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Chapter 2090: How to Punish Him

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Sometimes, Gu Ning didnt think she was very outstanding, but she was quite unbelievable in other peoples eyes.

What Zhang Zikai said was also the truth, because other people immediately looked at her with envy when they found out she was very close to Gu Ning.

They even talked about them in a low voice.

“Im so envious of that girl.

She is Gu Nings friend.”

“Right, and they are also roommates!”

“Really Im so envious of her!”


Although their voices were low, Gu Ning and Zhang Zikai still heard their discussion.

And hearing their words, Zhang Zikai showed obvious pride again.

“Ha-ha, see What I said is the truth!” Zhang Zikai proudly said to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning kept the resigned smile on her face.

During these days, there was a lot of news in their school, but Gu Ning was absent all the time, so she didnt know.

Zhang Zikai and the others had discussed the news in their WeChat group, but Gu Ning seldom read the messages, so she didnt notice it.

“Oh, Gu Ning, I didnt see your message in our WeChat group.

I bet you know nothing about the news were talking about now, right” asked Zhang Zikai.

She wasnt sure whether Gu Ning was aware of it or not because Gu Ning had no interest in gossip.

However, it was possible that Gu Ning had heard of the news, but didnt talk about it with them.

“Yeah, Ive been a little busy these days, so I didnt really look at the WeChat group.

There are too many messages.

Im too lazy to read them all,” said Gu Ning, then she asked, “What happened”

“Last Saturday, the day when your business group was established, Song Siyao confessed her love to a senior.

The senior accepted it because he knew her family background, but he actually has a girlfriend.

Song Siyao didnt know about it until the seniors girlfriend came to see her on Monday.

Unfortunately, the seniors girlfriend didnt know Song Siyaos family background and beat her.

No one knows whether it was serious, but Song Siyaos still absent from school.

The girl who beat her was expelled,” said Zhang Zikai.

She wasnt gossiping, but Song Siyao had a grudge against them, so she talked about the news.

Gu Ning only listened to her account and said nothing.

When they almost reached the dormitory, a picture suddenly flashed in Gu Nings eyes.

She saw two boys having an argument in the small woods of their school, then they started fighting.

One boy took out a knife and stabbed the other boy in the stomach.

In an instant, blood came out.

Gu Ning had seen one of the two boys.

The boy was Du Jialei who had struck up a conversation with them before and he studies in the Journalism Department.

Gu Ning frowned.

She told Zhang Zikai that she needed to leave for a while, then ran away without delay.

Zhang Zikai, who was in the midst of a pleasant conversation with Gu Ning, was struck dumb for a few seconds.

When she came back to her senses, Gu Ning had already disappeared.

Although she didnt know what Gu Ning was going to do, she knew that Gu Ning could protect herself, so Zhang Zikai went upstairs alone.

However, the second she turned around, she heard Song Miaoges voice from not far away.

“Hey, Zhang Zikai, why are you here alone Where is Gu Ning Didnt she come back with you Did she run to deal with other things again”

Hearing Gu Nings name, many people turned to look at them with envy.

They were envious of them for knowing Gu Ning and having a good relationship with her.

“She said she needs to deal with something and will be back in a while.” Zhang Zikai shrugged.

Anyway, Gu Ning was always busy, so they were already used to it.

If Gu Ning was suddenly free one day, they would feel it was strange!

“I know she is never free for even a moment.

Forget it, lets go upstairs now!” Song Miaoge shook her head resignedly.

She ran back once she learned that Gu Ning was back, but unexpectedly she couldnt even see her shadow.

Baili Zongxue had also disappeared for days and wouldnt call or send messages to them.

Even if Baili Zongxue told them she needed to go home for something important, she had been absent for too long.

Nevertheless, they didnt want to assume that something terrible had happened to their friends, or it might cause their friends bad luck.

A minute later, Gu Ning reached the small woods.

Because it was time for students to leave their evening class, Gu Ning couldnt run too fast.

Although she couldnt waste a second on her way to save people, she had to control herself when it was necessary.

In addition, Gu Ning could foresee things quite far in advance now, so the stabbing hadnt happened yetwhen Gu Ning finally arrived.

However, when Gu Ning was five meters away from them, the boy pulled out a knife from his pocket to stab Du Jialei.

If Gu Ning didnt come, Du Jialei would certainly be hurt, but Gu Ning wouldnt allow it to happen since she came.

Therefore, the moment the boy took out the knife, Gu Ning quickly ran over.

She moved so fast that she left a vague shadow in the air.

Neither the boy nor Du Jialei noticed that someone was coming.

When they realized it, the boys hand which was holding the knife was already caught by Gu Ning.

It happened so fast that both of them were stunned.

The next second, Du Jialei saw the knife in the hand of the boy who was arguing with him.

His face paled.

He couldnt believe that the boy was going to kill him.

The boy was scared and got back to his reason.

He immediately loosened his hand and dropped the knife, then tried to get rid of Gu Ning, but Gu Ning was very strong, so he failed.

“Let me go!” The boy glared at Gu Ning.

However, as soon as he saw Gu Nings face clearly, the boy felt frightened.

He recognized Gu Ning and had heard of what had happened these days, so he was aware that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl.

It was night, but Gu Ning was right in front of him, so he could see her.

Hearing the boys voice, Du Jialei turned to look at Gu Ning in surprise.

“G-Gu Ning”

“How do you plan to punish him” Gu Ning asked Du Jialei.

“I-I-I didnt mean it.

I just lost my reason at that second, so I….” The boy was scared.

Before Du Jialei could say anything, he opened his mouth first, then turned to beg Du Jialei.

“Jialei, Im sorry.

I didnt mean to hurt you..

Please forgive me this time.”


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