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Chapter 2121: Unpleasant Humiliation

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“This photo is obviously photoshopped.

What do you want to do by telling me that my girlfriend has betrayed me with this fake photo” Mu Ke questioned her.

He didnt care about Zhao Rans feelings at all, because her behavior was totally unacceptable.

There was no need to protect her dignity.

She didnt respect herself, so no one would respect her.

Mu Ke knew why Zhao Ran did that.

Zhao Ran liked him, but it was her own business.

He couldnt stop her, and he could only reject her, but she tried to stir things up between him and Yu Mixi.

It annoyed him that Zhao Ran tried to humiliate Yu Mixi.

“What” Zhao Ran looked shocked.

To her astonishment, Mu Ke found out that the photo was photoshopped.

Obviously, Zhao Ran panicked and avoided Mu Kes eyes.

However, even if she still refused to admit it, her reaction told everything.

“W-What did you say I dont understand”

Mu Ke said nothing, but looked at the girl walking over from Zhao Rans back.

It was Yu Mixi.

Yu Mixi saw them talking from afar and felt displeased.

She wasnt mad at Mu Ke, she was upset at Zhao Ran.

She was aware that Mu Ke disliked Zhao Ran and even hated Zhao Ran, so it must be Zhao Ran who tried to have a conversation with Mu Ke.

What did Zhao Ran aim to do by meeting her boyfriend in private

Anyway, seeing the annoyance on Mu Kes face, Yu Mixi wondered whether Zhao Ran had confessed her affection for Mu Ke.

Thinking of that, Yu Mixi was in a worse mood.

“Whats wrong” Yu Mixi came to the two of them and asked, her voice a bit cold.

Hearing Yu Mixis voice, Zhao Ran was shocked and realized that Yu Mixi had already arrived.

She became even more panicked.

Seeing that her phone was still in Mu Kes hands, she went over immediately to grab it for fear that the photo would be seen by Yu Mixi.

“Return the phone to me…”

Mu Ke avoided her.

Upon seeing that, Yu Mixi frowned and looked at Mu Ke, showing puzzlement, wondering what he did with Zhao Rans phone.

Zhao Rans move also caused many students around her to look at her, and they were all wondering what was going on here.

Some people took a few glances and left, but some stopped to see what was going to happen next.

Mu Ke didnt intend to keep it a secret from Yu Mixi, so he showed this photo to her.

“Have a look!”

“No…” Zhao Ran saw Mu Ke handing the phone to Yu Mixi, and immediately went to grab it, but Yu Mixi took it first.

Then Yu Mixi looked at the picture on the phone screen and got mad in an instant.

She didnt know the boy in the photo.

It was even more impossible for him to kiss her, so what happened to this photo

Because she was unprofessional at photoshop, she didnt see through it.

Because of her anger and anxiety, she couldnt think calmly either.

“Mu Ke, I didnt…” Yu Mixi immediately looked at Mu Ke, wanting to explain, for fear that Mu Ke might believe it was true and felt she had betrayed him.

“Mixi, I trust you, because this picture is photoshopped.” Mu Ke immediately took Yu Mishs hand and said to comfort her.

“Photoshopped What exactly happened” Yu Mixi was surprised when she heard that.

“It was Zhao Ran who came to me with this picture and said that you betrayed me, but I saw through her,” Mu Ke said.

Although it seemed a little unkind to embarrass Zhao Ran in public, Mu Ke couldnt stand it any longer.

Zhao Rans behavior had crossed his limits.

Knowing that, everyone was astonished.

What This girl named Zhao Ran actually photoshopped an ambiguous picture of this girl with another boy, and came to tell her boyfriend that this girl had betrayed him

In an instant, people began to look at Zhao Ran with disdain and hatred.

Yu Mixi was furious and glared at Zhao Ran.

“Zhao Ran, you…”

Yu Mixi knew what Zhao Rans purpose was by doing that.

Zhao Ran simply wanted to stir things up between her and Mu Ke, so she could take the opportunity to steal Mu Ke away.

Why was Zhao Ran so confident Why did she think Mu Ke would believe it Besides, even if Zhao Ran admired Mu Ke, how could she damage Yu Mixis reputation

“I-I-I…” Zhao Ran didnt dare to meet Yu Mixis eyes.

She wanted to deny it and argue with them, but she couldnt because she was full of guilt.

What was worse, she was amid peoples disdainful looks now.

She was so humiliated that she wanted to disappear right away.

Yu Mixi really wanted to give Zhao Ran a slap, but she was too mild to do that.

If Gu Ning and Chu Peihan were here, they would have already slapped Zhao Ran.

“Zhao Ran, delete the photo.

If it happens again, dont blame me for punishing you.” Yu Mixi warned, then pushed the phone into Zhao Rans palm.

She pulled Mu Ke away afterwards.

There were so many onlookers, she didnt think that Zhao Ran would dare to not delete it.

Once Mu Ke and Yu Mixi were gone, other students began to laugh at Zhao Ran.

“Shes such a bi*ch.

Shes much uglier than the boys girlfriend.

Why does she think the boy will like her”

“Right, she has zero understanding of herself.”

“The girl has a very good temper.

If I were her, I would have slapped her.”

“Yeah, I would teach her a serious lesson.

How dare she try to ruin other peoples romantic relationships”


Other students kept on humiliating Zhao Ran, so Zhao Ran burst into tears and ran away.

She felt greatly humiliated today.

The weekend soon came.

Gu Ning didnt ask for leave this week, so she went to class until Friday.

However, she only went to have classes in the morning and left at noon because she received Owens call for help.

Owen was the foreign language teacher Gu Ning had rescued last time.

Owen was now in a wilderness, being hunted and chased, in a precarious situation, and the only one he could think of to save him was Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning and Owen didnt have much friendship, she had saved his life once before, and now he called her for help, so Gu Ning had to do something.

She knew that Owen wasnt an ordinary man, but didnt know much about his family background.

Now, she became curious about it.

She didnt think Owen was a bad man, so he was probably not being chased because he had done bad things.

However, that was just her guess, because she didnt know Owen very well.

Gu Ning thought it was also possible for it to be because of a grudge between families.

To achieve a certain benefit, Owen couldnt live.

Anyway, she just made a guess and only Owen knew the truth..

It was his own business after all.


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