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Chapter 2188: Teacher and Student

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Because Huang Zhenlang felt the problem could easily be solved by money as long as the driver took the initiative to take responsibility, he didnt bother to hide and could be easily exposed.

Although Gu Ning interfered, she had no intention of showing up, so she decided to print out those surveillance screenshots, copy Huang Zhenlang and Zhou Weis voice recording, and send them anonymously to the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau.

Because it happened in Haicheng District, it was under the management of Haicheng District Public Security Bureau.

Gu Ning wasnt afraid that the police wouldnt do anything even if they had the evidence.

She had the original files in her hands after all and she would have as many copies as she wanted.

If the police refused to deal with it, she would make it public on the Internet.

It was late now, so she decided to do that tomorrow.

At 8 pm that evening, Gao Yi stopped at the flower trading center and caught the owner of Fairy Flower Shop, then beat him violently, but the injuries were all superficial.

After teaching him a lesson, Gao Yi directly told the owner of Fairy Flower Shop that he came because of what had happened to the Pavilion of Magic.

The two people who damaged Pavilion of Magic had already confessed that it was him who paid them to do the damage.

He beat him today to teach him a lesson.

If it happened again, or if he tried to retaliate, or if he called the police, he would only be punished more seriously.

The owner of the Fairy Flower Shop was shocked to learn that his dirty trick was already exposed, but since it was already exposed, he felt guilty.

Although he was very angry that he was beaten, he didnt dare to retaliate or call the police because he was also afraid of more serious consequences.

After all, he didnt have connections in the government, so he was afraid of being in danger.

At the same time, he regretted hiring people to damage the Pavilion of Magic.

Although the door of the Pavilion of Magic was damaged, there was no major loss, and it didnt have any impact on its opening and business.

He, however, was beaten and in a lot of pain now.

And because he was beaten today, he had to take a break for a while, and his loss would be great.


During these days, Yuan Wenye had been sleeping in the study, and refused to talk to Zheng Yuru.

The Yuan family thought they just had a quarrel and didnt ask about it.

After all, it was very normal for a couple to quarrel.

However, during these days, Zheng Yuru had nightmares every night, dreaming that Zhao Xiaoxi came to her again, so she became haggard and couldnt even hide it with makeup.

Therefore, after a nice dinner today, Master Yuan asked them what was going on between them.

Neither Yuan Wenye nor Zheng Yuru would say anything about the existence of Zhao Xiaoxi.

Master Yuan knew nothing about Zhao Xiaoxi.

Even if Master Yuan knew, they wouldnt admit it nor admit that Zhao Xiaoxis death had something to do with them.

Although it was Song Yang who killed Zhao Xiaoxi, Zheng Yuru caused her death after all so she was also a murderer.

The Yuan family wasnt kind and they had done many bad deeds for their own benefits, but it was a different situation.

Yuan Wenye and Zheng Yuru said nothing was wrong between them.

Zheng Yuru only explained that she didnt feel well recently and was unable to sleep well.

Since they said that, Master Yuan didnt ask further about it.

He only told Zheng Yuru to see a doctor if she didnt feel well.

Zheng Yuru agreed.

The next day, Gu Ning told Gao Yi to hand the evidence to the Haicheng District Public Security Bureau, because she needed to have classes and there was no need to ask for leave for this matter.

At 2 pm, a police car came to the Capital University, then Huang Zhenlang was taken away by the police.

In an instant, it became a sensation in their school, and there were discussions everywhere about what happened to Huang Zhenlang and why he was taken away by the police.

When Huang Zhenlang was approached by the police, he was dumbfounded, because the reason for taking him away turned out to be related to Zhou Weis car accident.

However, the person he arranged had already taken the initiative to take responsibility, and it was impossible for the police to continue the investigation.

Did the driver betray him Otherwise, how did the police know he was behind the accident

Huang Zhenlang was furious, but he refused to admit it because he would be doomed if he admitted it.

After Huang Zhenlang was taken to the Public Security Bureau, he glared at the driver who hit Zhou Wei.

The driver knew that he was misunderstood.

He wanted to explain it, but there were policemen and he couldnt explain anything, or he would be exposed.

When he was under interrogation earlier, he didnt betray Huang Zhenlang.

At the same time, he was also confused about how the police found out it was a scheme planned by him and Huang Zhenlang.

He had taken the initiative to take responsibility, so the police should have stopped investigating it.

Did anyone hear their conversation and report it to the police

The police didnt separate Huang Zhenlang and the driver, but let them sit in the same interrogation room.

“Huang Zhenlang, whats your relationship with him” A policeman asked Huang Zhenlang about his relationship with the driver.

“Were friends.” Huang Zhenlang replied.

Because he knew this was undeniable, he didnt deny it.

Anyway, it didnt matter to admit that they were friends, and it was enough to not admit that he asked him to hit Zhou Wei.

“Then whats the relationship between you and Zhou Wei” the policeman asked again.

“Were teacher and student,” said Huang Zhenlang.

“Thats it” the policeman asked.

“Yes.” Huang Zhenlang answered.

“But someone reported to us that you and Zhou Wei had an affair.

Zhou Wei was also carrying your baby.

You visited her place several times these days,” said the policeman.

Hearing that, Huang Zhenlang was in utter panic.

“Who told you that Zhou Wei and I are just ordinary student and teacher.”

Because of the guilty conscience, his voice of rebuttal was also louder.

Some people thought that as long as the retort was louder, it could conceal their guilty conscience and prove their innocence, but actually such reactions were more abnormal.

“If you only have an ordinary teacher-student relationship, would you visit her place” the policeman asked disdainfully.

In fact, when he saw the evidence, he believed that Zhou Weis car accident had something to do with Huang Zhenlang, but the evidence must be solid enough to close the case.

Now that they had collected enough evidence, the case would be closed sooner or later.

However, he was also curious to know who sent them the evidence.

The person must have connections since he or she could get so many surveillance videos.

“Someone reported it to you, so you believe it Why dont you believe me after I deny it” Huang Zhenlang angrily argued, as if he was innocent.

“Of course we arent convinced by words, but evidence,” said the policeman, then he took out a few photos and showed them to Huang Zhenlang.

Once Huang Zhenlang saw the photos, he was mad and argued.

“Thats still not enough to prove that Zhou Wei and I had an affair!”


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