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Chapter 2254: The Head of the Ji Family, Ji Anchen


No matter what, he couldnt seem weak in front of his enemy, so Hidesuke Ida argued at once.

“Great, Miss Tang, let me see what you can do.”

After that, they didnt waste more time on talking and began to play the game.

This time, Gu Ning wanted Hidesuke Ida to lose, so she teamed up with He Hongjie and the gambler from Country E.

She wouldnt help the gambler from Country E to win, but would only make him lose fewer chips.

At least, he shouldnt be the first loser.

It relied on ones skills and good luck to win.

Hidesuke Ida had skills and good luck today.

If Gu Ning didnt help them, He Hongjie and the best gambler from Country E would quickly lose.

It was Hidesuke Idas bad luck that he encountered Gu Ning, who had Jade Eyes, today and that they were enemies.

As a result, Hidesuke Ida began to lose fast.

He Hongjie and the gambler from Country E lost once in a while, but all in all, they didnt lose much money and He Hongjie even won a little.

Gu Ning still won most of the time.

As time went by, Hidesuke Ida could barely stay calm.

He had won a few times, but lost many more chips.

Hidesuke Ida kept glancing at Gu Ning in annoyance, but he said nothing.


Ida, dont look at me all the time.

Please focus on your tiles,” said Gu Ning, giving him a smile.

She was reminding Hidesuke Ida to concentrate on the game, but Hidesuke Ida was unhappy with her tone.

However, he couldnt argue with her.

The audience was mainly talking about Gu Ning, because she was amazing and had won so many chips.

Watching Gu Ning gambling, Leng Shaoting didnt forget to carefully listen to the voices around to see whether he could find a familiar one.

It had been four hours, and Leng Shaoting found nothing yet.

He even thought that the man might be absent.

Finally, he heard the familiar voice again.

Someone said first, “This woman is winning all the time.

She has incredible skills and good luck.

Ive never seen such a thing before.”

Another person said, pondering over something, “Its really strange that she can win all the time.

Is she using a certain magical skill”

That voice was what Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were searching for, and Leng Shaoting instantly recognized it once he heard it again.

It was obvious that the man believed in super power.

Actually, the man had been through some strange things that science couldnt explain.

He had to solve the problems with the help of a feng shui master in the end.

Feng shui masters could use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.

They could also bring good luck to someone through feng shui.

Therefore, the man thought that Tang Aining might have paid a feng shui master to bring her good luck.

Many citizens in City G and City Ao believed in xuanxue and feng shui, but they didnt think monsters, ghosts, cultivators, mutants, or vampires really existed.

Once Leng Shaoting heard the mans voice, he calmly looked over and saw a middle-aged man about fifty years old.

He sat in the VIP area where important figures watched the game.

Ye Jiasheng actually kept a seat for Leng Shaoting there, but Leng Shaoting walked around to search for that mans voice.

Unexpectedly, that man was sitting in the VIP area.

Even though Leng Shaoting recognized the man, he did nothing, at least now.

He only needed to figure out who that man was.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were already suspicious of Hunter, the best gambler from Country M, but they had no solid evidence.

Even if they made sure of it, they wouldnt let go of the hirer who facilitated the deal.

The hirer had ordered Gu Nings head cut off and even asked for a video of it.

Upon thinking of that, Leng Shaoting was full of anger.

“A magical skill What magical skill” asked a man curiously next to that middle-aged man.

“I heard that a feng shui master can bring good luck to someone.

I wonder whether Tang Aining has paid a feng shui master to help her win,” said the middle-aged man.

He only had that idea, but felt it was highly likely, or he wouldnt have said it aloud.

He refused to believe a gambler could be so skilled and lucky.

“Really Can a feng shui master do that” The man was greatly surprised.

He also had a strong belief in feng shui, but felt it wasnt powerful enough to affect ones luck.

“Its only my suspicion.

Im not sure of it.

After all, I know very little about feng shui, but that woman keeps on winning chips as if everything is under her control,” said the middle-aged man.

Not only the middle-aged man had that idea, other people who also believed in feng shui had the same feeling as well.

However, they didnt think a feng shui master could be that powerful, so they were unsure of it.

“Well, perhaps youre right.” The man agreed with the middle-aged man in the end.

Many people heard their conversation.

Although they had the same suspicion, they didnt take it seriously.

There was no grudge between them and Gu Ning, so they hoped that Gu Ning could win because they were from the same country.

Even if Gu Ning really paid a feng shui master to bring her good luck, they didnt think it was wrong.

At this time, Ye Jiasheng walked in Leng Shaotings direction so Leng Shaoting stopped him when he was close.

He pulled Ye Jiasheng to a quieter place and asked him who the middle-aged man was.

Ye Jiasheng had a look, then answered.

“Hes the head of the Ji family, Ji Anchen.

Hes also Ji Manlins father.”

Saying that, Ye Jiasheng realized that something wasnt right, so he asked, “Is there a problem”

“Yeah, I just heard his voice.

If I guess correctly, he should be the person who hired the killer we ran into last night,” said Leng Shaoting.

Knowing that, Ye Jiasheng was mad.

To his surprise, the hirer turned out to be Ji Anchen.

In fact, if it was really Ji Anchen, it wouldnt be surprising, because he knew Ji Anchen was a snobbish and cruel man.

In order to inherit the Ji familys wealth, he had schemed against his own older brother.

Such a cold-blooded man had no principles!

Precisely because of that, Ye Jiasheng disliked the Ji family, including Ji Manlin.

Ji Manlin was also a selfish and self-centered person.


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