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Chapter 2184: A Publicity Stunt

Although she was excited, she felt nervous and slightly afraid too, so she cautiously greeted Gu Ning.

“Hi, Goddess Gu, its so nice to see you.

Im your fan and I just saw your post on Weibo.

I was nearby, so I-I came over…”

Facing friendly people, she was nice to them too and she was sincere instead of being hypocritical.

“Hi, thank you so much for liking me,” said Gu Ning with a gentle smile.

“Um, Goddess Gu, can I take a photo with you” the girl asked.

Although they were at the same age, the girl still looked up to Gu Ning.

“Sure!” Gu Ning said with a smile.

Seeing that Gu Ning agreed, the girl was very excited and took out her camera at once.

She took a few photos with Gu Ning, then thanked her.

“Well then, Goddess Gu, I shouldnt bother you any longer.

Ill look around by myself.” The girl wanted to talk more with Gu Ning, but she was afraid she would bother her, so she decided to leave.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning, and the girl walked away.

“As soon as you send out a post on Weibo, you have a fan come over.

I bet youll have more fans here in a short while.

Im afraid youll have no place to stand then.” After the girl left, Zi Beiying approached and joked.

Although she was joking, it was highly likely to happen.

“Perhaps! Well, since its advertisement, Im glad to see more and more people coming here,” said Gu Ning.

It was her plan, so she naturally hoped more and more people would come and quickly make the Pavilion of Magic popular.

Within half an hour after Gu Ning sent out the post, Tang Xiaoxiao and other people also read and reposted it.

Although they werent sure whether this flower shop was owned by Gu Ning, Gu Ning had posted it on Weibo and the plants in the pictures were indeed very beautiful.

It wasnt a big deal that they reposted it and more people got to know about it afterwards.

Many Internet users were nearby, so a lot of them came over after reading it, so there were more and more people.

At 9:30 am, twenty minutes after the post was sent out, about thirty Internet users had come.

In fact, it was also because today wasnt a weekend.

Many people were in class or had to work, so they couldnt come.

If it was a weekend, more people would come.

Gu Ning didnt want these students to be absent from classes, but she couldnt stop them from coming.

If anyone blamed her for posting those photos, Gu Ning wouldnt accept it.

There was no rule saying that posts shouldnt be sent out on Weibo on weekdays.

Those Internet users werent kids, so they knew what they were doing and they should take responsibility for their own behavior.

Because there were too many people, nobody came to take photos with Gu Ning, but Gu Ning kept on interacting with them and wouldnt leave them aside.

Afterwards, people who came to shop for flowers saw them and came over out of curiosity.

As a result, there were more people in Gu Nings flower shop.

Almost all the Internet users came for Gu Ning.

After all, many of them knew Gu Nings name, but had never met her in reality.

Now they met her in the flesh and were amazed.

Most people were prettier in photos, but Gu Ning was more beautiful in person.

Because most of them came here for Gu Ning, they didnt have high expectations for the succulent plants.

However, once they saw the plants sold by Pavilion of Magic, they were attracted because those plants were indeed lively and vibrant.

Therefore, they began to look around.

Owners and staff of other flower shops were surprised when they saw so many people in the Pavilion of Magic after it opened.

They stood together and began to discuss it.

“Whats going on here Why are there so many people Its unbelievable.”

“Right, Ive never seen so many customers on the opening day of a store.

Most of them are young people.”

“Could they be the girls schoolmates”

Because most of them seemed to be as young as Gu Ning, many people had that idea.

“I think half of them could be schoolmates at most, because some are too young and some are much older.

The older ones couldnt be her schoolmates.”

“Is it possible that they made the arrangement and its just a publicity stunt”

“Its also possible.”

“I dont think so.

They seem to come for the young girl.

They all look excited when they see the girl.

They also called her Goddess Gu.

Is the girl a star or something”

“Right, there are many fans of different idols nowadays.

They can be very crazy.”

“Why dont we go over and ask them”

“You can do that.”

“You can do that.”


Several people pushed each other to go ahead and ask what was happening here.

Was it because this girl was a star and it was just a star effect, or did they make the arrangement on purpose

They hoped it was just a publicity stunt, because it meant Pavilion of Magic wasnt really that popular and they would feel better.

They didnt dare to harm the Pavilion of Magic, but they were quite envious.

After a while, someone finally stepped forward.

She didnt go to ask Gu Ning or Jing Yunyao, she asked the onlookers.

“Hey, miss, did you all come for that girl” she asked.

“Yes.” The girl replied.

“Is she a star” the person asked again.

“Goddess Gu is more than just a star.

Shes really amazing.

She isnt only beautiful, she is also an excellent student.

Shes good at martial arts too.

Most importantly, shes only nineteen and shes already the chairman of a large business group with billions of yuan in assets.

Have you heard of the Shengning Organization Its her business empire,” said the girl.

When the girl was introducing Gu Nings achievements, she almost jumped up in excitement as if she was the achiever.

“What She has billions of yuan in wealth”

The person was stunned.

She didnt know about the Shengning Organization, but billions of yuan was a lot of money!

It was a number she could never imagine.

In fact, she couldnt even take out millions of yuan.

Most importantly, Gu Ning was only nineteen.

It was too unbelievable to be true.

The girl stopped talking to her because she wanted to be closer to Gu Ning and take more photos.

The next second, she ran away in a hurry.

The person was still in shock and several other people who pushed her to go ahead immediately stepped forward to ask her what had happened.

“How is it Is the girl a star”

“Right, tell us, did they hire those people, or is it just a publicity stunt”



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