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Chapter 2252: Miss Tang Is Really Amazing


After waiting for half an hour, the game at the second table ended.

The best gambler from Country H and three local gamblers were by the second table.

The local gamblers lost their chips, and the best gambler from Country H won the most chips.

It was the best gambler after all.

Although other gamblers were skilled too, they were not comparable to the best gamblers.

They knew they were gambling with the best gamblers, but they didnt quit.

They just took part in the game for fun or for good luck.

At the beginning, the best gambler from Country H slighted Gu Ning a little, but now he stayed alert after witnessing her abilities.

He had only won chips of eighty million yuan, which was much less than what Gu Ning had won.

Gu Ning was chosen by chance to go back to the gambling table, and she was against the best gambler from Country H this time.

The best gambler from Country H became more careful when Gu Ning sat opposite him.

After that, more and more gamblers lost and left the gambling tables, and the winners of the first round filled their seats.

Although they had witnessed how many chips Gu Ning had won and knew that she was amazing, they were still surprised to find that she was extremely good at playing the tiles.

It seems as if everything was under her control.

No matter how good they were at guessing the other gamblers tiles, they were not comparable to her.

They even had the thought that she might be able to see their tiles.

The best gambler from Country H and other people shared the same doubt, but none of them believed in super powers.

However, what they refused to believe was actually the truth.

Anyway, it was impossible for them to know.

“Miss Tang, youre really amazing,” said the gambler from Country H.

He wasnt complimenting her sincerely, he just tried to feel her out.

“Thanks,” said Gu Ning confidently.

No one thought she was arrogant now, because they had all witnessed her abilities.

The best gambler from Country H was quite upset when he saw Gu Ning being so confident, but he couldnt find any faults with that.

Therefore, he only embarrassed himself by complimenting her.

As time went by, more and more gamblers left the tables because they were running out of chips.

Without chips, they couldnt stay at the tables.

Gu Ning played six rounds before the game was over at her table.

This time, she still won the most chips, but she didnt win as many chips because the game ended too soon.

Still she won more chips than the best gambler from Country H.

Gradually, there were only five tables out of eleven tables left in the hall.

About twenty-four gamblers lost.

Among the twenty-four losers, there were none of the best foreign or local gamblers.

Twenty-four gamblers lost chips worth 2.4 billion yuan.

Added with the chips that other gamblers had lost, there were chips of about three billion yuan.

Gu Ning alone had won half of them, which was about 1.5 billion yuan.

The other winners shared the rest.

Among the nineteen winners, only eight actually won some chips and most of them lost some chips.

Therefore, the eight gamblers shared the chips worth the other 1.5 billion yuan.

However, even the one who won the most chips among them only had one third of Gu Nings chips.

Therefore, the number of chips that Gu Ning had won shocked many people.

They didnt even know how to express their surprise.

“Miss Tang is too unbelievable.”

“Right, she has won so many chips.

She must have won them from half of the losers.”

“I believe so.”

“Its incredible!”


“How is it possible How could she win so many chips” Ji Manlin was angry.

She didnt want Gu Ning to win.

Other people around Ji Manlin heard her complaint and turned to look at her with displeasure.

At this time, someone said, “Miss Ji, I dont know whether there is any grudge between you and Miss Tang.

I can see you dont want Miss Tang to win, but its an international competition.

I think we should be supportive of our countrys gamblers.

Miss Ji, to be honest, your behavior isnt right.”

It was a young woman.

Although she wasnt very pretty, she had a natural air of elegance and nobility, making it obvious that she was from an important family.

Hearing that womans words, everyone looked at Ji Manlin with disdain.

Ji Manlins behavior was indeed unacceptable in their eyes.

After all, she didnt want their own countrys gambler to win.

There were many gamblers from their country left in the game, and Miss Tang was the most outstanding one.

If no accidents happened, Miss Tang might be the final winner.

Most of them knew Ji Manlin and were unwilling to mess with her, or they would also angrily criticize her.

“I…” Ji Manlin was mad, but didnt know how to retort.

She recognized the young woman and knew that she was born in a family of high status.

Even Ji Manlin had to be careful before her.

As a result, Ji Manlin said nothing and stopped attacking Gu Ning.

All the best gamblers from different countries stayed alert to Gu Ning.

No one dared to slight her again, because Gu Ning won the most chips among them.

At the same time, the best gamblers from Country R, Country M, and Country H became unkinder to Gu Ning, especially the best gambler from Country H.

However, they didnt quit or lose confidence.

After all, they were just playing Mahjong now, and there would be other forms of gambling afterwards.

They refused to believe that Tang Aining could be good at every form of gambling.

When there were only five tables left, He Hongjie sat at the same table as Gu Ning.

After Gu Nings treatment, He Hongjie was much better than before, so he could play the game for a long time.

He didnt win many, but didnt lose many chips either.

Ye Chaoxiong was very qualified to be the best of the best gamblers, and was in the top 3 winners.

The best gambler from Country M ranked second.

He dared to challenge Gu Ning because he had the ability, but Gu Nings skills were far beyond their expectation.

There was a huge gap between the best gambler from Country M and Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning shared the same table with He Hongjie, she did her best to help him not lose so soon.

Anyway, she had won enough chips, so she secretly helped He Hongjie win.

At the beginning, the best gambler from Country H and a gambler from City Ao didnt notice what she was doing, but they gradually found out that she was deliberately helping He Hongjie.


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