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Chapter 2182: Blindly Believe in Gu Ning


Both Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing agreed.

They were angry too, but they understood that they had to tidy it up as soon as possible.

After the opening was over, they would focus on searching for the criminals.

Without delay, Gu Ning and the others started doing their work.

They didnt know whether the criminals purpose was just to smash the door and splash paint, or whether they wanted to deeply damage the stuff inside, but fortunately, the quality of the door of the Pavilion of Magic was good enough.

It wasnt so easy to break it.

If it was broken, the stuff inside could have been damaged too.

After a few minutes, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya came.

Once they saw what had happened, they were annoyed too.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to help them tidy up, and she went to watch the surveillance videos.

After buying the store, Gu Ning installed a surveillance camera on the upper right corner of the gate, so there was a monitor display in the store.

Gu Ning looked at the monitor and saw that two men had come to smash the door of the Pavilion of Magic and splash the paint, but they obviously also knew that there was a surveillance camera, so they were all wearing caps and masks.

Afterwards, Gu Ning called K and told him what had happened.

She told him to hack into the surveillance cameras and find out who the two men were.

Because the door was damaged, they needed a new one.

They removed the door directly, then cleared the shop sign.

It didnt take them much time and it was all clean after about a dozen minutes and they were free later.

Although they didnt have a pleasant morning, their mood wasnt greatly affected and soon went back to normal.

And K soon found out who the two men were.

The two men smashed the door and left, then got into a van at the parking lot and left.

The car drove to a residential area in a suburb before stopping.

After the two people got out of the car, they had removed their caps and masks, so their faces were exposed.

K also figured out the owner of the car through its license plate number, and it was one of two men.

At the same time, he also collected their information.

These two people were both punks from a small gang.

In the capital, there werent large gangs, but there were many small gangs.

Most large gangs needed to run a profitable business to stay afloat and their businesses were naturally illegal.

The capital was the center of politics, so there were strict regulations.

Illegal businesses were easily caught in the capital.

As a result, the Qing Gang and the Kirin Gang werent active in the capital.

They mainly had legal businesses there.

Actually, even if there were strict regulations in the capital, the law couldnt cover everywhere.

The government was very busy after all.

Therefore, as long as they didnt behave against the government publicly, they normally wouldnt be punished.

The government only punished the illegal activities when they became serious,

Therefore, there were many small gangs of about a hundred people in the capital.

Even though they wanted to take action, they werent high-profile, and they always avoided the government, so they hadnt been heavily hit.

Some had bad luck and did illegal things at bad times, so they were caught, or they were punished when the government made a sweep.

Although the government generally wouldnt vigorously crack down on them, the government occasionally restricted them.

Although the government had semi-acquisition of the existence of gangs, they couldnt be left unattended.

Otherwise, the illegal gangs would become more aggressive.

They could exist, but they couldnt challenge the governments authority, so it was necessary to punish some of them as a warning to others.

Since their identities and address were found out, Gu Ning immediately arranged for Gao Yi and Qiaoya to capture them first, and she would go to interrogate them after everything was done in the store.

Since they were just gangsters, they wouldnt cause trouble for the Pavilion of Magic for no reason.

Obviously, someone hired them to cause the damage.

Accordingly, she needed them to tell her who the mastermind behind the scenes was.

At 9 am, Zi Beiying came with Mengda and Nan along with two big flower baskets.

They also prepared a thick red envelope.

Once Zi Beiying came, she greeted Jing Yunyao first.

“Hi, nice to see you, Ms.


Jing Yunyao was Leng Shaotings mother, but she looked very young, so Zi Beiying somehow felt a little embarrassed to take Jing Yunyao as one of the older generation.

Jing Yunyao seemed to only be ten years older than her.

However, because Jing Yunyao was Leng Shaoting mother, she took Jing Yunyao as an elder, otherwise she would take Jing Yunyao as her older sister.

She actually wanted to be sisters with Jing Yunyao, but she didnt want Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning to be unhappy.

It wasnt polite either.

“Hi, Miss Zi,” said Jing Yunyao.

Although Zi Beiying was Gu Nings good friend, she called her Miss Zi because they werent familiar.

After greeting Jing Yunyao, Zi Beiying was excited to see the succulent plants in the store.

Her eyes lit up at once.

“Wow, these succulent plants are so adorable!”

On her way there, Zi Beiying had seen many succulent plants in other flower shops, but she wasnt attracted.

However, she got interested as soon as she saw the succulent plants in Gu Nings store.

“These succulent plants are very attractive.

Theyre so different from those in other flower shops.”

Nan didnt know much about succulent plants, nor did she have much interest in them.

She only knew they were called succulent plants, but she could also see they were different from those in other flower shops.

The succulent plants in Gu Nings shop were much more lush and vibrant.

“Of course, Gu Nings products are always the best!” Zi Beiying said proudly.

She felt Gu Nings products were always of good quality.

As for the reason, there was no reason.

She simply believed in Gu Ning blindly.

Gu Ning was amused.

After that, Xu Qinyin and Gu Anna came.

Tang Qingyang, Jiang Ruiqin, and Song Nan showed up along with them.

Gu Ning didnt call them, but given Xu Qinyins relationship with Tang Qingyang, it wasnt surprising that he knew and came when they had nothing important to deal with.

After all, he had a close relationship with Gu Ning too.

Gu Ning was his lifesaver.

Since Tang Qingyang learned the news, Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan naturally knew as well.

They had a relationship with Gu Ning too.

Although they werent close, they werent strangers either.

As her friends, they surely would come.

Each of them brought a pair of flower baskets, so they soon piled up at the door.

“Gu Ning, arent we friends Why didnt you tell us that your store is going to open Its Qinyin who told us that.” Tang Qingyang acted mad and criticized Gu Ning.

Gu Ning smiled and apologized.

“I was afraid to interrupt you at your work.”


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