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Chapter 2159: Do I Have Choices

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“Really But I can see that you are scared,” Gu Ning said jokingly.

“Its none of your business!” Qu Hanjiao got mad.

She thought Gu Ning was unreasonable by continuing to question her.

“Well, I dont need you to be honest with me, because I know why you came here,” said Gu Ning with a sneer.

“You know” Qu Hanjiao panicked because of her guilty conscience, but refused to believe it the next second.

She felt Gu Ning was just tricking her.

“Then tell me what I am doing here.” Although Qu Hanjiao didnt believe it, she still wanted to know what Gu Ning thought she was here for.

“You came to see a ghost,” Gu Ning said, with a very calm tone, and she showed no reaction at all when she talked about ghosts.


Qu Hanjiao was shocked.

How did she know

“Alright, no need to beat around the bush.

Qu Hanjiao, I really want to know whom you aim to deal with after you made a deal with that female water ghost, give it your blood for forty-nine days, and let it possess you and get her abilities.

I know you wont tell, so I wont ask, but is it really worth it You can only live a month or two for revenge,” Gu Ning asked.

When Qu Hanjiao heard Gu Nings words, she was completely dumbfounded.

She even knew this as well!

“I-I-I… Y-Y-You…” Qu Hanjiao wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say.

She felt that more and more things were beyond her understanding now.

Although she knew about the existence of ghosts, she just reluctantly accepted it and hadnt completely digested it yet.

The ghost still made her scared and frustrated.

If she didnt want to deal with her enemies, she wouldnt dare to strike a deal with this ghost.

She thought that no one would know about the existence of ghosts, but this woman standing in front of her somehow knew, and this woman was also aware that she was raising a ghost.

Who was she How did she know it

No, this woman just said that after the ghost possessed her, her life was only one or two months left, but that wasnt what the female ghost told her.

“No, it clearly said that it wont hurt me.

It just wants to use my body to take revenge.

As long as revenge is taken, itll leave my body…” Qu Hanjiao retorted.

Although the female ghost did say that to her, she wasnt confident enough to say it now, because it was the female ghosts answer to her and she didnt know whether it was true or not.

This woman in front of her, however, knew everything, so Qu Hanjiao felt this woman might be right.

“Well, why do you trust it so much” Gu Ning laughed sarcastically when she heard Qu Hanjiaos reply.


Qu Hanjiaos mind was in a mess now, and she didnt know who to believe in.

She wanted to retaliate against her enemies, so she wanted to get a strong ability, but she was unwilling to give her life for revenge.

She didnt want to die yet.

“No matter who you believe, your deal with the female ghost cant continue, because Im going to destroy it,” Gu Ning said.

She planned to pay no more attention to Qu Hanjiao.

“No!” Qu Hanjiao subconsciously shouted.

If this woman killed the female ghost, then she wont be able to take revenge.

Gu Ning looked at Qu Hanjiao with a chuckle, then asked gloomily, “What Do you want to die”

“No.” Qu Hanjiao immediately denied it.

“I-I just want revenge, I dont want to die.”

Hearing that, Gu Ning squinted and asked, “Whos your enemy”

Would it be her

“I-I…” Qu Hanjiao stammered, but didnt say anything aloud.

“If you tell me, perhaps I can help you,” said Gu Ning.

Could she help her Not really.

Gu Ning simply wanted to figure out whether she was Qu Hanjiaos target.

“Why should I trust you” Qu Hanjiao said.

She and this woman didnt know each other, so she definitely wouldnt trust her easily.

What if the woman didnt help her

“Believe it or not, I dont have time to talk nonsense with you,” Gu Ning said coldly.

She didnt want to waste more time on Qu Hanjiao, then she flashed to the front of Qu Hanjiao.

In a second, before Qu Hanjiao could react, Gu Ning knocked her unconscious and she sank to the ground.

Gu Ning couldnt let Qu Hanjiao know what would happen between her and the female water ghost.

After Qu Hanjiao fainted, Gu Ning looked towards the lake and said coldly, “Are you coming out on your own and we can talk about it, or do you want me to do it myself”

As soon as Gu Ning finished, the female water ghosts ironic voice came from the lake.

“Talk Humph, why should I believe that you just want to talk with me”

“No matter how you try to escape, you wont be able to escape from me,” Gu Ning said arrogantly, but it was true.

It couldnt be easier for her to catch the female water ghost.

“You…” The female water ghost was instantly mad, but she was also aware that Gu Ning told the truth.

“Do you just want to talk with me” asked the female water ghost.

“Youre doomed to disappear from the mortal world.

It depends on whether you choose to eliminate your obsessions and fall into reincarnation, or Ill just destroy you to ashes,” Gu Ning said.

“Eliminate my obsessions Ha-ha, ha-ha! Its easy to say.

If my enemy isnt dead, my obsessions cant be eliminated,” the female water ghost said, somewhat madly.

If it hadnt died too unjustly and unwillingly, how could it become a ghost

“Sure, I can help you,” said Gu Ning.

“Can you help me Why should I trust you” The female water ghost questioned, but she believed it a little, because if Gu Ning really wanted to destroy it, she wouldnt have said so much to it.

“Do you think you have other options now” Gu Ning directly threatened without proof or explanation.

The female water ghost was silent, because Gu Ning was telling the truth.

In the face of absolute strength, its only way was to compromise.

“How is it Whats your answer” Gu Ning asked.

“Do I have a choice” The female water ghost argued and compromised.

Gu Ning put on a satisfactory smile.

“If so, tell me your story.”

Saying that, Gu Ning took out a chair from her telepathic eye space, put it on the ground, then sat down, crossing her legs.

She seemed relaxed, as if she came here not to negotiate with the ghost, but to appreciate the scene.

The female water ghost didnt say anything immediately, but first emerged from the water and approached Gu Ning.

When it saw the chair appear all of a sudden from the air, the female water ghost was surprised.

Although it was curious about how Gu Ning did that, it didnt bother to ask.

Although its magic power was very weak, and it didnt know the abilities of people with strong magic power, it understood that Gu Ning must be extremely powerful to be able to make a chair appear all of a sudden.

Looking at Gu Ning, the female water ghost was still not convinced, but since she had compromised, she naturally had to talk to Gu Ning.


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