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Chapter 2258: Feng Shui Master, Zhou Qingzhi


He had lived a smooth life these years because he had paid a feng shui master to bring him good luck, but his good luck was hardly comparable to Tang Ainings.

Anyway, it was possible that Tang Aining was just really unbelievably skilled at gambling.

Within forty minutes, Ji Anchen took Hunter to a house in a suburb.

He walked closer and rang the doorbell.

After a while, a young man came to open the door and brought them inside.

Because Ji Anchen had already asked the feng shui master whether he was home before they came, he didnt bother to do it again now.

After the young man brought Ji Anchen into the house, he directly took them to the study room.

Ji Anchen came late at night because he needed to talk about something important with the feng shui master.

In the study room, an old man about seventy years old, with gray hair in a gray suit sat there quietly.

His face was full of wrinkles.

However, he was actually only in his early fifties, but he had the look of a 70-year-old man.

As a feng shui master, he had changed too many peoples fate, so his life was greatly shortened and he looked much older than his real age.

“Nice to see you, Master Zhou.” Once Ji Anchen walked into the study room, he greeted the feng shui master with a very polite attitude.

Master Zhou had helped him a lot after all.

“Welcome, Chairman Ji, have a seat please,” said Zhou Qingzhi, then told his nephew to serve them tea.

Zhou Qingzhis nephew was the young man who opened the door for them.

He was about twenty-seven this year, but they seemed to be grandfather and grandson because Zhou Qingzhi aged fast.

Zhou Qingzhi didnt marry or have any kids, and his brother and sister-in-law had passed away in a car accident many years ago.

Therefore, he kept his nephew by his side.

Ji Anchen and Hunter sat down afterwards.

Ji Anchen said, “Master Zhou, I saw something really strange, so I specially came to ask you about it.

I want to know why it happened.”

“What is it” Zhou Qingzhi asked.

He had been through too many strange things in his life, so he wasnt surprised at all.

“The thing is that a woman about twenty-five years old showed up at the Ye familys casino today.

Shes amazingly skilled at gambling.

She also had unbelievably good luck.

She was winning all the time from the beginning to the end of the game.

It seemed everything was under her control.

She never lost once.

This is my friend.

Hes the best gambler from Country M, but he also lost to that woman.

I think its really strange.

I wondered whether she paid a feng shui master to bring good luck to her.

There will be another gambling game tomorrow.

I dont want my friend to lose again.

Can you help us with that” Ji Anchen said.

Hearing that, Zhou Qingzhi squinted a little.

Nobody knew what he was thinking.

That woman was winning all the time as if everything was under her control

“Did she and Ye Chaoxiong play a cheap trick” Zhou Qingzhi asked.

He wasnt denying Ji Anchens worry, but simply needed more information.

“I observed them carefully, but found nothing wrong,” said Hunter.

If he could catch them at the scene, he would have done that.

He wouldnt yield to injustice just because it was Ye Chaoxiongs domain.

And in fact, he believed that Ye Chaoxiong wouldnt do that.

“If so, I think its possible that she has paid a feng shui master to bring her good luck, but I need to see her with my own eyes.

Or I need her date of birth and horoscope,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

He also became curious about that woman.

“We dont know her date of birth and horoscope.

We can only see her at the Ye familys casino if you want to see her with your own eyes,” said Ji Anchen.

“Great, then Ill go to the Ye familys casino tomorrow,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

He wasnt occupied anyway, so he was willing to pay a visit.

He was going to see how strange that woman was.

“Great, thank you so much, Master Zhou.

Well surely cherish your effort,” said Ji Anchen.

Although he wasnt sure what Zhou Qingzhi could do, he wouldnt waste his time since he would go to visit the Ye familys casino.

In other words, he would pay Zhou Qingzhi for the visit.

“My pleasure, Chairman Ji,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

He didnt refuse to accept Ji Anchens offer, because it was the service he provided for him.

“Oh, Master Zhou, can you bring good luck to other people with feng shui My friend doesnt want to lose again tomorrow,” said Ji Anchen.

“Ive done that for you.

You should know its not easy.

I need to see the date of birth and horoscope first to see what I can do.

Without careful thinking, it might cause bad luck instead.

Even if I can help your friend with his luck, I cant finish the work today.

I need to go to his home to do a series of things.

Even if I can finish the work today, he might not have good luck tomorrow.

I can only help you live a smoother life in the future, not on a particular day.

That woman might not rely on a feng shui masters help to win all the time.”

“And well, perhaps my level isnt high enough, so I cant bring good luck to you as quickly.

There is another problem.

Your friend is a foreigner.

His date of birth and horoscope is different from ours.

I cant change it at all,” said Zhou Qingzhi.

Actually, he was reluctant to change ones fate now, because he had paid a lot for that these years.

Now he only wanted to live a peaceful life at an old age.

However, what he said was true and honest.

Hearing that, both Ji Anchen and Hunter were quite disappointed, but they could do nothing about it.

If that woman called Tang Aining didnt rely on a feng shui masters help to win, how did she manage to win so many chips Just because she was excellent at gambling They refused to believe it, but there was no better explanation.

“Alright, its late now.

Im afraid I cant keep you here any longer.

Call me before you set off to the casino tomorrow.

Ill go there from my place,” said Zhou Qingzhi and told them to leave.

Ji Anchen and Hunter stood up.

They werent annoyed that Zhou Qingzhi chased them out.

It was indeed late, and they had finished what they wanted to say, so there was no need for them to stay here any longer.

“Great, see you,” said Ji Anchen and left with Hunter.

Because Zhou Qingzhi was old and wasnt in good health, he told his nephew to walk Ji Anchen and Hunter out.


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