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Chapter 2143: Can Speak

Like what Leng Shaoting said, they didnt have choices sometimes.

They couldnt abandon their careers for their romantic relationship.

Leng Shaoting understood that Gu Ning jokingly said that, so he wasnt unhappy.

Instead, he said, “Im afraid youre doomed to be bothered.

We have a long future ahead of us.

After these dozens of years, we still have dozens and hundreds of years to stay together.”

Gu Ning rolled her eyes at Leng Shaoting, then said nothing.

Before long, Shao Chen brought the fake Yang Jun.

Before they came in, Leng Shaoting went back to normal and looked serious.

Originally, the fake Yang Jun believed Gu Ning with all his heart, but when he learned that he was still being prosecuted, he was desperate.

He didnt know that the files were destroyed by Yang Jun, and he thought Shao Chen sided with Yang Jun.

Couldnt Gu Ning help him If Gu Ning couldnt help him, he wouldnt blame her, but he would still be mad at her because he failed to take revenge due to her intervention.

He thought he would be put in jail.

Although he wouldnt be sentenced to death, he would be in jail for years.

Actually, he wouldnt stop paying Yang Jun back even if he was out of jail.

Right now in Shao Chens office, he had hopes again when he saw Gu Ning.

He looked at her with excitement and anticipation.

The fake Yang Jun was handcuffed, and Gu Ning didnt tell Shao Chen to untie it.

After all, he was now a suspect.

“Have a seat,” said Gu Ning.

The fake Yang Jun didnt sit down right away, and instead turned to stare at Shao Chen.

Although Gu Ning enjoyed a high status, this was Shao Chens office, and he was completely dirty.

He was afraid of dirtying other peoples places.

“Just sit,” said Shao Chen.

Since Shao Chen said that, the fake Yang Jun sat down.

“Yang Jun, oh, no, I should call you Yang Siyuan.

Maybe I can let you speak again, maybe.

Even if I fail, this medicine wont do you any harm.

If youre willing to trust me, take it.” Gu Ning held a power crystal in her hand, then gave it to the fake Yang Jun.

The fake Yang Jun immediately got excited when he heard Gu Ning say that he could speak again, even though Gu Ning just said maybe.

Although Gu Ning gave him medicine and said that it was possible to make him speak again, to be honest, he remained doubtful.

He didnt think such a magical thing existed, but he also felt that Gu Ning didnt have to lie to him.

She would be embarrassed immediately if it didnt work.

He didnt think Gu Ning would poison him either, because there was no grudge between them.

Therefore, since there was a chance, he was willing to give it a try.

It was very unpleasant that he couldnt tell his tragic story.

The fake Yang Jun nodded and took Gu Nings medicine, then took it without hesitation.

Although Gu Ning didnt know why the fake Yang Jun couldnt speak, she believed that it could be cured with the power crystal.

He might not be as good as before, but it wouldnt be a problem for him to speak.

Shao Chen also believed that Gu Ning wouldnt harm people, so he didnt stop her.

Otherwise, according to the rules, drugs that hadnt been tested couldnt be given to prisoners casually.

If something went wrong, he couldnt carry the responsibility.

Anyway, could this single pill help the fake Yang Jun speak

To be honest, Shao Chen didnt believe it, but Gu Ning didnt seem to be bragging, so he still looked forward to it.

Therefore, Shao Chen kept staring at the fake Yang Jun, observing his reaction.

As soon as the fake Yang Jun put the power crystal into his mouth, it melted and he felt a comfortable coldness.

Gradually, his throat, which had felt blocked, seemed to clear up, encouraging him to open his mouth to speak, but because of fear, he dared not speak.

Gu Ning didnt urge him.

After all, no matter how effective the power crystal was, it wasnt a matter of a few seconds.

It required at least a few minutes to come to effect, so she said to the fake Yang Jun, “Just wait three minutes before speaking.”

The fake Yang Jun nodded when he heard that.

Although he couldnt suppress the restlessness in his heart, he had to listen to Gu Ning.

“Will he be able to talk in three minutes” Shao Chen found it very unbelievable.

He had never heard of such a miraculous medicine!

“Well know in three minutes,” Gu Ning said, without giving a definite answer.

Three minutes passed quickly.

The fake Yang Jun couldnt wait, but he didnt take the initiative to speak either.

Instead, he looked at Gu Ning for her opinions.

“Try to speak now,” Gu Ning said.


The fake Yang Jun didnt know what to say for a while, so he only said “I”.

Although the fake Yang Jun only uttered one word, it still stunned Shao Chen, and even the fake Yang Jun was shocked.

This medicine was so amazing!

“Who are you” Gu Ning asked after seeing that the fake Yang Jun didnt know what to say.

“Im Yang Siyuan…” Subconsciously, the fake Yang Jun replied.

Although his voice was hoarse, his words were very clear.

At this moment, Shao Chen was even more surprised.

“When you speak, do you have other problems with your throat” Gu Ning asked.

“Not at all,” said Yang Siyuan.

“Okay, then you can accept Officer Shaos interrogation,” Gu Ning said, then looked at Shao Chen who was stunned.

“Officer Shao, you can ask him any questions now! I know its not convenient for us to be there during the interrogation, but weve interfered after all.

I hope you dont mind that we are on the sidelines.”

Hearing Gu Nings words, Shao Chen reacted immediately, and turned to admire Gu Ning now.

“Of course I dont mind.” Given the current situation, he definitely wouldnt mind.

If it werent for Gu Ning, he would have settled an unjust case.

After all, this incident was only an attempted homicide case, and the person who was targeted was fine.

As a result, relatively speaking, it wasnt a complicated or serious case.

Therefore, the bureau wouldnt conduct further investigations.

As long as they provided interrogation records and evidence, it was basically enough to settle the case.

Shao Chen felt lucky that Gu Ning was involved in this.

However, upon thinking of Yang Siyuan, no, it should be Yang Jun, he was still quite upset.

It wasnt a big deal that he had exchanged his identities with Yang Siyuan, but didnt tell Shao Chen.

It was his personal affair after all, but he had tried to use Shao Chen, which almost made him make a big mistake.

Even though they had a good relationship, Shao Chen was totally disappointed at this moment.

He could lose his job and even be put in jail if the mistake he made was exposed.

If that really happened, it would be caused by Yang Jun, so it was impossible for him not to be mad at Yang Jun.


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