance.

In the second part of the game, participants would enter the deep forest of mist and the rules would be announced then.

At 8:10 am, Jing Jining arrived, followed by Jing Yunyan.

Along the way, they didnt talk at all, but Jing Yunyan said to Jing Jining after arriving at Tiandaozong, “Cousin Jining, my father said he hopes that you can introduce me to Senior Shangguans disciples.”

He mentioned his father in order to put pressure on Jing Jining.

“No problem.” Jing Jining didnt refuse, because Jing Yunyan wouldnt be able to team up with Leng Shaoting even if he introduced him to Shangguan Yang..

After all, they came here this time precisely to stop Jing Yunyan from winning a prize.


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