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Chapter 2117: They Hate the Rich

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No matter what, it was his personal affair.

As long as he didnt affect the Chamber of Commerce, Nie Chenyang couldnt interfere in it.

However, if it affected the Chamber of Commerce, he had to do something.

“Nie Chenyang, what do you mean Why did you look at me when you said that Are you picking on me” Lu Juncheng turned to glare at Nie Chenyang in an instant.

Lu Juncheng didnt like Nie Chenyang at all.

Nie Chenyang was better than him in every aspect, so he was extremely jealous of Nie Chenyang.

Lu Juncheng and Nie Chenyang knew each other when they were kids, and they were competitors ever since they were little.

Therefore, Lu Juncheng made up his mind to surpass Nie Chenyang, but he never succeeded.

Not only was he worse than Nie Chenyang, but his family was also less influential than Nie Chenyangs.

If the Lu family was as influential as the Nie family, he would have chased Yuan Yilin earlier on.

Unfortunately, the Lu family was only an average rich family in the capital.

“Then whats your meaning when you said that to Gu Ning Dont tell me youre just joking.

No one here is an idiot,” Nie Chenyang sneered.

“…” Lu Juncheng closed his mouth and didnt know what to say.

He knew no one there was an idiot, and he didnt hide his hatred towards Gu Ning, but he was unwilling to make himself a joke before Nie Chenyang.

Anyway, he thought Nie Chenyang shouldnt mind his business!

“Alright, have a seat now.

The meeting is about to begin.” Seeing that Lu Juncheng couldnt say another word, Nie Chenyang stopped arguing with them.

He was reluctant to make it worse, so he changed the subject.

After that, they all sat down.

Although it was several minutes away from 1 pm, they decided to begin when they were all present.

After all, they could leave earlier if the meeting began earlier.

Not only the Capital University had the Chamber of Commerce, many universities had it, so the activity to help the poor students wasnt organized by the Capital University alone.

The Chamber of Commerce of each university stood out, but they went to different places to help the poor students.

They didnt move together, but it was very common to run into each other when they arrived at the places to carry out their work.

They had all investigated in advance where support was needed, and what kinds of students needed support.

Whatever amount of donations was made in the early stage, each student could have the same amount of money, and no one would have more than anyone else.

If the donations were little, then they would just help fewer places, and vice versa.

Because it was public welfare, those who were sent to help the poor students worked without pay.

This time, Nie Chenyang, Lu Juncheng, and Yuan Yilin donated five hundred thousand yuan, while Gu Ning donated a million yuan.

Other people donated different amounts of money.

Gu Ning donated the most money not because she wanted to be most noticeable, but because she was the richest.

They donated as students instead of owners of corporations, so Gu Ning couldnt donate too much either, or it could cause a sensation.

When the meeting was over, Gu Ning walked away amidst the crowd, but she could feel two looks of hatred aimed at her back.

She didnt bother to turn around because she knew they must be Lu Juncheng and Yuan Yilin.

Lu Juncheng was embarrassed in public because of Gu Ning today, so he took her as his opponent from now on.

He was determined to pay Gu Ning back.

However, Lu Juncheng only paid attention to the fact that he had been embarrassed because of Gu Ning, but he ignored that he had caused Gu Ning trouble first.

If he hadnt done that, he wouldnt have been embarrassed.

Selfish people only cared about themselves.

In the afternoon, the Chamber of Commerce released the news of their donations on the column of their school.

Most people respected Gu Ning for her generosity.

Some, however, still criticized her for only donating a million yuan when she was super rich.

As a result, many people discussed it passionately on the forum.

“Gu Nings so rich.

She has dozens of billions of yuan in wealth.

How could she only donate a million yuan Shes so mean!”

“Right, she should at least donate one or two hundred million yuan.

Its nothing to her anyway.”


Many also angrily argued over that.

“Why should she donate more just because shes rich Nobody got money by doing nothing.”

“Right, talk is cheap.

Go donate if you can.

If you dont donate one or two hundred million yuan, dont criticize her here.”

“Its a good thing to help the poor, but Gu Ning is a businesswoman instead of a philanthropist.

The bigger her corporation is, the more money she needs to run it.

Do you think she can spend her money casually”

“Right, theyre so dumb.”

“Those people are merely haters.

They simply hate the rich.

They cant stand it when other people are richer than them.”

“I agree.

They just hate the rich.”


Luckily, most people sided with Gu Ning.

Although those people who criticized Gu Ning werent all idiots, they were definitely jealous of her and couldnt stand it when she became more and more successful.

Reading those comments, Gu Ning and her friends were in the canteen.

Gu Ning felt nothing, but Song Miaoge and the other girls were mad.

“What the f*ck! Who are these people Is a million yuan very little Its a lot! There arent many people who can donate a million yuan.

Go donate if they can!” Song Miaoge said loudly in anger and attracted a lot of attention, but she couldnt care less about it.

She was full of anger now.

Other people understood why she was mad.

They agreed that a million yuan wasnt little, so they felt it was unfair for Gu Ning.

She did a good thing, but she was still criticized.

Actually, outstanding people could easily arouse jealousy.

“Right, I cant wait to beat those people a hundred times!” Zhang Zikai clenched her teeth.

It seemed she would beat whoever dared to say that Gu Ning didnt donate enough money.

“Not enough, ten thousand times!” said Baili Zongxue.

She thought it wasnt enough to release her anger by beating those people a hundred times.

“Right, ten thousand times!” Song Miaoge and Zhang Zikai agreed right away.

Seeing them so angry because of her, Gu Ning felt touched and amused.

She wasnt mad at all, but her friends were mad for her.

“Alright, dont be so mad.

See There are a lot of people who support me.

Those who strongly criticize me are simply jealous of me,” said Gu Ning to comfort them.

Even if it was the truth, they still felt displeased.

Gu Ning did a good thing, but was still criticized by many people, which was unacceptable.

“Well, its still very annoying,” said Song Miaoge, then took a heavy bite of the meat to release her anger.

“Right, even strangers stood out for you.

Were your good friends..

We cant stay calm,” said Zhang Zikai.


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