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Chapter 2176: Betrothal

However, when Elder Mrs.

Yuan heard from Gu Ning that Song Yang might have been killed by Zhao Xiaoxis soul for revenge, she suddenly lost control and yelled at Gu Ning, “Shut up!”


Yuans gaffe caused many eyes to fall on her.

People at other tables didnt hear Gu Nings words, so they didnt know what had happened, but they knew they were in conflict.

Actually, Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min, as well as Younger Mrs.

Yuan and Mrs.

Peng only thought that Elder Mrs.

Yuan had just heard the talk of a ghost and felt scared.

In addition to Gu Ning who knew the truth, Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing also saw Elder Mrs.

Yuan panicked.

Because she couldnt hide her guilty conscience, they figured out that she must have something to do with Zhao Xiaoxis disappearance.

Elder Mrs.

Yuan soon realized she just lost her manners.

In case other people became suspicious of her, she immediately explained.

“Cant they just enjoy the meal Why did they have to talk about ghosts Its scary! If they want to talk about it, they can go home and do whatever they want to do there.”

Unfortunately, when she said that, she still failed to hide her guilty conscience.

When Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min heard that, they also felt that Gu Ning shouldnt have talked about ghosts in public, but Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing knew Gu Ning very well.

They knew that Gu Ning did it for a reason.

Other people at other tables thought that Gu Ning had scared Elder Mrs.

Yuan by talking about ghosts, so they stopped watching them and continued to eat.

Gu Ning didnt listen to Elder Mrs.

Yuan, but said meaningfully, “Oh, I also heard Zhao Xiaoxi is an illegitimate daughter of the Yuan family.”

Gu Nings voice wasnt loud, and only the people at the two tables could hear it, because her original intention wasnt to cause a scene.

She simply wanted to destroy Elder Mrs.

Yuans mood.

Elder Mrs.

Yuan was in a complete panic.

How did Gu Ning know It shouldnt be known to many people! Even in the Yuan family, only she and her husband were aware of it.

Thinking of that, Elder Mrs.

Yuan subconsciously asked, “How did you know”

Once she said it aloud, everyone looked surprised, especially Younger Mrs.


She was also a member of the Yuan family, but she knew nothing about it.

Although Gu Ning only mentioned the Yuan family and didnt point out its eldest son, Elder Mrs.

Yuans reaction said everything.

In that case, Zhao Xiaoxis disappearance or death might have something to do with Elder Mrs.


That was Younger Mrs.

Yuans subconscious thoughts.

Many other people had the same idea, if Zhao Xiaoxi really disappeared or died.

No one could accept illegitimate kids, especially people like Elder Mrs.

Yuan who was very domineering.

By now, Elder Mrs.

Xu and her friends realized that Gu Ning deliberately brought up Zhao Xiaoxi to annoy Elder Mrs.


She didnt know why Gu Ning did that, but she had to be doing that for a reason.

However, it was just a guess that Zhao Xiaoxis disappearance and death might have something to do with Elder Mrs.


Without evidence, it meant nothing and Gu Ning just said Zhao Xiaoxi could be killed by Song Yang.

Elder Mrs.

Xu and Yan Min had that idea because they didnt know Elder Mrs.

Yuans relationship with Song Yang, but Younger Mrs.

Yuan and Mrs.

Peng were aware of it.

Therefore, even if it was Song Yang who killed Zhao Xiaoxi, Elder Mrs.

Yuan wasnt completely innocent.

However, none of them knew what really had happened to Zhao Xiaoxi, so they didnt dare to think to much about it nor say anything about it.

Once Elder Mrs.

Yuan asked that question aloud, she changed her attitude before Gu Ning could answer it.

“No, no, I mean you should stop.

I dont know Zhao Xiaoxi at all.

She cant be my husbands illegitimate daughter.”

Even though Elder Mrs.

Yuan denied it, her reaction proved everything.

“Did I say shes your husbands illegitimate daughter There are many members in the Yuan family.

Didnt you just tell the truth by denying it” Gu Ning said feeling amused.

“You…” Elder Mrs.

Yuan was mad.

She knew it was useless now no matter how she explained it.

No one would believe her, so she gave up explaining it.

The next second, she stared at Gu Ning fiercely and coldly threatened her.

“Who are you Arent you afraid to get in trouble for damaging the Yuan familys reputation”

She was trying to put pressure on Gu Ning with the influence of the Yuan family.

Although Gu Ning came with Elder Mrs.

Xu, the Xu family wasnt comparable to the Yuan family, so the Elder Mrs.

Yuan didnt think Gu Ning could be more influential than the Yuan family.

Those children of families who enjoyed the same high status as the Yuan family were very familiar to Elder Mrs.


After all, there were only several influential families who were as influential as the Yuan family.

“Will the Yuan family punish people for telling the truth Thats horrifying!” Gu Ning said in great shock, as if the Yuan family was an evil family.

“You…” Elder Mrs.

Yuan was furious and gave Gu Ning a glare.

“Shut your mouth now! Dont damage the reputation of our family.”

Although they did become violent because of unimportant things, they didnt want their reputation to be damaged.

The more influential a family was, the more it cared about its reputation.

Therefore, they normally wouldnt do bad deeds by themselves.

Instead, they would hire other people to do that.

Even if their dirty secrets were exposed, other people would be the scapegoat.

“So what did you mean by saying that just now, Elder Mrs.

Yuan Do you think I cant understand a threat” Gu Ning asked bluntly.

“You…” Elder Mrs.

Yuan was full of anger because Gu Ning had the gift of gab.

At the same time, she found out that Gu Ning was very bold and wasnt afraid of her at all.

Who was she Elder Mrs.

Yuan was very curious and asked, “Who are you”

“Me Oh, Im Gu Ning, the fiancée of Leng Shaoting whos the eldest grandson of the Leng family,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Elder Mrs.

Yuan and her companions were surprised.

Leng Shaotings fiancée How come they didnt know Leng Shaoting was already engaged!

“I didnt know Leng Shaoting is already engaged,” said Elder Mrs.

Yuan with doubts.

“Thats because we keep a low profile.

We didnt hold a grand engagement party.

Its just an engagement instead of a wedding.

Our families shared a meal and settled the betrothal.

Thats it,” said Gu Ning.

“Gu Ning is indeed Shaotings fiancée,” said Elder Mrs.


She knew they hadnt formally gotten engaged yet, but it was settled since the two families agreed.

Because Elder Mrs.

Xu proved it, Elder Mrs.

Yuan didnt doubt it again.

However, even though Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings fiancée, she wasnt afraid at all.

On the contrary, she said unfriendly, “Oh, no wonder you have no respect for the Yuan family.”

It meant Gu Ning was relying on the Leng familys influence to bully her.


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