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Chapter 2091: Lets See!

Du Jialei said nothing.

With a frown, he hesitated.

Even if the boy didnt mean to hurt him, the boy had pulled out a knife.

If it hadnt been for Gu Ning, he would have been stabbed by the knife and his life might have been in danger.

Seeing Du Jialei stay silent, the boy got more anxious and continued to beg him.

“Jialei, were cousins, right Please forgive me.

I promise I wont do it again.”


Knowing their relationship, Gu Ning was annoyed.

Since they were cousins, why did the boy want to stab Du Jialei.

Although the boy didnt mean to hurt Du Jialei with the knife, he must have hated Du Jialei to death since he carried the knife.

Du Jialei knew it very well.

They grew up together after all, so he clearly knew the boys attitude towards him.

Therefore, Du Jialei didnt say anything right away.

He stared at the boy in annoyance for a while, then mocked.

“Chen Fangmiao, now you know were cousins Since were cousins, why did you want to kill me Even if you didnt mean to do that, you must have borne the idea in your mind for a long time, or you wouldnt have done that.”

Obviously, Chen Fangmiao refused to admit that they were cousins before what just happened.

Chen Fangmiao was indeed unwilling to admit that he and Du Jialei were cousins, because Du Jialei was the Du familys adopted son.

Du Jialei wasnt related to the Du family by blood, so he never respected Du Jialei and refused to accept him.

Most importantly, Du Jialei could inherit everything the Du family had.

As a result, Chen Fangmiao and the Chen family hated Du Jialei to death.

They always wanted to steal the Du familys wealth.

However, even if they wanted Du Jialei dead, they never dared to do that with their own hands because they were reluctant to break the law.

The Du family wasnt a super-rich family, but they owned a middle-size company with over a hundred million yuan in assets.

The Chen family, however, was running a small factory as well, but only had about twenty million yuan in assets, so they wanted to steal the Du familys wealth.

If Du Jialei was the Du familys biological son, they wouldnt have that idea, but Du Jialei wasnt.

They regarded Du Jialei as an outsider, which was the reason why they were unwilling to let Du Jialei inherit the Du familys wealth.

Chen Fangmiao was the Du familys nephew, but they were related after all, so the Chen family believed that it should be Chen Fangmiao who inherited the Du familys properties.

Hearing Du Jialeis words, Chen Fangmiao panicked a little.

He actually hated Du Jialei, but he had to hide his real feelings right now.

Therefore, Chen Fangmiao soon composed himself.

“Jialei, Im sorry.

Lets stop talking about that now, alright” Chen Fangmiao seldom abased himself before Du Jialei because the Du family forbade him from doing that.

Du Jialei was not only the Du familys adopted son, he was also the lifesaver of Chen Fangmiaos uncle.

Chen Fangmiaos uncle and aunt didnt have their own kids, so they cared a lot about Du Jialei, their adopted son.

“Chen Fangmiao, I wont do anything to you for what has happened tonight, but Ill tell my parents,” said Du Jialei.

It wasnt because Du Jialei was mean and told on Chen Fangmiao, or tried to stir things up between the Du family and the Chen family, but because Chen Fangmiaos behavior was too unacceptable.

He was also worried that Chen Fangmiao would try to hurt him again.

The Du family was aware of the Chen familys ambition, so the Du family stayed alert all the time.

However, they were relatives, so the Du family didnt want to argue with them before they did something unacceptable.

Du Jialeis parents had privately reminded him to stay away from the Chen family because they were afraid the Chen family might hurt Du Jialei.

“You…” Chen Fangmiao got mad in an instant.

He wanted to stop the Du family from finding out, so he begged Du Jialei just now, but it turned out to be useless.

Du Jialei still wanted to tell the Du family.

Afterwards, an idea dawned on Chen Fangmiao.

The fear and anger on his face were replaced by pride at once.

He even looked a little evil and said coldly, “You said I want to kill you tonight.

Do you have any proof I can just say that youve framed me.”

Hearing Chen Fangmiaos words, Du Jialei stayed calm because it wasnt surprising.

He didnt need any proof either because his parents would believe his words.

He was never a trouble-maker.

“Really Lets see!” Du Jialei said calmly.

He was unwilling to argue with Chen Fangmiao and turned to Gu Ning.

He was very grateful to her.

“Gu Ning, thank you so much for rescuing me.

I think we can let him go now.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning let Chen Fangmiao go, but she heavily threw him to the ground.

She wouldnt get involved in the grudge between Du Jialei and Chen Fangmiao.

She threw Chen Fangmiao to the ground simply because she disliked him.

Du Jialei wasnt dumb.

He should know how to deal with it.

Chen Fangmiao was in great pain after being thrown to the ground by Gu Ning.

He hated Gu Ning, but didnt dare to vent his anger on her because he was afraid it would make the result even worse.

Chen Fangmiao said nothing to Du Jialei, because Du Jialei was determined to tell his parents.

Coercion and bribery were useless at this moment.

He also understood that his uncle and aunt would believe Du Jialeis words even if Du Jialei had no proof.

Therefore, Chen Fangmiao was very anxious now.

After that, Gu Ning and Du Jialei left, but they didnt walk out together.

Instead, they left from different sides.

It was late at night, so it would easily cause misunderstandings if a girl and a boy walked out of the small woods together.

There were young couples on a date inside, but Gu Ning was different because she was a celebrity now.

Everyone knew her and was aware that she already had a fiancé, so it would cause rumors if she was with a boy at night.

After Gu Ning and Du Jialei walked away, Chen Fangmiao slowly got back to his feet.

Looking at Gu Ning and Du Jialeis backs, he was filled with unkindness.

The next second, he took out his phone to call his mother.


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