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Chapter 2066: Youre Adorable!

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“Hi, Elder Shangguan.” Yun Hongqing and Shi Xiaoyang greeted Shangguan Yang in that way.

“Nice to see you, Senior Shangguan.” Bai Lingtian and the others greeted him.

They originally sat there, but all stood up once Shangguan Yang walked inside, otherwise it would be disrespectful.

Bai Lingtian introduced Baili Qifeng and the others to Shangguan Yang, then they casually chatted with each other before the competition began.

At the square, Mo Qilin soon showed up and searched for Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting all around.

Because there were too many people, it wasnt easy for him to find them and he could only ask the others for clues.

“Junior Mo, why do you want to find them” a disciple asked Mo Qilin curiously.

“To team up with them! I need to find them now,” said Mo Qilin blankly.

“What You want to team up with them I think you better give it up.

Many disciples have tried, but they were all turned down.

Perhaps they disdained their levels.

If you go to see them right now, youll be turned down as well,” said the disciple.

Although Mo Qilin was young and had potential, his current level was really common.

“Right, itll be embarrassing,” said another disciple.

He wasnt disdaining Mo Qilin, but reminded him to be careful out of kindness after what other disciples had been through.

“Im different.

Its Senior Qing He who asked me to join them,” said Mo Qilin with pride.

He was indeed too young to hide his real feelings.

“What” Hearing that, several disciples around him were all shocked.

“Did you just say that they asked you to join them You must be lying!”

“Yeah, its impossible that they would give you the offer.

Your level is very average.”


Facing their questions, Mo Qilin argued in annoyance.

“Why should I lie to you I wont humiliate myself.”

It was embarrassing if he was turned down, but it was humiliating if he lied.

Mo Qilin lost interest in arguing with them, so he walked away to find Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

When they were talking, Jing Yunyan stood not far away, so he heard everything.

He didnt think that Mo Qilin was lying, because it was indeed humiliating if he did that.

Mo Qilin wouldnt lie.

Precisely because of that, Jing Yunyan grew angrier at Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting refused to team up with him who was at a high level, but turned to a regular cultivator, which was quite confusing in his eyes.

Wouldnt they feel burdened if they teamed up with a regular cultivator Although they could get rid of the burden at any time, wasnt it a better choice to team up with a stronger cultivator

In fact, there were advantages and disadvantages whether they teamed up with regular or strong cultivators, because their teammates would also be competitors.

It was allowed in the game, so it might not be a good thing if a strong cultivator was their teammate.

It was exactly Jing Yunyans idea, because he planned to grab the best advantages after reaching the end of the game.

Before long, Mo Qilin saw Gu Nings and Leng Shaotings backs, so he immediately ran to them.

“Hi, Senior Qing He, Senior Qing Feng,” Mo Qilin called them excitedly.

“Hi!” Gu Ning smiled at them.

She wasnt as cold to him as to the others.

“Um, Senior Qing He, can I ask you about something” Mo Qilin hesitated.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

Actually, she already knew what Mo Qilin wanted to ask about.

“Why were you willing to invite me to join your team My level is very average after all.

All the seniors are laughing at me because they think Im lying,” asked Mo Qilin curiously.

At the same time, he was also slightly upset because he couldnt help but think about that a lot when facing the others questions.

“I think youre adorable! My level isnt high either,” said Gu Ning.

“Really Just because Im adorable” Mo Qilin was pure, but still felt it wasnt persuasive.

“Dont you want to team up with us” asked Gu Ning.

“Of course I do!” Mo Qilin said at once, in case Gu Ning misunderstood him.

“If so, why do you care so much about the reason We wont harm you,” said Gu Ning.

“Youre right.

Thank you so much, Senior Qing He, Senior Qing Feng.” Mo Qilin stopped being bothered about the real reason why Gu Ning wanted to team up with him.

Anyway, he was very thankful.

At this time, Leng Shaoting opened his mouth for the first time.

“We invited you to join us, but you cant rely on us all the time.

You must do your best.

Well only help you when you really lose control of the game.”

“I know,” said Mo Qilin seriously.

Although he teamed up with them, he didnt have the intention of relying on them because it would only make him lazy and slow his progress.

Those disciples who had the idea that Mo Qilin was lying to them changed their mind after witnessing him get along well with Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

They couldnt hear their conversation, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting indeed treated Mo Qilin differently.

Therefore, they started to believe Mo Qilins words about having teamed up with them.

In an instant, they all felt jealous.

Some disciples who already gave up the idea now wanted to try again, so they went to ask for Leng Shaotings permission in order to join them as well.

Unfortunately, they were turned down once more.

Because of that, Mo Qilin was convinced that he was different and was filled with pride.

Dongfang Ziyu started observing other cultivators once she arrived.

She found many at a high level and some were even at the same level as her.

As a result, she lost some confidence.

After three years, a lot of cultivators who were at a high level came to take part in the competition.

Those who ranked below her three years ago seemed to have made great progress, especially Jing Yunyan who was already in the Golden Core Stage.

She cultivated hard, so did the others.

She made progress, so did the others.

She used to think that she was more likely to win a prize this year, but it seemed she was wrong.

There were more strong competitors than three years ago, while she was in a dangerous situation.

Even if it was more challenging, Dongfang Ziyu was reluctant to give up.

Instead, she encouraged herself to be brave.

She couldnt lose.

When Dongfang Ziyu was observing the others, the others were doing the same thing..

In fact, they were all observing each other, planning how to win.


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