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Chapter 2192: The Reputation of the Hospital Matters more than a Life

Anyway, as long as he could recover a lot, it would be enough for him to live to eighty and he would have no problem moving around.

His body would only be a little worse than other people, but it wouldnt make his normal life difficult.

Chen Xun and his comrade didnt know what Gu Ning was doing.

They thought Gu Ning knew Chinese medicine, and she was testing Zhou Xings heartbeat.

Although western medicine was much more popular than Chinese medicine nowadays, they didnt think Chinese medicine was useless or a trick.

Instead, they felt it was impressive that someone knew Chinese medicine.

Experienced Chinese medicine doctors deserved great respect, but they had no interest in those who knew little about it.

“Wait outside now, please!” Gu Ning said.

She was going to do the treatment without them, otherwise they would be doubtful if she cured Zhou Xing by doing nothing.

“Sure.” Chen Xun and his comrade agreed at once, then walked out.

Outside, the doctor who was thrown to the ground by Gu Ning was already gone, because he was in a lot of pain and had gone for a check-up.

The other doctor was also scared by Gu Ning, so he walked away as well.

However, the doctor who was thrown to the ground by Gu Ning wouldnt accept the result, so he called the deputy dean of the hospital at once.

When the deputy dean learned of the situation, he was mad too and said that he would come later.

In the ward, Gu Ning put a lot of magical power into Zhou Xings body and Zhou Xing finally survived.

Now, Zhou Xings blood vessels were unblocked, and his internal organs were recovered by 50%, which was the best result because the amount of magical power that a person could bear was limited.

If he wanted to continue to recover, he had to rely on himself and have a good rest.

Zhou Xings blood vessels returned to normal function and his breathing gradually became noticeably steadier.

After a while, his face gradually became ruddy.

Although Gu Nings face became a little pale after putting a lot of magical power into Zhou Xings body, she was still fine.

Right after Gu Ning finished putting magical power into his body, she heard noises from outside, but she didnt go out.

She only used her Jade Eyes to see what was happening.

Several doctors were having a conflict with Chen Xun and his comrade.

Among the doctors, there was the deputy dean.

It seemed that the doctor she had thrown out had told on her.

Anyway, Gu Ning wasnt afraid.

“How can a person without a doctors certificate treat the patient Its also a young girl.

What if anything bad happens Can you take the responsibility Other people might think our hospital has a problem.” The deputy dean snapped at Chen Xun and his comrade.

It seemed he didnt care about the patients health; only the reputation of their hospital.

“Deputy Dean, dont worry, well take the responsibility by ourselves,” said Chen Xun.

He understood it wasnt acceptable, but his comrades life mattered much more than the rules.

“You can take the responsibility Can you Who do you think you are This is a hospital.

If anything bad happens, other people will only blame us for bad management.” For the deputy dean, he didnt care who took the responsibility, he was only afraid the hospital might be affected.

The deputy dean didnt know that Chen Xun worked for Leng Shaoting.

If he knew, he wouldnt dare to be so impolite to him.

“Deputy Dean, is the reputation of the hospital more important than a life in your eyes” Chen Xun angrily questioned.

Hearing that, the deputy dean was slightly surprised, but he wouldnt admit it in public.

He wasnt dumb.

“Did I say the reputation of our hospital matters more than life Dont be so ridiculous.

Dont damage the reputation of me and our hospital.” The deputy dean argued.

He kept on talking about the reputation of their hospital.

Chen Xun felt disgusted.

This deputy dean was really hypocritical, but he wouldnt stop hiding it.

At this moment, the door of the ward opened and Gu Ning walked out.

Seeing Gu Ning coming out, Chen Xun and his comrade asked nervously, “How is Zhou Xing now”

“Go inside and have a look by yourself.” Gu Ning said to them.

After that, Chen Xun and his comrade went in, leaving Gu Ning behind.

When the deputy dean and other doctors saw Gu Ning, they were subconsciously surprised and stunned.

Although they knew it was a young girl, they didnt know she was so beautiful.

However, they were mad afterwards.

They were mad at Gu Ning who was so young and had no doctor certificate.

She also dared to treat the patient without caring about the rules set by the hospital.

As a result, the deputy dean wanted to criticize Gu Ning.

However, when the deputy dean just opened his mouth, Gu Ning interrupted him.

“Deputy Dean, you better check the patients condition before you say anything.

I dont want you to apologize after finding out the patient is fine.

I wont accept it anyway if you want to snap at me.”

“What do you mean” The deputy dean was struck dumb.

He understood what Gu Ning meant.

Gu Ning implied that the patient was fine and was saved by her.

Precisely because of that, he was struck dumb.

He couldnt believe that Gu Ning was able to save the patients life and didnt think the patient could survive.

Now, this girl, who was about twenty, told him that she had saved the patients life.

“I mean the patient who was given up on by your hospital was saved by me,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt disdain the hospital, because she was able to save the patients life because of her magical power.

She didnt have real skills.

She was just a bit displeased, so she wanted to argue with him.

Although the deputy dean felt it from Gu Nings words earlier, he didnt come back to his senses until Gu Ning put it very straightforwardly.

The deputy dean felt embarrassed and wanted to defend himself, but he would be more embarrassed if he found out that the patient was really saved.

Thinking of that, the deputy dean had to swallow his anger and hurriedly walked inside with the other doctors for a check.

The other doctors couldnt wait to do a check after hearing Gu Nings words.

They wanted to see whether this girl was really so unbelievable.

After the check, they found that the patient was indeed much better and was also recovering, which amazed all of them.

This girl really had abilities.

Even though they felt it was unbelievable, it was the truth and they couldnt deny it.

Chen Xun and his comrade were full of excitement.

They trusted Gu Ning from the beginning, but they were anxious before the result was out.

Now that the result was out, they were still shocked and thought it was amazing.

At the same time, they were relieved too.


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