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Chapter 2167: Pay me Twenty Thousand Yuan

“Leave it to me to find a flower wholesaler.

After I find it, we can go buy the goods together,” Gu Ning said.

“No problem,” said Jing Yunyao.

The flower market was very large, and it took a long time for them to finish a tour.

They also saw a lot of empty stores waiting for new owners.

However, most of them were very small, so Gu Ning was dissatisfied.

There was a store which met Gu Nings requirements, but the location was relatively inside and less conspicuous, so the flow of people was half of what the front part of the market had.

Anyway, Gu Ning believed that good wine needs no bush.

As long as they could run the business well, they wouldnt lack customers.

Therefore, even though Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing were dissatisfied with it at the beginning, they accepted it after hearing Gu Nings explanation.

Therefore, Gu Ning immediately called the owner to talk about the lease of the store.

Since it was a rented storefront, the owners phone number was naturally hung outside the door.

Before the owner came, they continued to walk around.

However, this time, something happened.

When a middle-aged man passed by Miao Jingjing with a pot of marsh clivia, he suddenly bumped her, then he exclaimed and the potted flower in his hand fell to the ground.

This accident immediately attracted the attention of many people, but Miao Jingjing was confused.

She didnt understand why this man would come to bump her.

Miao Jingjing had never encountered such a thing as feigning injury before, so she didnt know what had happened to her.

Yes, it was a feigned injury.

Although there were a lot of people in the flower market and the roads were a little crowded, it was wide enough for people to walk by each other.

Moreover, there was a lot of space next to Miao Jingjing for the man to go, but the man still chose to walk past Miao Jingjing.

When he passed her, he deliberately bumped into her.

Before Miao Jingjing and the others could react, the man first attacked her.

“Why didnt you look at the road when you were walking You knocked my marsh clivia out of my hands.

You need to pay me for my loss.”

“Ridiculous! Its you who didnt look at the road when you walked by.

The road next to me is so wide, but you still walked towards me, and it was you who hit me.

I didnt criticize you for that yet! How dare you blame me for it” Although Miao Jingjing didnt know it was a feigned injury, she was clearly bumped by this man, so she was naturally annoyed when she was wronged by the man.

Did the man think she was easy to bully No, she wasnt easy to bully and she wasnt weak either.

For passers-by, they didnt know who bumped into whom, and they didnt know that it was just a feigned injury.

However, for the owners and employees of the surrounding flower shops, it was very clear that this was a feigned injury.

Actually, it often happened, so they werent surprised.

Even though they knew it was a feigned injury, they didnt intend to come forward to help, because the person who did that was a gangster and had many hoodlums.

They were afraid of offending these people and encountering revenge.

Facing Miao Jingjings rebuttal, the man didnt pay much attention to it, and he still retorted confidently.

“Nonsense, its obvious that you hit me and knocked my marsh clivia which cost thirty thousand yuan out of my hands, so you must pay me for my loss.”

“You said she ran into you, and she said you ran into her.

We dont know whom to believe.

Its better to call the police! Then let the police investigate the surveillance cameras, and well immediately know who exactly bumped whom,” Gu Ning said.

When the man ran into Miao Jingjing, Gu Ning saw it, but it was too late to stop it.

She thought it might be an accident, but when the man spoke, she realized it was a feigned injury.

Jing Yunyao also knew.

Although she didnt say anything for the time being, the man seemed to be a bad guy.

Hearing that they wanted to call the police, the man didnt show any fear, but laughed mockingly.

“The result will be the same even if you call the police, so you better pay me the money right now! This pot of marsh clivia is worth thirty thousand yuan.

Im not an unreasonable person, so you can just pay me twenty thousand yuan.”

The result of calling the police would be the same The man obviously meant to tell them that the police would be on his side, so even if the police came, they would still lose money.

Even though other people didnt know it was a feigned injury just now, they should realize it at this moment.

This man feigned an injury, but claimed he wasnt an unreasonable person, which was so shameless.

In fact, if he wasnt shameless, he wouldnt have done the feigned injury.

However, even though everyone knew that it was a feigned injury, no one stood out for Gu Ning, because they also heard this man say that it was useless to call the police.

Obviously, he had a relationship with the police.

As a result, if they stood out, they might not be helpful and might even get in trouble.

“Itll be the same even if we call the police Do you mean whoever bumped whom, we have to pay you” Gu Ning asked.

“Yes,” said the man arrogantly.

He had done this many times before, and he had never failed.

“It turns out that the police aid and abet you to defraud people!” Gu Ning sighed helplessly.

Although she knew that there were bad people everywhere, it was still disappointing when she encountered them.

“Nonsense! The police dont aid and abet me! Dont hurl the blame at me.

I didnt defraud you.

She obviously knocked it out of my hands.” Upon hearing Gu Nings words, the man yelled angrily.

Although it was the truth, it would cause trouble if it went public.

“Nobody is dumb here, and we all know what exactly has happened.

Dont think were easy to bully!” Gu Ning stared at the man mockingly and released pressure.

“…” The man surprisingly felt stressed, so he became a little scared of Gu Ning.

He was afraid that she had connections too.

If he continued to blackmail them, he might be the one who was caught.

However, he felt it was also possible that Gu Ning just pretended to be powerful to scare him.

Thinking of that, the man believed there was nothing to be afraid of, so he made up his mind and raised his voice again.

“Dont scare me! Pay me twenty thousand yuan, or you cant leave.”

Gu Ning looked at the marsh clivia that was thrown to the ground, and said, “The roots of this pot of marsh clivia are rotten, and it will not live long, so it is not worth much at all.

You asking us for thirty thousand yuan is blackmail.”


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