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Chapter 2190: Mischief

Gu Ning left the case about Huang Zhenlang to Gao Yi and waited to see the result.

She would continue to have classes.

However, she only had classes for two days before something serious happened.

It was Leng Shaoting who told her the news.

Kuraki Akemi and Kato Toya were involved.

Leng Shaoting arranged for someone to spy on Kuraki Akemi and Kato Toya, but was discovered, and the person was beaten and injured by them.

He was seriously injured and the doctor gave up on him.

He was dying now.

It happened yesterday, but Leng Shaoting was carrying out a task and it wasnt easy to get through to him.

Therefore, he didnt know until earlier.

Once he learned the news, he called Gu Ning because only Gu Ning could save the person.

Because the person worked for Leng Shaoting and was seriously injured because of him, Leng Shaoting definitely would do everything to save him.

“Where is he now” Gu Ning asked.

She was in a bad mood after hearing the news.

She originally thought that Kuraki Akemi and Kato Toya hadnt done anything bad and they were only trying to collect information about cultivators.

It wasnt easy for them to do that, so she didnt care much about it.

However, given what had happened right now, it was time to teach them a lesson.

“In the Military General Hospital.

When can you get there Ill send someone to wait for you at the gate of the hospital.

Ill give you his number and you can directly call him when you arrive,” Leng Shaoting said.

“Sure, Ill go there right now,” said Gu Ning.

“Ningning, thank you so much.” Leng Shaoting felt he owed Gu Ning, but he didnt have another choice.

Only Gu Ning had the ability, so he could only turn to her for help.

“Its not a big deal,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

She didnt think it was a big deal, but she still felt warm after hearing that from Leng Shaoting.

“Ningning, I miss you,” said Leng Shaoting gently.

He really missed Gu Ning.

“I miss you too.” Although it wasnt the first time that Gu Ning had heard that from his mouth, she still felt shy and really happy every time she heard that.

“Ningning, I love you,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Shaoting, I love you too,” said Gu Ning.

They only chatted with each other for a short while, because Gu Ning still needed to save a persons life at the Military General Hospital, because the persons life was in great danger now and the doctor had given up on him.

He could die at any second.

Because the Military General Hospital was in the eastern district, it took a lot of time to get there from the Capital University in a different district.

Gu Ning sped up, but it still took her an hour.

As early as when Gu Ning set out, Leng Shaoting had already sent Gu Ning the number of the person who came to pick her up, so after Gu Ning arrived, she called the person right away.

The person was already waiting at the hospital gate.

The one who was waiting for Gu Ning was a soldier in military uniform.

When he saw Gu Ning, he was a little surprised, but he didnt look down on her.

He didnt think Gu Ning could save a persons life, but he trusted Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting was the leader of the Red Flame, but he wasnt only managing the Red Flame.

There was an army under the management of the Red Flame, and teammates from the Red Flame were responsible for training it.

There were about a hundred people in the army.

Among them, as elites, in addition to performing the tasks distributed by the Red Flame, they could also be substitutes for the Red Flame at any time.

After all, the Red Flame was performing dangerous tasks, and their lives were in danger at any time.

All of these soldiers respected Leng Shaoting.

They never doubted his words, so they believed that Gu Ning could help them as long as Leng Shaoting said so.

“Hi, nice to meet you.

Im Chen Xun.

Our boss told me to wait for you here.” Chen Xun politely greeted Gu Ning.

He knew Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings fiancée.

In order to set their mind at rest, Leng Shaoting told them that Gu Ning was his fiancée.

“Nice to meet you too.” Gu Ning politely replied.

After that, Chen Xun brought Gu Ning inside.

On their way, he couldnt help giving Gu Ning a few more glances.

He didnt have unkind thoughts about her, but he was surprised to know that Leng Shaotings fiancée was so young.

However, although she was young, she was too confident to be ignored.

What surprised him more was that she could save Zhou Xings life.

Zhou Xing was the person who was seriously injured and whose life was in danger.

Even the doctor had given up.

Gu Ning hadnt started treating Zhou Xiong yet and there was no result, so Chen Xun couldnt be sure that she was able to save Zhou Xings life, but since Leng Shaoting said she could, she must be able to.

Even if he didnt trust Gu Ning, he trusted Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning knew that Chen Xun was looking at her, but she didnt mind.

“Oh, Zhou Xing is injured.

There are two medical experts in his ward.

They didnt leave when they heard you were coming to treat Zhou Xing,” Chen Xun suddenly said, “Dont worry, if you dont want them to be there, Ill chase them out.”

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

She came to save the injured, so she would definitely chase those experts out.

Chen Xun brought Gu Ning to the intensive care unit where Zhou Xing stayed.

It was a single bed ward.

Although the doctor had already given up on Zhou Xing, Zhou Xings comrades didnt give up.

Zhou Xing was only seriously injured, he wasnt dead yet, so they couldnt see him dying.

As long as he still had a breath, they would do their best to keep him alive.

Although it was no different from being dead, they didnt want Zhou Xing to die because they gave up on him too.

Once Chen Xun brought Gu Ning into the ward, the people inside turned to focus on her.

There were four people in the ward.

Zhou Xing was lying unconscious on the bed, and a soldier in a military uniform stayed by him.

The other two people were doctors in their forties.

Seeing Chen Xun coming in with Gu Ning, the two doctors frowned in an instant.

They were surprised and didnt think it was right.

They knew someone would come to treat Zhou Xing, but they were surprised to see a girl about twenty.

Was it a prank

The other soldier was surprised too, but he had the same attitude as Chen Xun.

He trusted Leng Shaoting.

Since Leng Shaoting said the girl could save Zhou Xings life, he was willing to believe it, although he still thought Gu Ning was too young.

“Nice to meet you!” The soldier greeted Gu Ning politely too.

He didnt dare to slight her.


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