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Chapter 2251: Not Many People Can Afford It


Ji Manlins voice wasnt loud, so only a few people around her could hear it.

Because most people didnt know Tang Aining, they held the same opinion as Ji Manlin and agreed with her.

Most of the onlookers actually hoped that Gu Ning could win, because they were from the same country, while tge other gamblers were from foreign countries.

They were still loyal to their own country.

Ji Manlin, on the other hand, wanted Gu Ning to lose because she hated Gu Ning.

When it was time, Ye Chaoxiong said, “Alright, the gambling competition is about to begin.

All the participants, please go get some chips.

Because youre all the best gamblers from your countries, we wont waste time on small bets.

So, every one of us can prepare chips worth a hundred million yuan.

A single chip will represent a million yuan.

What do you think”

Hearing that, the onlookers were all amazed.

They were betting a hundred million yuan from the very beginning! It was a lot of money!

Many people lived an ordinary life and they would be very rich with only ten million yuan.

Not many of them had ten million yuan.

The majority only had a million yuan in wealth, and some didnt even have that much money.

Moreover, a single chip represented a million yuan, which meant they could easily lose everything if they lost.

Because of that, not many people could afford it.

However, a hundred million yuan wasnt much for the best gamblers from different countries.

After all, they became the best gamblers by winning money from gambling.

Therefore, it couldnt be easier for them to win money and it wasnt uncommon for them to bet a hundred million yuan in a game.

If they didnt lose, it was fine, but they could also lose hundreds of million yuan within a short time.

It was a different game today and all the participants were the best gamblers from different countries.

Since they were the best gamblers, they were much better than common gamblers.

Therefore, it was difficult to win their money.

As the best gamblers, they also stayed alert to each other.

Even though they had to be calm on the surface, they werent so calm in their heart.

Only Gu Ning was calm inside and out.

Although she might not win every time against these gamblers, she believed that she wouldnt lose.

She could play tricks if it was necessary.

In fact, she didnt know how to gamble at all.

She relied on her Jade Eyes to win, so she didnt feel guilty when she played this trick.

Anyway, her competitors were all from other countries.

All of the gamblers came with one or two assistants to deal with trivial things for them.

For example, when they needed to exchange chips with money, they told their assistants to do that.

Leng Shaoting also helped Gu Ning with that, so they went to have a seat first.

They were playing Mahjong today and would decide who was their competitor by draw.

They couldnt choose competitors on their own.

In addition to about a dozen foreign gamblers, there were about thirty gamblers from Gu Nings country, so there were forty-four people in all.

Four people sat by a table, and there would be eleven tables.

According to the rules, gamblers were out when they lost all of their chips.

The game would continue till they had no chip.

In other words, gamblers had to lose all hundred million yuan if they didnt have abilities and good luck to win.

Once they sat by the table, they either won or lost.

Gamblers with no chips would leave the table and gamblers with chips would make up new groups and continued to gamble till there was only one table left.

At the end of the game, the winners would win all of the losers money.

There were forty-four people and 4.4 billion yuan.

Three gamblers would share that amount of money because there would only be three people left.

However, the three of them might have different shares of the money.

Gu Ning sat at a table with two local people and a foreigner.

This foreign gambler wasnt from Country R, Country M, or Country H, which was a good thing.

Gu Ning didnt want to compete against the gamblers from the above countries yet.

It was not only Gu Ning; the gamblers from Country R, Country M, and Country H were also unwilling to compete against her right now.

To be specific, they were unwilling to compete against the other best gamblers at the very beginning of the game, because they were worried that they might be defeated too soon.

It would be boring in that case.

He Hongjie and Ye Chaoxiong werent at the same table as Gu Ning.

Gu Ning also tried to avoid them.

After they seated themselves by the tables, the game began.

No other people were allowed to approach the gambling tables, so the onlookers had to watch from far away.

Gu Ning had Jade Eyes, so she could see the cards of the other three gamblers.

However, it could only help her to not lose.

If the other three gamblers were skilled at playing their cards, Gu Ning wouldnt be able to defeat them.

Therefore, she didnt win every round and lost sometimes.

All in all, Gu Ning won most of the time.

Other gamblers at other tables couldnt see what was happening, but the audience could, so they were all surprised by the way Gu Ning won.

There were other gamblers who also won many times, but they werent comparable to Gu Ning.

Seeing that, Ji Manlin was unhappy.

How come Gu Ning won so many times However, she could do nothing about it because Gu Ning won.

There were many chips at Gu Nings side, so many people were attracted to her, which aroused the attention of the gamblers at other tables.

Gamblers who were far away from her or at her back couldnt see how many chips she had right now, but gamblers who were close to her could see the chips.

They were all amazed by the amount of chips she had.

She had won so many chips within such a short time.

Only Leng Shaoting stayed calm, because he knew that Gu Ning would win.

Within an hour, Gu Ning finished the round at her table, because a gambler had already lost all of his chips.

They were the first group which finished the game.

Gu Ning won the most chips.

At Gu Nings table, one lost all his chips, one lost seventy million yuan worth of chips, and Gu Ning won chips worth 136 million yuan, while the other won chips of 34 million yuan.

It made the biggest gap ever.

However, it was just the beginning.

No one knew who would win in the end.

Gamblers at other tables were still in the game, so Gu Ning and the others went to have a rest for a while.

They would have a draw to see who would join in the game again when the other gamblers finished at the other tables.


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