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Chapter 2189: You Will Be Punished According to the Law

“Okay, then Ill play a voice recording for you,” the policeman said.

After that, he took out the voice recording that Gu Ning had recorded and played it publicly.

Huang Zhenlang was angrier when he heard the content of the voice recording.

It was what he and Zhou Wei had talked about at the Future Lake of their school.

Who recorded that It couldnt be Huang Ming, so Huang Zhenlang wasnt mad at Huang Ming any longer.

Huang Ming was the driver who caused the accident.

He was a relative of Huang Zhenlang.

Huang Ming relied on Huang Zhenlang to get everything he owned today, so Huang Zhenlang always felt he was reliable and wouldnt betray him.

That was the reason why Huang Zhenlang paid Hang Ming to cause the car accident.

Although he was suspicious of Huang Ming at the beginning, he wasnt very sure of it and now he was sure it wasnt Huang Ming.

However, who did it When he was talking with Zhou Wei that night, there was no one nearby!

Did Zhou Wei record it herself, wanting to threaten him with it

Thinking of that, Huang Zhenlang believed it was the truth, because he couldnt think of another person and he had the impulse to kill Zhou Wei right now.

“Do you admit your affair with Zhou Wei now” the policeman asked.

Huang Zhenlang chose to remain silent, and the policeman stopped asking further about it.

“You and Zhou Wei had an affair.

Zhou Wei was pregnant, and she wanted to give birth to the baby, but you didnt want it.

Its impossible for you to divorce your wife for her.

You were afraid she would cause you trouble and ruin your career, so you paid Huang Ming five hundred thousand yuan to hit Zhou Wei with a car.

Huang Ming would take the initiative to carry the responsibility so that the police would stop investigating the case and close it as an accident,” said the policeman.

Then he asked, “Am I right”

“No, I didnt pay Huang Ming to hit Zhou Wei.

Its just an accident.”

Huang Zhenlang argued.

No matter what, he wouldnt admit it.

Huang Zhenlang did his best to curb his panic since he didnt want anyone to see through him, but he failed.

“No Then why did you transfer five hundred thousand yuan to Huang Ming” the policeman asked.

“Huang Ming was going to open a business, and I wanted to join him,” said Huang Zhenlang.

“If so, there must be an agreement, right” the policeman asked.

“Not yet, we were going to do that in a few days,” said Huang Zhenlang.

“Without a contract, how can you prove that you didnt pay Huang Ming to hit Zhou Wei” the policeman asked.

“Then do you have evidence to prove I gave Huang Ming the money to hit Zhou Wei” Huang Zhenlang argued.

“I dont have direct evidence to prove that, but you just transferred five hundred thousand yuan to Huang Ming, and Zhou Wei had an accident two days later.

The money was used to pay compensation to Zhou Wei.

Even if it could not be direct evidence, its enough to make you a suspect!” the policeman said.

“Its just a coincidence,” said Huang Zhenlang.

“Huang Zhenlang, its not as if you will be fine if you dont admit it.

As long as the evidence is sufficient, even if you dont admit it, the conviction will still be handed out.” the police said.

Huang Zhenlang was silent again.

He understood that he would be sentenced according to the law even if he refused to admit it when there was solid evidence.

However, if he didnt plead guilty, there was still room for maneuvering.

Although he had committed a crime, in this realistic society, as long as he had connections, it would still be easy for him to get away with it.

Therefore, he waited for his wife to help him out after his wife learned of the news.

He was just worried that his wife would be unwilling to help him out because of his affair with Zhou Wei.

Either way, he decided to wait.

Both Huang Zhenlang and Huang Ming insisted that this was an accident, so the case couldnt be finalized for the time being.

However, even if they didnt plead guilty, they were already suspects, so they needed to be detained temporarily.

Huang Zhenlangs wife soon learned that Huang Zhenlang had been taken away by the police, but she didnt know the reason.

She didnt know it until she came to the Public Security Bureau, and she immediately beat Huang Zhenlang with anger.

Huang Zhenlang knew that it was his fault and that he had to rely on his wife, so he didnt resist, and let her beat him, hoping that she would help him out after venting anger on him.

“Huang Zhenlang, I always thought you would be grateful since you rely on my family to gain everything, and you will respect me, but I didnt think that you didnt have any gratitude or respect at all.

In that case, lets get a divorce! Anyway, the car and house belong to my family.

You dont have anything.

Youll leave with nothing!” Huang Zhenlangs wife turned around and left without hesitation.

Huang Zhenlang, however, was dumbfounded.

Although he thought that his wife might not help him out because she was angry, the result now was obviously more serious than he thought.


Gu Ning didnt expose the relationship between Zhou Wei and Huang Zhenlang, but in the afternoon, someone exposed it on the school forum.

In fact, Zhou Weis affair with Huang Zhenlang wasnt so well concealed.

At least a few people knew about it, but they had never spoken about it.

The person who exposed the relationship between Zhou Wei and Huang Zhenlang obviously knew a lot about their affair.

The original post: Huang Zhenlang was taken away by the police because he has something to do with Zhou Weis car accident.

Zhou Wei had an affair with Huang Zhenlang.

They have been together for a year and a half, and Zhou Wei became pregnant.

Huang Zhenlang is already married, and he relies on his wifes family to get promoted in his career.

Therefore, hes not willing to divorce his wife and marry Zhou Wei.

In order to prevent Zhou Wei from causing trouble and affecting his future, Huang Zhenlang paid someone to hit Zhou Wei deliberately.

Although the result is just my guess, it is quite possible.

This post caused a sensation on their school forum, because everyone knew about Huang Zhenlang being taken away by the police.

Precisely because Huang Zhenlang was taken away by the police, most people believed what the post said.

Although some said that it might not be true, because they didnt know whether it was true or false, they all expressed neutrality, and there was no one who defended Huang Zhenlang.

Although they were disgusted with Huang Zhenlangs behavior, they also disliked Zhou Wei.

She was a student, but she chose to be a mistress.

Therefore, they felt Huang Zhenlang was too violent, but Zhou Wei deserved it and they had no sympathy for her.

As a result, people all cursed that both of them would be punished seriously.

Zhou Wei was already dead, so Huang Zhenlang would be next.

Anyway, since he was already taken away by the police, he should be punished soon.

The post was quickly blocked by the forum management.

Even if it was true, it would have a bad impact on the school if it spread abroad on the forum.

Therefore, the administrator wasnt protecting Huang Zhenlang, but their school.

However, it was useless now and it was already big news.


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